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Big Story Weather Discussion for June 28: Low pressure will push into the Northeast and will set the stage for strong to severe storms from the Northeast through the Mid-Atlantic and back into the Gulf Coast. Severe Weather: There will be an isolated chance of severe weather over the Upper Mississippi River Valley. Eastern Pacific Ocean: Low pressure moving over Western Canada will bring showers to the region. Atlantic Ocean: Low pressure moving into the Northeast US will bring strong to severe storms from the Northeast to the Gulf Coast.
Western Pacific: Low pressure moving across Eastern China will bring showers and thunderstorms to the region.
Indian Ocean: The monsoonal trough will be active across parts of India again today with showers and heavy rainfall likely. Cleveland OH: There will be slight to moderate impacts for the next four days as thunderstorms move through the region. Gulfport MS: The area will see slight to moderate impacts the next four days as thunderstorms will move through the region - some being severe. Fargo ND: The region will have slight impacts today and tomorrow followed by an impact free remainder of the period.
Salt Lake City UT: The area will enjoy warm weather over the next five days and will be impact free. Las Vegas NV: The region will be impact free for the next five days, however it will be very hot. Cleveland OH: The area started with temps around 4-10 degrees above normal and then finished the period around 1-2 degrees below normal.
Gulfport MS: The period started with temps around 1-2 degrees below normal and then warmed to around 1-7 degrees above normal for the remainder of the period. Salt Lake City UT: The past five days have been warm with temps around 1-13 degrees above normal. Las Vegas NV: The period started with temps around 1-10 degrees below normal and then finished with temps around 3-7 degrees above normal. Day 1-3: Low pressure moving into the Northeast with the associated cold front will make for a day of strong to severe thunderstorms from the Northeast all the way down into the Southeast and then westward into the Gulf Coast.
Day 4-7: The period will start with more rains and thunderstorms over the East Coast leading to possible flooding situations. Long Range Outlook: The period will begin with showers and thunderstorms extending from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast as high pressure dominates both coasts.
Answer: This is the type of air flow we look for when we are looking at the tops of thunderstorms. Wave Energy: There will be moderate amounts of wave energy for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and also the Southeast ahead of the frontal boundary. Solar Energy: The best place for solar energy today will include Maine, the Western Plains, the Rockies and most of the West Coast and Southwest. Wind Energy: The best place for wind energy today will be over the Western Plains and also over Western Texas. Hydro-Energy: There will be ample amounts of hydro energy from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic.

A dry and nice day in store for the region as temps rise into the upper 80?s under light northwesterly flow. Dining: There will be no weather impacts for having lunch outside today at the park or the boardwalk. Electricity: There will be a small window this afternoon between 1-5pm where air conditioning will possibly be needed to cool things down as high temps hit around 88F. Construction: There will be no issues with the outdoor projects today as the winds will be light and the skies will be partly cloudy.
Outdoor Venues: A great day to get out and enjoy the outdoors with no weather related issues to impact outdoor plans such as walking in the park or visiting the Space Needle.
New York City Weather Conditions and local NYC Weather ForecastNew York City is host to a wide range of different weather conditions. The biggest threat was large hail with places in Kansas and Nebraska reporting hail 4.25 inches in diameter.
A second batch of severe weather will be possible over the Ohio River Valley and Great Lakes region. There will be a better chance for severe weather from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast and into the Mid-Atlantic and also parts of the Northeast - all the places are along the frontal boundary. A second area of low pressure moving through the Gulf of Alaska will also bring showers to the region. Low pressure northeast of Japan and the associated frontal boundary will bring showers to southern Japan. One area of low pressure is bringing rain and high elevation snows to Southern South America. A few isolated thunderstorms will be over the Northern Plains, while the Southwest bakes again today with temps over 110F for some. The new low pressure will push into Kansas bringing severe weather to the region along with heavy rains. The middle of the period will have low pressure extending from the Northeast back into the Gulf Coast with another round of heavy rains and thunderstorms in the region. With divergent flow this means the thunderstorms will work just like a chimney allowing the air to diverge out at the top and this in return will allow the thunderstorm to get stronger. There will be slight to moderate amounts of energy over the Northern Gulf of Mexico ahead of the frontal boundary.
There will also be large amounts of hydro energy from the Southeast back into the Gulf Coast. If you need to water the garden, it would be best done this morning or later this afternoon.
The straight line winds were also a problem with wind gusts around 80mph reported in parts of Kansas. The primary threat will be damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes over the Northeast. A tropical wave off the coast of Brazil will need to be watched for tropical development as well. Tropical Depression Six has formed just to the east of Manila and will track westerly over the next 24 hours.

The West Coast will also be warmer with high temps in the upper 80?s to lower 90?s with plenty of sunshine.
The period will finish with a frontal boundary extending from the Mid-Atlantic region all the way into the Gulf Coast. Winds will be from the southwest 10-15mph and total rainfall will be around 1.25 inches with flooding possible.
Winds will be from the south 7-12mph and total rainfall will be around 1.25 inches with some flooding possible. There will be reasonable amounts of energy from the Ohio River Valley back into the Mississippi River Valley. The heat continued to bake many places in the Southwest with temps soaring over the 110F degree mark. Hot and dry weather dominates the Southwest again with temps going back into the 100-118F degree range. A new area of low pressure just off the coast of Central America is being watched for tropical development with winds around 20kts and pressure of 1009mb.
A third area of low pressure is bringing stronger winds and isolated showers to Southern Australia.
The monsoonal trough over the Southwest will start to provide moisture to the regions of Arizona and New Mexico. Day nine the storm system over the Plains will bring another day of severe weather and heavy rains to the region. The West Coast will remain dry and warm as well temps pushing near 90F degrees for the Northwest.
A third area has developed over Central America and will also have to be watched for tropical development.
The period will finish with another frontal boundary along the East Coast bringing more rain. Day ten heavy rain will setup from the Southeast back to the Gulf Coast and over the Central Plains. High pressure will begin to push in over the Northern Plains bringing very nice weather to the region. A new low pressure area will slowly develop over the fire stricken Southern Colorado region bringing some much needed rain to the area.
The period will finish with high pressure along the East Coast allowing for return flow to setup from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast along with interaction with a frontal boundary over the region. The period will finish with a new low pressure area moving up the East Coast bringing another day of heavy rains.
High pressure will dominate the weather from the Great Lakes to the Plains, while the hot and dry weather will remain over the West.

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