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Kenny had some business to do in the diamond district (He sells very high quality jewelry), so we accompanied him on his business. Good food, good prices and the best part – check out the view from our window- Time Square! As we left the store, it started to rain, so when we got to Kenny’s place, we decided to have an evening in and to order Chinese Take-Away.
I could tell my cold was getting worse, so I settled for soup and rice, but Lazar ordered my favorite: mushu, and Kenny ordered some chicken thing. By now i was so stuffed up that Kenny had me drink this amazing wonder drug called Night quill – and I passed out in seconds. Tomorrow, Day 6:  INTERVIEW WITH CHELSEA GALLERY OWNER – If only for this, the trip was worth making! Did you know that more than 90% of diamonds imported into the US market actually pass hands through the district before making their way to other retailers down the pipeline?
As a consumer, you might assume that the Diamond District at 47th Street is an ideal destination to start shopping for a diamond ring.
Most consumers assume that the Diamond District is full of deals and that they can buy diamonds at wholesale prices. In my own experience, the sales people on 47th Street are not orientated towards good customer service.
What I noticed was a stark difference in the way customers get treated, depending on the kind of customer you are identified as. Besides a cocky attitude and obvious displays of being inpatient, I was treated with a lack of respect when I started probing for details of individual jewelry pieces. Could you imagine facing someone who said that to you if you were shopping for a 10k engagement ring? The New York Diamond District has more than 4000 businesses and the majority of them are selling the same merchandize. Here’s a piece of advice to help you in your negotiations with sales representatives.
One common trick jewelers employ to misrepresent their diamonds is through the use of appraisals with overly inflated values and shady grading certification. Let me make something clear; you should never shop with the mindset of returning a purchase for a full refund.
Before handing your credit card or cash over to a jeweler, you need to be crystal clear on the type of return or refund policies they have in store. In my opinion, their presence cheapens the district and makes it look like a 3rd world flea market.

Another similar scam that ignorant customers get conned by is the use of doctored and fake certification papers.
Lastly, regardless of the amount paid for any purchase, always request a printed sales slip which clearly indicates the vendor’s name, address, date of purchase, purchase amount and any applicable sales taxes.
At any point in time, if a jeweler or store makes you feel uncomfortable, listen to your guts and leave. Unless you are looking at metal jewelry created by well-known designers, the prices offered to you shouldn’t be drastically different from one jeweler to another. In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour) is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day when a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light [wikipedia]. Situated in Midtown Manhattan, the entire street is a constellation of small jewelry stores and exchanges selling various types of gemstones, fine jewelry and diamonds. Not coincidentally, one of world’s largest and oldest diamond exchange,the DDC, also resides at the heart of the district. As I had explained in my free ebook (simply sign up for the newsletter with your email to download it), if the price of a diamond is too good to be true, its qualities is being misrepresented. Don’t expect the jewelers to give you a complete education and honestly point out negative aspects of their diamonds. Instead, they are extremely sales orientated and would tell you all sorts of stuff just to make a sale.
To be more productive in your shopping, you may want to shortlist certain items beforehand and make appointments in advance to view them. On my last visit, I entered about 13-14 jewelry stores and stopped by countless of booths in jewelry exchanges. It really makes me wonder how these shops can survive if they treat all potential clients in this manner. Since the product offerings overlap from one store to another, you should browse around a little to get a feel of the prices being offered. When comparing diamond prices, you should be using 2 diamonds with similar specifications and paperwork for the comparison. Wholesale prices don’t exist on the retail storefronts and if you are in a store who claims this, walk away. That is to say, a G VS1 diamond graded by an unknown lab would likely be a J SI1 if the same stone was graded by GIA. You want to make the right purchase the first time round by doing it once and doing it well. On top of that, the majority of shops on the 47th Street have difficultreturn and exchange policies.

Based on my own experience and visiting stores touted by hawkers, businesses that hire hawkers tend to offer mediocre products.
There are literally hundreds of other shops and exchanges within walking distance that may be better worth your time.
For example, gold bangles, gold bracelets, platinum wedding bands can easily be compared in terms of prices and styles.
A tell tale sign is that these diamonds do not have grading reports from a reliable 3rd party lab like GIA or AGS.
This will help you save time instead of blindly walking into stores searching for something you want. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be making a big ticket purchase at the first store you enter. In my opinion, any return policies the vendor offers is just to safeguard your purchase and to eliminate risk.
Having a return period of at least 2 weeks will give me sufficient time to evaluate the newly purchased piece of jewelry.
If you think about it logically, would any respectable business need to rely on street hawkers to solicit business? This will give you grounds for pursuing legal actions in the event the claims are found to be false.
In the event of a dispute, AMEX usually takes the side of the customer and may help you perform a charge back to get your money back.
Most of us are already awake at dusk, but getting those early morning shots of the first light requires a little more effort, especially if you have to travel to the location where you'll be taking pictures.
When the sun is near or below the horizon, sunlight travels through more of the atmosphere, reducing the intensity of the direct light, so that more of the illumination comes from indirect light from the sky (Thomas 1973, 9–13), reducing the lighting ratio.
Instead, you want to maintain a bargaining leverage by getting them to show you items you are interested in before mentioning prices.
Fortunately for me, all I had to do was walk up three flights of stairs to the roof of the Nolitan Hotel where I was staying.

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