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We look forward to discussing how MyCityWay can help your brand deliver a great mobile experience to your customers. New York City gave us Jerry Seinfeld and is where the comedians of Saturday Night Live perform weekly… Do you need anything else? You can find some of the most well-known and up-and-coming standup performers in the comedy clubs sprinkled throughout the Big Apple.
Caroline’s: One of the most famous comedy clubs in the country, Caroline’s started off as a cabaret club in 1982.
Gotham Comedy Club: The Gotham Comedy Club has become a staple to the New York comedy scene, having been the backdrop of many TV shows and movies like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Last Comic Standing. Upright Citizens Brigade: Upright Citizens Brigade has affordable comedy shows seven days a week. Comedy Cellar: Rated the best comedy club in New York by the New York Post, the Comedy Cellar offers patrons a unique experience, distinct from the other comedy clubs in the city.
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What type of people are you looking to meet, and what type of relationship are you pursuing?  As a wise friend once said, “If you’re going to play in the sewer, then you can’t complain about the rats.”  Some sites like Sparkology strive to foster relationships in an exclusive online dating community, while others… Not so much. What is the site’s refund policy?  It’s an awful idea to join an online dating site with the expectation that you aren’t going to be satisfied with the service… Mindset is important. Stay tuned for Part II in our series about what makes a good online dating site… In the mean time, please sound off on what YOU think the most important characteristics and features of top dating sites are! Sparkology is an elite, exclusive dating experience serving young professionals in the cosmopolitan dating scene. The best time to go the Big Apple is during the NYC Wine and Food Festival where you are assured of having the best gastronomic experience.
This annual fest gathers some of the best chefs in the world – from legendary culinary masters to young celebrity chefs. Also joining the 3-day festival are famous foodies such as Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg, country singer Trisha Yearwood, best-selling author Martha Stewart, and TV personalities Rachel Ray and Andrew Zimmern.

Visit the official website of NYC WFF to get the complete list of event schedule and participants.
Each mini events at the NYC Wine and Food festival cost around $170 each and last around 3 hours.
If I had been able to attend one of them, it probably would have been Jets + Chefs: The Ultimate Tailgate, hosted by Mario Batali and Joe Namath.
While at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, both new and seasoned pastry chefs, ice cream makers, and confectioners showcased their sweet treats. In collaboration with Shawn ‘JAY Z’ Carter a limited edition collection is designed, where Barneys New York will donate 100% of sales from to the Shawn Carter Foundation. REFLECTIONS: The faceted structured is covered in thousands of mirrors, resulting in an ever-changing light show of infinite reflections and patterns.
FLOATING CITY: With the help of an attached structure built out onto the Madison Avenue sidewalk, the second window becomes a darkened theater, which the public can enter and exit via doors on either side.
CITY LIGHTS: Using constantly moving patterns of LED lights, the third window represents the constant movement in New York City. BNY NYC SLEIGH RIDE: This window is is an interactive, improvisational experience that hearkens back to the holiday tradition of children visiting Santa Claus. Subscribe for our newsletter to get updated with the best, inspirational and creative window displays. Since then, it has transformed into one of the world’s premiere clubs for up-and-coming and established comedians alike.
It has also been the host to many legendary comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black and Larry David.
The original brigade, made up of Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh, introduced NYC to long form improvisation, where performers create an entire show consisting of interconnected scenes, characters, and ideas completely made-up on the spot with no pre-planning or pre-writing.
We provide instant access to everything that’s happening around you, in real-time, with just the tap of a tile. We scouted the scene and found you great date night spots, underground art, music venues, sports bars, anniversary deals and more. The company is revolutionizing an industry fraught with low standards and dirty business practices by respecting members' busy lives and upholding their high dating standards. If you aren’t doing anything between October 16 and 19, then hop into your rental car or book the first flight to New York to attend one of the biggest wine and food festivals in the world. This year’s New York City Wine and Food Festival features some of the biggest names in the culinary world and food industry including Emmy Award-winner Ted Allen, restaurateur Mario Batali, renowned French chef Daniel Boulud, award-winning chef Michael Chiarello, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio, three-time world barbecue champion Myron Mixon, and the list goes on.

Not only will you feast on the scrumptious food and mouthwatering wines, but your eyes will also feast on the amazing chefs and celebs surrounding you. If you don’t believe us, read her blog about the VroomVroomVroom pizza party from a few months ago.
We found 10 inspired desserts — from rosemary chocolate s'mores to Cronut holes from Dominique Ansel Bakery — worthy of knowing in New York City. The charity awards post-secondary scholarships to students facing socio-economic hardships.
Art directed by Joanie Lemercier, art by Kyle McDonald, produced by Julia Kaganskiy, technical directed by Christie. The show, which will be repeated constantly throughout the day, shows a floating version of New York City created by 3D mapping and light projections. Great talents Tim Allen, Rosie O’Donnell and Jay Leno got their starts at Caroline’s and today, comedians like Dave Chappelle, Janeane Garofalo, Joel McHale, Tracy Morgan and Kathy Griffin grace the stage.
Today, the small 152-seat theater, located in Chelsea, is the perfect place to see comedians perform up close and personal. As each comedian only has a small amount of time, you can count on them delivering their best material. Restaurants, weather, transit information, live traffic feeds, news, events, nightlife, shopping - it's all in the app. It was even included in the “Top 15 Best Food Cities in the World”, so make sure to come and visit New York City for the ultimate food adventure. Unlimited supply of delicious food from dozens of celebrity chef’s and multiple open bars. Claus—played by performers from the Upright Citizens brigade and outfitted in costumes by Zaldy—will inhabit the window and invite children and their parents to step inside the window for a virtual sleigh ride, which will take a ride over the city of New York with the help of an immersive video. Located in the heart of Times Square, Caroline’s has live performances seven nights a week, 365 days a year. Book your tickets online (tickets starting at $5) and get there early, as lines usually go around the block.

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