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New York City has an extensive commuter rail network covering many of the city’s major tourist destinations. We offer fast, easy, convenient express bus service between Newark Liberty Airport and New York City. Those over-subsidized, slow-a** overbuilt-for-their-use MTA BUS and NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT EXPRESS BUSES may see large service cuts due to the budget crunch.

However, there are still areas in the city that remain uncovered by the commuter rail network. Commuter buses operated by the city's Mass Transport Authority (MTA) have greater coverage including areas not covered by the rail network. In Manhattan, where the subway routes run in a north-south direction, buses are often the best way for traveling in an east-west direction. Fare boxes on the buses accept coins but will not accept pennies, 50 cent coins, and dollar bills.

The MetroCard is a convenient option and you insert the card vertically into the fare box when boarding the bus.

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