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Hortly after Grand Theft Auto III set the gaming world ablaze in 2001, one of the first games to attempt to emulate that game's gritty style and open-ended gameplay was True Crime: Streets of LA. Vous etes fan du jeu True Crime : New York City : Des personnages, paysages ou de l'atmosphere du jeu ? Telecharger gratuitement un nouveau fond d'ecran True Crime : New York City (wallpaper) a partir de photos et dessins de votre jeux-video prefere. Cliquez avec le bouton droit de votre souris sur l'image de True Crime : New York City que vous souhaitez avoir en fond d'ecran. C'est fini : Vous avez un nouveau fond d'ecran aux couleurs de True Crime : New York City !

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Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! The game left a lot of room for improvement, but it at least laid a foundation that could be built upon in future installments in the series.
Somehow, though, with the follow-up, True Crime: New York City, the series has taken a huge step backward. Grace aux forums et a nos equipes de testeurs, nous vous proposons aussi des astuces, des codes et des configs ainsi que des patchs, cheats, soluces et les dernieres mises a jour.

Even if you forgive the flimsy story, cliche characters, and derivative gameplay, it's impossible to look past the myriad frustrating technical problems that plague this game.
While the PC version manages to address some of the more egregious glitches that appeared in the console versions of the game, it still doesn't feel like a finished product.

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