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Like the Prevost at the bottom of Page 1, this motor is also leaving the New York terminal in August 2010.
Queuing in the early afternoon rush hour traffic around the New York Port Authority Terminal is Prevost 85030.
Such was the traffic jam that it was soon possible to catch up again with 85030 and get this offside view of the Prevost battling its way up 10th Avenue past the Hell's Kitchen district.
Another August 2010 view, this time of 86061 in the new South Station Bus Terminal in Boston. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I recently booked a last-minute red eye to New York City, and I am not looking forward to it.

Imagine that you try to book the four-hour trip to visit your favorite Rose City vegan scone shop, but accidentally choose the wrong option on Greyhound’s dropdown box.
Seth Kolloen, a fourth-generation Seattleite, has been obsessing over local sports since seeing his first Mariners game on Bruce Bochte T-shirt day.
Count yourself lucky if you get a bus with wifi and a seatmate that doesn’t smell like alcohol. The empty coach is hoping to board for Toronto, but the intensity of operations means 85030 will take some time to get through the hoards of commuter coaches also heading for the terminal.
A mere seven stops later (or about at many stops as Capitol Hill’s #10-bus makes every two blocks) you’re changing buses! Former executive editor of Sports Northwest Magazine and contributing columnist to the Seattle P-I, he now writes Exit 164 at Sportspress Northwest.

He's also written for the Stranger, Seattle Metropolitan, Deadspin, and every bathroom stall south of 85th St. The worst part is that they make passengers get off the bus at every major city, whether or not they have a transfer.
Step lively, because you’ve got just 15 minutes before your bus heads out toward the sunrise.
Denver is your destination, but before your arrive you’ll get short rest stops in the hustly-bustly Wyoming towns of Thermopolis, Casper, and Cheyenne.

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