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Two NYPD officers have been shot dead by a suspect who ambushed their patrol car ‘execution style’ in Brooklyn.
Both officers succumbed to gunshot wounds to the head, City Councilman Robert Cornegy said at a news conference according to CBS New York. The wounded officers were rushed to Woodhull Hospital in “grave” condition as at least one of them was hit in the head.
In a bid to banish the bulge, inspector Ellen Chang a€” a triathlete a€” ordered those under her command to stump up $30 (A?18.50) each to fit out their headquarters with an exercise bike, a treadmill, a StairMaster, and dumbbells.
Despite some resistance from officers, Chang said the scheme was "going well" and that she had contributed toward the equipment.
New York's finest must completeA a physical assessment within 4 minutes, 28 seconds to graduate into the force. Stair Climb:A The candidate proceeds from the Barrier Surmount to a six-stair climb system and completes three over-and-back traverses.
Physical Restraint Simulation:A The candidate proceeds from the Stair Climb to a controlled-force tactics and training device that measures the ability to resist or control force in a physical-restraint situation.
Victim Rescue:A The candidate proceeds from the Pursuit Run to a simulated victim rescue involving a 35-foot drag of a 176-pound mannequin.
Trigger Pull:A The candidate proceeds from the Victim Rescue to a trigger-pull station, picks up an inoperative firearm, holds the firearm within a 9-inch diameter metal ring and pulls the trigger 16 times with the dominant hand and 15 times with the non-dominant hand.

Judge Shira Scheindlin issued a separate "remedies opinion" to ensure NYPD cops no longer stop New Yorkers in a way that violates their Constitutional rights. Perhaps the most interesting remedy she orders is a pilot program requiring cops in one precinct in every borough a€” the one with the most stops in 2012 a€” to wear body cameras for a year. Cameras will provide an objective record of exactly what happened during a stop and alleviate New Yorkers' fears that if they complain about a stop it would be their word against the police's, Sheindlin wrote. At the end of the pilot year, the NYPD will have to decide whether the costs of the body cameras outweigh the benefits.
New York's "stop and frisk" policy comes from a 1968 Supreme Court decision that says it's OK for cops to stop people on the street if they suspect they're about to commit a crime.
In New York, the vast majority of people stopped are black and Hispanic, stoking fear and distrust of the police in many low-income neighborhoods. In thelast two week I have been to NEW YORK, NEW YORK POLICE UNIFORM has given me a very deep impression, especially its uniform cap, it's very cool, I like it, hope my department could issue the uniform cap for us. NYPD uniforms can be really nice depending on the person, some officer dress like slobs while on duty. I got so used to wearing a hat in the military that wearing one in uniform didn't bother me much.
The shooter reportedly came out of the building before shooting the officers patrolling the area.

Once inserted, the firearm must remain within the metal ring for the completion of the trigger pull cycles. Anthony Mannuzza, left, and Police Officer Robert Martin, right, simulate a street stop during a training session at the New York Police Department's training facility in Great Neck. According to the witnesses he then ran away into the subway where he was either shot by police chasing him or died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A judge who ruled New York's controversial stop-and-frisk policy was unconstitutional has ordered the NYPD to make a number of changes a€” one of which involves putting body cameras on cops.
Stewart testified that body cameras are a "good idea" that's been recommended in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Besides the NYPD's gigantic elaborate hat badge, I don't see anything different about them.

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