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Click or touch one of the following options to display a New York City airports map in framed or full-screen mode. Getting through the mountains is only one hurdle to overcome for a safe landing in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. With a single, short, 6,351-foot runway that appears to begin and end in crystal blue waters.
Renamed to Tenzing-Hillary Airport in honour of the two men who first conquered Mount Everest. Click or touch one of the following options to display an interactive New York airports map in framed or full-screen mode. Location map of the major airports of the New York area NYC: Teterboro TEB KTEB, Republic Airport Long Island Farmingdale FRG KFRG, White Plains Westchester County Airport HPN KHPN, Long Island MacArthur Airport Islip ISP KISP, New York Kennedy JFK KJFK, Newark Liberty International Airport EWR KEWR and New York La Guardia LGA KLGA. Private jet charter flights mainly attend on the airports of Teterboro, Long Island MacArthur Islip, Republic Farmingdale and White Plains Westchester County. Well located, you can take off of from these airports aboard a business jet charter flight less than an hour after leaving your hotel : no waiting for boarding.
Strong crosswinds and the surrounding mountains only added to the difficulties of landing here. The fact that there are no paved runways in Antarctica is enough to make you bite your fingers.

To land on Princess Juliana International Airport, pilots have to fly over a little part of the beach, cross over the fence and then pass over the road and then land on the runway. The table features wind speed, dewpoint, visibility and atmospheric pressure measurements as well as a detailed temperature graph.
To those who call it home, flying into Wellington airport is a joy, but it is not for the faint at heart.
The Airport is 1.5 miles above sea level and surrounded by sharp peaks of up to 18,000 ft tall. A log of weather variations over the past 18 days is also shown covering separate daytime and nighttime observations.
The airports on the this list are because of their extreme locations at high altitudes, difficult approaches, or short runways, all of which make landings challenging.
It is 400 meters (1300 feet) in total length. Considered the most dangerous airport for landing.
During descent, planes need to make a 45-degree bank to effectively reach the 7,000-foot runway located in a valley. Another disturbing fact: A peek at the airport’s location shows that it is located just eight miles from the city of Midtown Manhattan. However, this was before it was christened “the mother of all scary airports.” The airport that brought us the most dangerous airports landings on earth closed in 1998.

The airport operates at an altitude of 8,000 feet (2,438 m) and has virtually no modern air traffic control features. Due to the surrounding mountainous terrain, passengers will experience a quick drop in altitude in order for the plane to line up with the runway. The weight of each plane must be checked to avoid it cracking the ice landing strip or the plane getting stuck in the snow.
Large aircraft need at least 8,000 feet to insure a safe landing while some really heavy planes require 10,000 feet. Frequent winds complicate matters, as pilots are forced to make several last-second adjustments.
If that is not enough to give you goosebumps, planes must touch down at inclined angles just to slow down.
Aircraft pilots were careful to infuse dollops of caution when making a landing or taking off. The tiny airport nestled among the steep mountains of the Himalayas is said to be the most dangerous in the world.

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