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Gli e-bus prodotti a Shenzen si sono comportati sorprendentemente bene: nella prova newyorkese sono stati impegnati su svariate linee che attraversano Manhattan fra il 25 di Agosto ed il 25 di Ottobre. Testati sui percorsi di 6 differenti linee, i 12 metri del costruttore cinese hanno confermato un’autonomia media compresa fra i 225 ed i 250 km prima di avere bisogno di ricaricare, operazione che e stata svolta esclusivamente nottetempo – 4 le ore necessarie – per evitare stress eccessivi alla rete elettrica. In Canada, lo stesso tipo di autobus sta completando un programma di test nell’arco di 10 mesi sulle strade di Gatineau, nel Quebec, e di Ottawa, nell’Ontario, ad opera della Societe de Transport de l’Outaouais (STO) e della AVT, l’agenzia che si occupa dell’acquisto dei mezzi pubblici.
La prima fase di test, interessante perche condotti in ambiente estremamente diverso per clima dalla New York estiva, e stata illustrata dal Direttore Pianificazione e Sviluppo di STO, Salah Barj in una conferenza: i 12 metri elettrici hanno regolarmente lavorato per turni di 8 ore giornaliere usando l’energia accumulata durante la notte.
Proprio il riscaldamento dei veicoli ha fornito una prova importante sulla loro affidabilita, poiche il Canada vive gran parte dell’anno avvolto da gelide temperature: per non affliggere eccessivamente le batterie degli autobus, la stessa BYD prevede come necessario un sistema di riscaldamento diesel per quei luoghi ove la colonnina di mercurio e stabilmente sotto zero, ma i consumi non sono proibitivi.
Nel traffico cittadino chiaramente e impossibile raggiungere tale risultato ma, all’atto pratico, BYD e riuscita a dimostrare che il pacco batterie con composizione al ferro-fosfato da ben 324 kWh, e una scelta vincente. Se le attese in coda e la bassa velocita di Manhattan non consentirebbero agli e-bus di essere al top dell’efficienza per quel che riguarda il riscaldamento interno, in compenso li fanno guadagnare in quanto ad energia consumata rispetto ai veicoli tradizionali: questi ultimi infatti consumano ed inquinano anche da fermi, mentre gli elettrici no, conservando intatta la riserva di “carburante”. Altro motivo di appeal rilevato dalla MTA e rappresentato dai costi di manutenzione meccanica, notevolmente decurtati per la minor presenza di componenti, la minor complessita del powertrain e la piu lunga durata di elementi come i freni, dato che i mezzi elettrici decelerano in gran parte per via della frenata rigenerativa che ricarica la batteria. Below is information about the trip Jay and I took to Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Canada in 2011. After checking in at the Comfort Suites Hotel, we went to dinner and a historical show at Le Festin Du Gouverneur. Our day started with a visit to one of the most beautiful churches in Canada (or anywhere), the Notre Dame Basilica. After the bus tour we ended up going to Montreal's 'Underground City,' a series of connected malls that stretch for miles underneath St Catherine's Street. We went back to the Upper Town to visit the Plains of Abraham, a beautiful park overlooking the Parliament building on one side and the St Lawrence River on the other.
One of the big differences between Quebec and Montreal is that Quebec has a lot of military history preserved.
We passed Orleans Island on the way, as well as Montmorency Falls (which we stopped at later in the day). Our first major stop of the day was at Ste Anne de Beaupre, a shrine made by sailors to thank St Anne (the mother of Mary) for safely guiding them to land.
Our afternoon was spent on our own in the Lower Town, after a visit to Marie's Outdoor Oven, where we ate a slice of fresh bread with their maple spread, and the Montmorency Falls. We had lunch at an Italian place and walked through some of the stores in the Lower Town for a few hours.
Another park we visited was Rockcliffe Park, overlooking the Ottawa River, which divides Ottawa, Ontario from Gatineau, Quebec. That should have been the end of our day, but Jay and I got stuck in one of the hotel elevators with two fellow passengers.
Globus Cosmos Empire Vacation Avalon Urban Adventures Papillon Pink Jeep Tours Polynesian Adv. Summary of The Day: Travel north through the White Mountain National Forest with spectacular scenery and natural geological formations formed by rivers and glacial erosive forces.
Summary of The Day: Our tour today includes a guided tour of Canadaa€™s only walled city.

Summary of The Day: Our half day sightseeing tour of cosmopolitan Montreal includes Mont Royal, Old Montreal ( Vieux-Montreal ) the famous Parisian-style historic District, and a stop at the Notre Dame Cathedral for picture taking. Summary of The Day: We'll begin our tour by heading north to give you the option to visit Watkins Glen State Park (Summer) or Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY (Winter). The completeness of night view on certain summer evenings may be limited or not available due to late sunset time and US Federal Government regulations on driving hours.
The show was performed by the 'first mayor of Montreal' and his two female assistants (one singer and one piano player). Mainly we watched our tour guide feed the local ducks, but we also got to watch a group of actors dressed as zombies making a Halloween movie by the lake.
Near the park we saw the Citadelle of Quebec, and the Joan of Arc Garden, which is both a French and English style garden. The first floor had several smaller rooms, including one containing a replica of Michelangelo's pieta. The husband and wife (Scott Kingsland and Francoise Lavoie) running the museum put on a fun show for us.
After a short time back at our hotel, our group met again to go to dinner at Cafe de Paris. Before picking up our guide at the Ottawa School of Art, we passed by many Irish pubs in the restaurant area of Byward Market.
Wea€™ll drive through Vermont with its beautiful nature vistas to the French-Canadian province of Quebec. Begin the day with a visit of Old & New Quebec including Place Royale, Old Port, Le Chateau Frontenac, Notre Dame des Victories Church, the Diamond shaped Citadel and the Plains of Abraham. La New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) e la Societe de Transport de l’Outaouais (STO) riferiscono infatti quanto emerso dopo i rispettivi periodi di prova dei bus completamente a trazione elettrica del costruttore cinese BYD.
In fact, the city is just now beginning implementation of a bus-only lane along the east side of Manhattan, northbound on First Avenue from East Houston St. It was an interactive performance, which was somewhat awkward since everyone was eating during the show.
The most striking feature of the church inside was the blue ceiling, painted to match the color of Mary's clothing.
We weren't allowed to take any pictures facing the tellers, and there was a doorman to enforce that rule. Quebec is divided into the Upper Town and the Lower Town, which are linked by a funicular railway near Chateau Frontenac, an extremely impressive hotel that used to be the residence of the British colonial governors. Many of the buildings aren't original, but were recreated to look like the original buildings. We also had to deal with a huge crowd at breakfast and a bad smelling bus (thanks to the onboard bathroom), but everything worked out okay in the end. We also saw the tomb of Father Alfred Pampalon, a local priest in the process of being named a saint, and the smaller chapel decorated with a lot of blue to honor Mary. After viewing the museum from the outside, we got off the bus for a walk through Rideau Hall garden, where various visiting dignitaries have planted trees to celebrate their visits to Canada. Rockcliffe, an enclave that is home to many millionaires, also houses a number of embassies, including Indonesia, Denmark and the United States.

The hotel was nice enough to send us all a plate of cheese, fruit and crackers as an apology. We tried to take a lot of photographs, but it was very foggy (and cool) for most of our walk. Enjoy a local Montreal restaurant or stroll through the underground shopping area of Place Ville-Marie. You may choose to see the Native American dance show "Spirit of the Mist" (admission not included, optional) or to see the Niagara Falls illuminated at night.
Jay and I ate Chinese food at the Famous Cajun Grill, after which we walked through the mall to try to burn off some calories. The show, which included a lot of singing, dancing and comedy, was cute in a corny kind of way. The walnut in the main part of the church gave it a more sombre feeling than the linden wood in the newer part of the church. We visited the small museum where we saw various types of currency, including a Molson dollar. We had lunch on our own in the Upper Town, at one of the many restaurants lining the Grande-Allee, near the imposing Armoury of Quebec.
The husband explained the legends and how Mr Pare carved them with his team over five months. It gave us a fantastic view of the Ottawa Parliament buildings, including the Parliament library on the back side. Farms in the past were narrow but long, and every farmer had access to the St Lawrence River. Ottawa also looked more ethnically diverse than Quebec, based on the people who were walking around the city. Most of the original Parliament buildings burned in 1916, with the library being the only building that survived. I hope to keep in touch with at least a few of them, and hopefully see them on future bus trips!
It would have been even better if we'd been passing through during fall, when the trees change color. Ottawa has about 1,000,000 people, compared to 800,000 for Quebec and 3,000,000 for Montreal. To put the distance in perspective, the BRT lanes along Manhattan's East Side will be a similar length to the Transitway from Lincoln Fields to the Rideau Centre. Or, to put it in other terms, along Bank Street from a bit past Hunt Club right into Parliament Hill (and then back again, on some as-yet unconstructed parallel road):All this to say, although Ottawa doesn't have anything in the way of a subway system (at least not yet), the city is fairly well advanced in terms of our bus-rapid transit system.

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