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New York City is looking to double down on its status as a technology-first metropolis as city officials announced this week five new initiatives with the goal of expanding New York's booming tech sector. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg framed the five initiatives in terms of economic development.
Rachel Sterne, the City's chief digital officer, told Mashable that New York City has been working closely with leaders in other cities to share ideas on integrating technology into public policy. Here is an amazing collection of rare photos that shows the life in Jamaica from between 1860s to 1890s. Ever since Queen Victoria wed in 1840, however, white has remained the traditional color for wedding gowns and bouquets. ConnectNYC: Small and medium-sized companies in buildings with poor broadband wiring will compete with one another to win free "fast-track wiring" from the City.

WiredNYC: A building certification program that will grade and record broadband infrastructure in more than 300 office buildings over the next two years, which the city believes will make the commercial real estate market more transparent. NYC Broadband Connect Map: The City will collect data from various sources to develop a "crowd-sourced, dynamic map" that will show the availability and speed of broadband throughout the five boroughs. CitizenConnect: A public-private partnership to spur mobile app developers to create new software to help New Yorkers access job listings and other "worker support programs" by setting up development competitions.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The competitions will be based on need — those businesses that can prove they need faster, more reliable broadband connectivity in order to keep growing will get fast-tracked. You can think of it as the city's restaurant health grading system for high-speed enterprise broadband.

The City believes the program could "facilitate nearly 25,000 broadband-related permits" over the next two years. Many of those services are already available online, but the City believes that mobile apps will increase their use as mobile devices have "much higher penetration" in New York City than other Internet-capable devices, such as computers at public libraries.
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