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Three bus companies that offer discount service between DC and New York City are now arriving and departing from Union Station, according to DCist. The news should excite area residents who regularly take the bus up to New York, as it consolidates stops for three of the most popular bus lines in one location. We've collected all our helpful guides for buying, selling and renting in and around Washington, DC in one place. The Northway connects Albany by car to Canada at Champlain; Autoroute 15 continues into Quebec, linking Albany to Montreal. If a convention center is built in downtown Albany, it will likely include a side project: a new transit center. The Albany Convention Center Authority today said it is joining with the Capital District Transportation Authority to begin planning for the construction of a station that would replace the existing Greyhound facility (right photo), serve CDTA riders and be built with a 1,200 car parking garage. The move is in part an attempt to leverage funding, including federal money, that could help pay for the garage — a key piece of the convention center project. The convention center (rendering below) is planned for the southern edge of downtown, in an area  dominated by surface parking lots.

So to cut expenses, authority officials decided to separate hotel and parking garage construction from the building of the main convention center, cutting about $180 million from the overall plan. CDTA spokeswoman Margo Janack said the station could also serve as centralized transfer station and waiting area for the authority’s buses and riders. Troy has a Republican Mayor and he’s getting (at least) some things done in spite of the dithering, office-clerk administrator Democrats on the City Council. Stop wasting all your precious time on the crimimal and welfare classes who do NOTHING but take, take, take!!
Join the rest of the United States of America who live in this place called the 21st century!!! The new bus stop is part of a six-month pilot by the city government and the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation. Not only will travelers who choose to leave out of Union Station have more options, but the station is a decidedly more pleasant place to wait when compared to the outdoor curbside stops commonly used by the bus lines. The $20 to $30 price tag blows away the $50 to $150 tickets offered by Amtrak, and many of the bus services also offer WiFi so travelers can surf the internet or do work during the trip.

I wish Amtrak would be more competitive as I would rather take a train, but they are not very dynamic on their pricing. But by last year, costs had ballooned to $400 million, leading many to give the project up for dead. Now is the time to build this thing already down town is on the skids with a number of projects on hold or abandoned altogether. Its a shame that they can’t offer better deals, as riding the train is among the lowest carbon footprint methods of travel available!

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