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The game is full of the Big Apple, Yo!Yo!Yo!'s, carriage rides through Central Park and if you think this game could be boring -- FOGETTABOUDIT!
Jerry Higgins, the director of new bus technology for New York City Transit, said the manufacturer predicts the bus will get about seven miles per gallon, which is about double the fuel efficiency of the transportation authority's current hybrid bus fleet. The bus will be tested here for two months and if the authority likes what it sees, it may consider placing an order. The turbine generator is much more efficient at generating electricity for charging the battery, and it will shut off when the battery is fully charged.
These buses will be much more expensive than the existing hybrid buses, but not because of the turbine. It appears that these turbine buses can also be plugged in at night, so that the bus will leave the depot with a fully charged battery. While I doubt the MTA will buy this particular bus, I certainly see them asking the current hybrid bus vendor to investigate designing new hybrid buses by replacing the existing diesel engine with the diesel turbine. We also need to see some low-floor, hybrid articulated buses, with additional exit doors to reduce dwell times. Buses in virtually every European city are quieter, cleaner, more comfortable and more modern-looking than any buses that I see here (though many have pathetic air conditioning, I must admit). Can’t we swallow our pride and steal their ideas – or at least their Mercedes, Volvo and Saab buses? The low-floor articulated hybrids in Seattle are not good and we should all be glad that MTA did not purchase them as they’d give a bad name to hybrids. Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety. Copyright NoticeThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. An MTA New York City Transit bus with three doors, low floor and a clean running engine sounds like something from the future, doesn't it?
The first Novabus LFS articulated model is operating the SBS route between Bay Plaza (Co-op City) in the Bronx and 207th Street in Manhattan. Combined with off-board fare collection and the bus-only lanes developed and enforced in cooperation with City DOT and the NYPD, travel time is significantly reduced over the regular Bx12 crosstown service. Low-floor articulated buses are a major component of the MTA's plan to bring bus service into the 21st century for the more than 2.3 million people who depend upon it each day.
Manufactured in Plattsburgh, NY, the Novabus LFS articulated bus is 62 feet long bumper to bumper – two feet longer than the standard-length car used on lettered subway lines. I recently found a long lost movie, deep on my hard drive, that I made back in December 2003. Metro-North’s Hudson Rail Link feeder bus service has received at least one new bus, and it is now in service. The Saf-T-Liner® HDX bus features a rear-engine design that is the mainstay of transit-style bus fleets.

This is the fourth generation of buses used in Hudson Rail Link service since the operation began in 1991 with five 17-passenger vans.
As a rider of this excellent bus service, I have noticed that the Blue Bird buses are starting to get a little rough around the edges. The Hudson Rail Link bus service has multiple routes serving the Metro-North train stations at Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale in the Bronx, NY, and can most likely be credited with significantly increasing train ridership from these stations. Unfortunately, the Port Authority offers no specific information on their website about how to best travel to the parade, except to say that many bus routes will be detoured and will experience delays.
In light of what happened in Philadelphia when everyone tried to take SEPTA to the Phillies parade, and in light of general increased transit usage and recent decreased bus service (IINM) in the Pittsburgh area, I hope the Port Authority pulls through. Having visited Pittsburgh two years ago, and being partial to rail-based transit, I can say that they have a really nice light rail system (with downtown subway section), but it is only a shadow of what Pittsburgh’s trolley system once was. After all my work at Fashion Week last year (during which time I saw Julia Allison and Sigourney Weaver, and missed seeing Donald Trump, even though he was right next to me), it turns out IMG finally decided upon Lincoln Center as the new location for the biannual event.
MTA NYC Transit Bus Operator Edwin Thomas, 46, was stabbed to death on Monday, December 1st during a dispute with a customer onboard his B46 bus.
Vintage New York City Transit buses from the museum fleet are scheduled to be running this afternoon starting at 2:30 PM on the M23 and M8 routes. A NYC Transit official confirmed that double-decker buses will be running in New York City this summer (or by the end of the year) as a test for possible future permanent service. Because demand is forcing more additional buses onto the street, more than one out of four in operation are at least 12 years old, the age when the vehicles are supposed to be retired. Mechanics say they have increasingly found themselves tearing out engines and bus underbellies, while some drivers just blatantly refuse to get behind the wheel of the older models. I hate buses just as much as anyone, but I’m not so sure if things are really as bad as the article makes them out to be.
It's the largest city in America, where skyscrapers pierce the sky and taxis provide a constant symphony for throngs of people of all races, religions, and social strata.
It's a proud community of staggering diversity, beautiful brownstones, a renowned past and unrivaled street smarts. This game is full of egg creams, mermaids, stickball, Coney Island, and of course--The Brooklyn Bridge! Well, the future has arrived on the Bx12 Select Bus Service route with the introduction of the first of 90 new easy-entry articulated buses. With one-step on and one-step off, the bus' low-floor design is ideal for the heavy loading along Fordham Road and Pelham Parkway. The buses are part of a cooperative effort to create new bus-only lanes throughout the city and the development and expansion of the technology that will allow us to let our customers know when the next bus will arrive at the stop.
I don’t know if it is from old age, high mileage, or lack of maintenance, but apparently it has come to the point where a school bus recently had to be substituted in.
All those abandoned rail lines would have come in handy now (and every day, for that matter).

So they decided against relocating Fashion Week to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, even though it already hosted a practice run. They will also be running every weekday for the rest of the month, except during bad weather.
Those over-subsidized, slow-a** overbuilt-for-their-use MTA BUS and NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT EXPRESS BUSES may see large service cuts due to the budget crunch. Though I can say that some of the buses on my Bronx bus routes are up to 16 years old, and some of them rattle and shake like crazy.
But the fact that these can keep running with a 4000 mile MDBF after 12-14 years of hard use is really a credit to the design & manufacture, and the shop forces. New York is the world's hub for business, communications, finance, fashion, sports, and the arts. Many places claim to be one of a kind, but Brooklyn, New York is truly like no other place on earth.
The Orion-VIIs used in the city get ~4.5 mpg (they have a superior hybrid system from BAE systems). Boasting corrosion-free outer skin panels and frame along with improved fuel economy from its clean diesel engine and smart transmission, this technically advanced bus is expected to cost less to operate and maintain during the course of its service life. Increasing ridership led the third generation of buses to be introduced around 2003, with 10 All American Forward Engine buses from Blue Bird Corp. Fortunately, Pittsburgh has innovative busways (dedicated roadways just for buses) that are better than nothing. Mindful of the dangers bus operators face MTA NYC Transit works closely with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office on it’s Assault on Transit Workers Program. This also creates a quiet and comfortable ride, with an oversized windshield giving the driver great visibility. However, I don’t know at this time if all of the existing buses are going to be replaced now with the new buses. This initiative is designed to ensure that assaults on MTA NYC Transit workers such as bus operators, train operators and conductors will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But with only a maximum of five vintage buses in service at any one time, and possible less, it may be hard to find them.
You may be riding a float in the Mermaid Parade, screaming forward on the Cyclone, or stoop sitting through your next turn. Able to tackle mountain roads and city streets in style, this bus features a thermostatically controlled hydraulic cooling system, larger brakes, a steel drop frame, optional air suspension and optional transmission retarders for improved braking.

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