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Here is an amazing collection of rare photos that shows the life in Jamaica from between 1860s to 1890s. Ever since Queen Victoria wed in 1840, however, white has remained the traditional color for wedding gowns and bouquets. The end of World War 1 welcomed a new era in New York – one in which jazz, illegal booze, gangs, commerce and culture flourished. Flapper dresses and the Lindy Hop dance were in vogue, complimenting the jazz culture of the era. On the other hand, as the industry was decentralizing from the center of the city, professional services such as finance, management, and clerical increased their presence in downtown areas. A sort of ambiguous sequence (but during those times of course that were also many others) is the fact that at the 1900 census, the entire family was registered as living in Brooklyn – New York but having as origin Poland! The matter becomes clear at the next census, in 1910 (but also at the following ones in 1920 and 1930), when both the origin of his parents and Oscar’s are clearly specified – Romania, and for the two brothers is mentioned “New York”.
His name was seldom next to the one of Albert Einstein (with whom he was good friends; there is a story that narrates how Einstein often tried to explain him the Relativity Theory) in a scandal known under the name of “The Einstein incident” presented in the Brandeis University histories.
I did not succeed to 100% elucidate in what year the three brothers changed their name from Lazarowitz in Lazrus.
We are in 1920 when the three brothers, now Lazrus, already highly integrated in the Jewish community in New York are ready to make the “American dream” real. By the 1920s, New York boasted nearly 6 million residents and served as a booming center for immigrants and migrants entering the city through road, rail and boats. In September 1920, radical protestors bombed the financial center and the event was considered the most deadly politically motivated terrorist activity on American soil at the time.

Manhattan was the place where factories concentrated and where opportunities for jobs gathered.
He prematurely disappeared in 1959, year that I find to be a crucial moment in the Benrus Watch Co.
My assumption is that this thing happened in the first months of 1920 because at the obtaining of the first American passport in February 1920, Benjamin Lazrus has already appeared with this family name, after appearing at the census from January 1920 was registered with the name of Lazarowitz.
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Nine years later, at the close of the century, Wall Street would crash, leading to a huge economic downturn and the onset of the Great Depression whose wake was felt around the world. As a result, Harlem became a cultural hub for dynamic jazz and blues as well as a platform for rising jazz artists like Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Coleman Hawkins and “King” Oliver. However, by the 1920s, because of the improvement of transportation and, more importantly, electric power made it possible for industry to decentralize from the center of the city.
Skyscrapers in the 1920s not only answered the demand of office but also served as a visual symbol of the development in cities in the 1920s. I believe that the idea has belonged to Oscar that in 1920 already had this name, worked as a lawyer, was married and had 2 children. The musical genre became one of the most basic and potent expressions of New York’s cultural life promoted through recordings, broadcasts and live performances. Factories were able to extend greater flexibility in location and made possible the assembly line. Corporate offices, banks, law firms, and advertising agencies contributed to this vertical expansion of cities.

In the lack of clear documents, what I could gather from the archives of USA, indicates the fact that Ella Lazarowitz together with Oscar, arrived at New York, in September.1890, coming from Europe, aboard Wieland ship that belonged to Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG) and that left from the Hamburg – Germany port. Thus, corporations began to look for suburb, where lands were cheaper ad tax burdens were less, as new locations.
There are several indications also that the father – Israel arrived before his wife – Ella and his son, Oscar sometime during 1886-1887.
Lawrence University (Canton, New York) and practice law until 1924 when he started to actively involve in Benrus Watch Co.
When industry moved out from the central city, many white workers followed and moved to cheaper suburban house lots.
This new pattern of spatial specialization formed metropolitan districts—regions that included a city and its suburbs. In the end, these are only details that the future will clarify, if necessary, but it is very clear that this is how the “American dream” started for the three brothers.
This phenomenon extended the use of automobiles and the building of expressways and parkways.
Government invested a lot of money in street improvement, traffic regulation, and new road construction.

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