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Yea they do that sometimes, most of the time its pretty quick but the 6 is a lil lax on off peak times. Im wondering how bad the morning commute is uptown as I am moving downtown but work on 56th. Solid hardwood upper body with magnetic connectors to play on all standard wooden railway tracks (including Brio and Thomas). Six people have been killed and others are injured after a commuter train from New York City hit a vehicle on the tracks during rush hour, according to officials.
Spokesman Donovan said several hundred passengers were taken to a local business for shelter.

Passengers could be seen walking through snow as they moved away from the burning wreckage. Roads were blocked off for many blocks around the site, and the entire area was lit up with lights from emergency and police vehicles.
Witnesses told The New York Times they heard passengers moaning as they tried to escape the train.
Shuttle train service has been operating between Grand Central Terminal and North White Plains, and between Pleasantville and Southeast.A Limited shuttle bus service was operating between North White Plains and Pleasantville, according to the MTA. As you can hear the train sits there more than a minute before it heads from 23rd Street onward.

He said the train car that collided with the Jeep dragged the car several train car lengths before finally coming to a stop.

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