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We were up really early on our third day so made the most of it and headed over to the financial district and George’s Diner.
Again Central Park features on many must visit lists so we headed over there on the subway. Before we started wandering around Central Park we grabbed an iced coffee from a nearby Starbucks for the walk. One of the things to remember about NYC is that those blocks can be deceptively long to walk.
One of the odd things about our trip to NYC was that it didn’t feel Christmassy at all as it was so warm! Before we did we had a few glasses of wine at the Greenwich Treehouse which is a block down from Mighty Quinn’s.
Duane Reades are basically on every corner and they’re your one stop shop for candy, beer, band aids and Advil.
We arrived in the Big Apple early in the morning, after our overnight Megabus ride from Toronto. Because our time was limited into 1 day only, we wanted to use our time as efficiently as possible.
As the finale, the bus dropped us off in the front of the Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi stall! We still had many hours before our Broadway show started, so we decided to chill out a little bit in Central Park. Many happy movies were filmed here in Central Park, like When Harry Met Sally and Enchanted. The sun went down, and we wanted to enjoy the shimmering New York lights under the night sky. As a big Harry Potter fan, meeting with Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter come to life, has been my dream. For the sake of meeting with Daniel Radcliffe, we left the theater later than we should have and now we had to run to arrive in the Cubby Luggage Storage before it closed at midnight. A metro ride to our airport hotel, and we fell asleep as soon as our heads touched the pillows. After a long twelve hour flight from our stopover city, Tokyo, Travis and I found ourselves on the steps of JFK airport. We awoke leisurely on Sunday morning, had brunch (I had my first Bloody Mary) and made plans to take a walk through Central Park.  It was so pretty!
That evening we met up with some of Mandi’s buddies at what I learnt was a speakeasy. After pizza we headed towards the Brooklyn Bridge to cross it.  This was fun but freezing!! We had dinner at the famous Carnegie Deli where Travis had the shockingly huge corned beef sandwich and I had a tasty potato knish. On the night of the 26th we left for Orlando for a short 3 day trip…hoping to escape the cold! This entry was posted in Travels, United States of America and tagged Bouchon Bakery, Carnegie Deli, Churrascaria Plataforma, disco fries, Grimaldi's, Manhattan, MoMA, Momofuku, New York, Rockefeller, West Village by Sonya.
Today we spent the morning driving from our hotel by the airport to our first destination, La Fortuna.
3 in NYC participates in the following affiliate programs: Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Bluehost, Blurb, Google Adsense and StudioPress. Before we hit Central Park we popped into Columbus Circle (next to Central Park south) as I wanted to grab a few bits from Sephora. The Duane Reade in Williamsburg even has a chiller ROOM filled with beer and a growler (hehehe) filling station.
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You know, the Statue of Liberty, the Central Park, NY Times Square, Saint Patrick Cathedral, and we even visited the extremely tacky Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! After fueling up our body and soul with a cup of coffee and breakfast, the first thing to do was drop off our backpacks. On the way there, we stopped at the famous Papaya King (that Kramer craved in Seinfeld) to enjoy some hot dogs and papaya juice. But this mega park also has a reputation as a scary place, where they always seem to be finding dead bodies in Law and Order.
We climbed up the Empire State building like  King Kong, and the view from the top was gorgeous indeed! So many people were there, and after a half an hour standing under a mild rain, Daniel Radcliffe showed up… for a very brief 1-2 minutes!
I’m always amazed when listening to stories from other travelers about how they love NYC, also from blog stories like this one of yours. We were tired, smelly (as we hadn’t showered in over 24 hours) and disoriented but that didn’t dampen our excitement at all! Unlike their historical counterparts speakeasies nowadays are legal, sell alcohol legally and have only inherited the exciting underground atmosphere of the Prohibition times.  The speakeasy was located through a backdoor of a small corner-side deli. Might I add we also ensured we visited all the uniquely American stores such as American Eagle, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, etc. We decided to skip the Statten Island Ferry and go to Liberty Island instead (so walked further on to the next port) to see the Statue upon which we realised the line was gigantum!
Whilst we didn’t make it to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), we somehow ended up at the Museum of Sex (nothing particularly interesting I thought), had lunch at a pizza bar, then Travis and I wandered to the New York Public Library, took some photos and walked up Fifth Ave and visited the Apple Store. Everytime I visit there are new billboards, street venders, interesting people watching, and cool light shows from all the advertisments. No one comes here for the city, it is the towering Arenal Volcano that is the main attraction!
We decided to take the longer route back to our pick-up spot, assuming we would be out before dark. We figured it looked like a short walk from the edge of the park so headed down Park Avenue.
Since then, we have been back to the New York City several times, because it’s a convenient hubs between Canada and the world. It’s not impossible to walk around with them, but certainly we could do more without. Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe, was the star of the show, and I was dying to see him in person!
Not only famous and easy to find locations like the Central Park, Times Square, and the Empire State building, but this tour will also bring you to the more difficult to find favorites like the apartment building from Friends, the fire station in the Ghostbusters, the diner from Men in Black, and the townhouse from the Cosby Show! There’s no seating inside, just some spots where you can enjoy your lunch standing up, while staring at big jugs of ketchup and mustard.
But really, with so much activity, and there’s not really many places for criminals to hide. There were a lot of people waiting for him, only 10% in the front line actually got any moment with him. There was fresh snow falling from the sky (little did I know at the time this was the calm before the snowstorm) and I was particularly excited, make that ecstatic, about seeing my oldest friend (as in the one I’ve known longest!) Mandi after her almost two year absence from our hometown. We had a couple of dishes of that, some soju and after a satisfying night out, headed home.
Upon reaching Manhattan Island we started walking towards Chinatown.  I could smell the Chinese food before I could see it! The restaurant was $60 per head and offered all sorts of BBQ meats and Brazilian side dishes, a buffet including fresh sushi and salad.  Needless to say I was extremely full afterwards! This time I decided to put my tripod away and shoot everything handheld with a high ISO (1600 or 3200).

We both got coffee and a juice (I had a grapefruit juice which was sweetened…made for a fairly odd drink). We were a bit confused to start with, a cheese and beer bar in amoung all the Park Avenue Princess pads did not feel right at all. The drinks were much needed as we’d walked down from Times Square which took about twice as long as normal because of the masses of crowds. I had the Spicy Chicken Wings with Potato Salad and Carrot, Roasted Chickpea and Tahini Salad. It’s a bit tough to find a place to leave your bag in Manhattan, so I was happy to find Cubby Luggage Storage which is pretty close to where the Megabus drops off.
But here it is, the show “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” starring Daniel Radcliffe himself!
Twenty four dollars later we were waiting in the queue (which was at least 500 m long) eating our all-American hotdog (with sauerkraut and mustard) and freezing our fingers off.  We finally boarded the Ferry and took a pleasant boat ride over to Liberty Island. We barely managed to see half of the exhibitions so decided we would visit the museum again the following week.
My Pentax K5-II handles low light really well, and no tripod means I can be more spontaneous and less discriminating of what I shoot.
After checking into our hotel and having lunch, we visited the primary national park associated with the volcano. P had the Eggs Gucamole (eggs on muffins with cheese, guc and ham alongside potato hash), P declared it the best meal of the trip (and he still maintains this). We thought that it would be fun to spend the dayA  visiting many famous places and perhaps meeting the stars from our favorite movies and TV-shows around Manhattan! I was talking to him, he was talking to me, I got his signature, and we took a photo together. I had the Chocolate Chip French Toast which was also really good, so light and fluffy, but very very rich. I will say though it’s pretty impressive having such a huge park right in the middle of Manhattan.
We were going to visit M&Ms World to stock up but the huge amount of people was off putting so we just grabbed some from a Duane Reade instead! Enchanted by him, still, I have to admit that the performance from his partner, 5-time Emmy winner John Larroquette from Night Court, was the more brilliant one. The trail was well marked and we met a number of other nice tourists on the way up to the lava field where you get the best view of the mountain. Georges’ is in the financial district so we had a little peek at Wall St on the way to the subway station. It was so warm we were walking along without jackets on and there’s so many places to have a seat and take it all in.
We were lucky to arrive with only a 2 minute wait but when we left there was a 30 minute line! The dark did bring out all sorts of interesting creatures that we had not seen on the way in.
My chicken wings had a delicious marinade and the potato salad was the best I’ve ever tasted. I am hoping that the few brief moments the volcano was illuminated by the sun will yield some cool images. Giant frogs, bats feeding on bugs, and some unindentified mammal that blocked our trail were just a few of the surprises. The carrot salad was a nice light, refreshing accompaniment to an otherwise very rich meal.

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