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New York, like most coastal cities, is at risk of catastrophic flooding as sea levels rise. Last week, The New York City Panel on Climate Change released a new report detailing exactly how climate scientists expect New York City to change over over the next 100 years, focusing on projected increases in temperature and sea level. That means that New Yorkers will first have to radically reinterpret how they use their basements and ground floors. Publishing Trendsetter is a production of Market Partners International and Publishing Trends. I was in seventh grade when I decided that I would become an editor, and I spent the rest of my education working up to that goal. My family loves to remind me of the irony of my situation: how I wanted to work for an intimate university press in a small town and ended up working for one of the world’s largest educational publishers in the heart of Manhattan. Though I tried so hard to deny it, New York really was the perfect place for me to start my career.
I had certainly underestimated the allure of the city, as well as my ability to adapt to new situations. Global warming is changing the relationship between our garden plants and the climatic variables they face. Gardeners who have noticed some unusual goings-on in their yards had their suspicions confirmed this week when the US Dept.
Comparing the new 2012 map to the last map published in 1990 shows some significant shifts, especially across the Great Plains.
While some gardeners may welcome the opportunity to experiment with new plants, these shifting zones caused by climate change can be problematic. Shifting plant hardiness zones also opens the door for harmful invasive species, pests and diseases.
Pests that used to be kept in check by hard winter freezes are also expanding their range northward. As guardians and stewards of our environment, gardeners can take many simple and thoughtful steps to work with nature to solve the challenges posed by global warming. Media Contact: Mary Burnette, Burnette(at)nwf(dot)org, 703-438-6097 – to interview Patti Glick about the new hardiness zones and consequences for gardeners contact Mary.
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Because of its tremendous size and energy output, and because it is located on the Eastern Seaboard, New York City's weather is typically warmer than its upstate and New Jersey neighbors.
City RecreationSmack in the middle of the largest city in America is Central Park, one of the reasons Outside magazine called New York one of the world's most livable cities.
Crime & SafetyNew York City continues to lead the country in reducing crime, and has experienced the largest sustained decreases of any city in the country.
In the wake of hurricane Sandy New York's mayor is proposing groundbreaking flood defenses to protect the Big Apple. In the wake of hurricane Sandy, New York's mayor is proposing groundbreaking flood defenses to protect the Big Apple. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the city made zoning changes to support elevating homes, and mandated that new construction and substantial alterations meet the newest flood maps. “Flooding issues were felt most strongly after Sandy,” says Russell Unger, president of the Urban Green Council. Last week’s report estimates that average annual rainfall in New York City will increase between 5 and 13 percent by the 2080s. New York is going to get much hotter, with average temperatures increasing by as much as 8.8 degrees Fahrenheit by the the 2080s. It’s new construction that will change the city most prominently, including a massive U-shaped buttress, designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, that will wrap around the lower tip of Manhattan to protect it from the rising tides. My parents are both native New Jerseyites who deliberately left the New York metro area so that they wouldn’t have to raise children there.
At Dickinson College, I majored in English, got a job in the Writing Center, and even got to proofread a professor’s book. During my sophomore year, I met an alumna who had gone on to work for the University Press of New England in a small town in New Hampshire. I was still leaning towards academic publishing and university presses, but I was also interested in educational publishing and, of course, trade.
Since moving to New York, I’ve browsed through the Strand, watched Broadway shows, picnicked in Central Park, and fangirled at movie premieres. The more I do, the better acquainted with the city I become, and the more I grow to love it. Though the USDA cautions that not all the changes to the map can be attributed to climate change, it is clear that the major shifts are related to warmer temperatures.
For example, the range of the red imported fire ant in the US has historically been limited by cold temperatures and winterkill. Countless books croon about its style, its people, its financial prowess, and its notable arts and culture scene. New York isn't merely a world leader in the stage, it is also one of the hotbeds of artistic talent, painterly and otherwise. Designed by the renowned planner Frederick Law Olmstead, the park is one of the most beautiful and impressive green spaces in any urban area.
New York Police Department statistics show overall crime rates have plunged to their lowest levels in three decades, and violent crimes have also plummeted.
Several leading research facilities operate in the metro area, including NYU's Comprehensive Breast Center of New York, and Tisch Hospital, an acute care facility.

Sea levels could be as high as six feet by 2100, doubling the area of the city currently at risk for severe flooding.
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I grew up in suburban Northern Virginia, and my earliest impressions of New York were that it was a dirty, loud, crowded city where everyone wore black and was rude all the time. To be safe, I applied for jobs everywhere, including New York, although I hoped that I would be able to find a position with a small press in a smaller town.
Denver or Minneapolis might have been viable alternatives, but I was almost as skeptical of moving out West as I was of moving to New York; I’m an East Coast girl through and through, and I didn’t want to be so far away from my family. Every day when I exit the Subway, I glance up at the Empire State Building, walk past the Flatiron Building, and go to work under the golden dome of the historic New York Life Insurance Building. I don’t know if I’ll stay here forever, but since moving here, I can hardly imagine living anywhere else. The map confirms what many gardeners have already figured out about global warming and the impact it is having on plants.
Now scientists project that the fire ant range could expand northward by about 80 miles and grow in total area by 21 percent as climate change makes new areas suitable for their survival. It regularly appears as the background and main subject of a plethora of novels, movies, and television shows.
Of course, there are the truly grand attractions, the greatest repositories of artistic genius on earth, and these require many long visits. New York's residents flock there regularly to revel in open space among trees, flowers, and fountains.
Students can choose from a long list of great schools, which include Barnard College, CUNY, Fordham University, and New York University. Auto thefts, burglaries, and robberies have been reduced by half, and graffiti has virtually disappeared from the subways. With Wall Street- the financial heart of the entire world- in southern Manhattan, just about every industry has a strong presence in New York. What climate will really change is the true shape of New York: Its iconic skyline, and the buildings in it. Alex Wilson, president of the Resilient Design Institute, advocates for clearing out ground floors and basements in buildings that are at-risk for frequent flooding, and adapting them to let water move in and drain out with minimal damage. The city’s report emphasizes programs like NYC Cool Roofs, which will coat buildings with reflective paint to keep them cooler. I didn’t actually visit New York until I was ten, and though I was impressed by the tall buildings and bright lights, I knew that I would never live in such a busy place. While many of my fellow students were eagerly awaiting their chance to find fortune in the Big Apple, I had convinced myself that I was not “a city person.” This conviction, combined with my inbred distrust of New York, kept me from looking forward to a future in the heart of the American publishing industry.
There are plenty of universities in small towns or suburbs, and their presses are small companies that often publish highly specialized books. My parents might have left the area, but the rest of my extended family still lives nearby, so I had a wonderful support network when I got here. It seems anything that exists on the planet can be found in New York City, and many world-famous artists, writers, stars, movers, and shakers wouldn't think of living anywhere else. This is also when the highest rainfall occurs, about four inches monthly, cooling the streets and drenching roof gardens.
From the miles of running, blading, and biking trails to the craggy outcroppings for rock climbers, the park is a place in constant motion.
In fact, over 65 Fortune 500 companies are based here, and one of the major businesses is television.
The city is also a major center for specialized procedures in cardiovascular services, neurosurgery, AIDS, and cancer treatment.
According to Andrew Martin, a spokesperson at FEMA, pilot studies in San Francisco, Puerto Rico, and two Florida counties are already looking to incorporate sea level rise into the FIRMs. For my first month on the job, I was able to live with my grandmother in New Jersey before I found an apartment in the city. Maybe it’s not the intimate indie publisher I had envisioned, but the experience and professional network will come in handy when I decided that it’s time to move on.
This means that plants that wouldn’t have survived through winter in some regions just 20 years ago are now making it. Global warming is also welcoming unwanted pests like the black vine weevil, gypsy moth, bagworm and the mountain pine beetle. Rain in other seasons is evenly distributed, averaging around three inches per month Winters occasionally surprise the city with a blanket of snow, covering the ornate facades and architectural wonders with a pristine, natural veneer.
From the hip and historically important music clubs like CBGB's , to the small galleries and studios in SoHo and Greenwich Village, the Big Apple is teeming with creative life.
For example, parents will pay between $9,000 and $14,000 annually for a child in an accredited center. Home to all the major television networks and several recording and movie studios, it is a haven for the those who make the shows America watches every night. Wilson wants to see building codes modified to ensure operable windows can provide proper ventilation when air conditioning isn’t an option, and Unger wants a plan to deal with large-scale power outages during the height of summer. I felt even more relief after I attended the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver and learned that there are several publishers in Colorado, and that there is a surprisingly large publishing culture in Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Boston. Eventually I moved to Washington Heights, at the very top of Manhattan—a quiet, pretty neighborhood that is a pleasure to come home to at the end of a long day at the office.

Many of the world's most renowned artists have lived and worked in New York, inspired by its sheer size and energy.
New York University, for example, has some of the country's leading film, literature, and psychology programs, while Cooper Union is one of a handful of tuition-free colleges in the nation. Still, affordable care can be found at dozens of government- subsidized Head Start programs.
Although manufacturing jobs have declined, the city has emerged as a popular tourist destination. The United Hospital Fund has embarked on a program to extend health services to homeless New Yorkers, and the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation maintains the city's public hospitals and has instituted a free neighborhood education and preventive medicine program.
While many of the more popular places, such as Broadway's shows, are always crowded with hip locals and tourists, every New Yorker has a favorite small gallery in uptown.
Rugby enthusiasts flock to the wide open fields of Van Cortland Park in the Bronx for weekly matches.
Columbia is known worldwide for its award-winning faculty and students, counting itself among the nations ivy league colleges. And while New Yorkers pay a lot for housing and groceries, health care and transportation aren't quite so insane. Recent estimates say that over 33 million out-of-towners spend billions of dollars in the city in a single year.
Seniors have access to nearly 30 assisted, independent and congregate care living centers as well as dozens of senior centers, Meals on Wheels programs, and day care centers. One of the loveliest sights in New York are the vibrant colors of fall and spring in its hundreds of parks. Several National Cross Country Championships have been held on this park's steep, winding trails. Parson's School of Design (architecture), Juilliard (dancing, musical arts), and the Fashion Institute of Technology (clothing fashion and merchandising) are all leaders in their respective fields. Thousands of positions in leisure and hospitality, healthcare, and social assistance have given the city a significant net gain in jobs in recent years. From the Tavern on the Green and the famous Cafe Figaro, to Jewish delis in Queens and Thai food in Brooklyn, the diversity of dining options is awesome. New York City sports one of the largest school systems in the nation, enrolling over 1,400,000 students in over 1,400 schools. While spring warms up quickly, fall cools down slowly, and average temperatures rest in the 50s. Local neighborhoods have their own attractions, such as the the arts and antiques shops in Bronx's Historic Port Morris section, or the used books, jewelry, and flowers at St. In Queens, Gateway National Recreation Area is a 26,000-acre park that includes beaches, wetlands, forests, and hiking trails.
One innovative program in the area, called the Beacon program, has helped kids find something constructive to do when the school day is over.
Prices in the city are some of the highest in the country: the average purchase price for a two-bedroom home or apartment is $460,000.
Aside from the service industry, the fastest-growing fields have been finance, insurance, and real estate. For bird lovers, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, with a network of salt marshes and ponds, is a safe haven for more than 300 species of birds. Students can remain at many of the schools, which serve as community centers providing extracurricular activities and recreation. General improvements in the city's economy have led to an increase in business support and consulting services.
For those into other, more up-beat forms of entertainment, Brooklyn's Coney Island features an old-time amusement park, including the world-famous Wonder Wheel and Cyclone roller coasters. Queens pays tribute to several American icons at the National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows (home of Arthur Ashe Stadium) and the historic Louis Armstrong House.
Educational and health care opportunities in the city surpass those of much of the rest of the United States. New York City hosts nearly 100 colleges and universities, an extremely high per pupil expenditure, and almost twice the average number of physicians per person.
With the distinctive ethnic neighborhoods, austere glass high-rises, thriving economy, and excellent opportunities New York offers, newcomers will find this city to be a fantastic and exciting new home.
While the fans in most cities are lucky to get one professional sports team, New York residents usually have two, just one reason the city was voted among the best sports cities in the nation by The Sporting News.
With beautiful, spacious parks, world famous museums and performers, and professional sports, it's hard to beat New York City.
However, most New Yorkers would agree that the true fun of the Big Apple lies in the everyday activities. Take the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, or just take a walk amid the teeming crowds and tall buildings to enjoy this city's character and style.

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