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New York City Weather Conditions and local NYC Weather ForecastNew York City is host to a wide range of different weather conditions.
Last October, New York City decided to bring the benefits of cloud computing to 120 of its government agencies.
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is trumpeting the potential advantages of the new plan, but what about the security of government data in Microsoft’s cloud? The past few months have shown that third-parties aren’t always good at keeping that information safe. Storing data on a server may be more risky than on a personal computer, said free software activist Richard Stallman. Methods of record-keeping, data storage, and security differ between clouds, and Microsoft and Bloomberg have not disclosed the terms of the agreement. Eddie Borges, communications officer for New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, said the city has made security a top priority. Those who remember how Microsoft lost the personal information of nearly 1 million T-Mobile Sidekick phone users last year — including their contact numbers, pictures, and other important information — will perhaps feel less confident in Microsoft’s abilities.
A security breach in Microsoft’s cloud could have severe consequences for the New York City government and its 8 million citizens, who don’t have the choice of opting-out of the contract.
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Siri is going to tell you that the weather is going to stay in the mid-90s for a few days, which is a bit too hot for the New Yorkers.

By storing information in the cloud instead of on a personal computer, you can access files from anywhere with an internet connection and save yourself the hassle of dragging a laptop everywhere. Up to 100,000 city government workers will begin using an online version of Microsoft Office, meaning data will be stored on Microsoft servers instead of municipal hard drives. Currently, the Federal Communications Commission is investigating the accidental collection of emails, passwords, and other personal information by Google’s Street View cars. A personal computer can refuse incoming connections — sort of like a telephone that can make outgoing calls but doesn’t have to accept incoming calls, said Stallman. That makes it difficult to engage in an informed discussion regarding the safety of the decision, said Chris Hoff, director of Cloud & Virtualization Solutions at Cisco Systems. Los Angeles came under heavy criticism last year after publicly releasing its cloud agreement with Google, said McAuley. Consumer groups like the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse think it’s best for government bodies to wait until cloud computing has a proven track record of security. Therefore the government has a heightened responsibility to protect information, said McAuley. This may mean greater convenience and mobility, but can come at a steep cost: the loss of privacy.
The move to cyberspace will save an estimated $50 million over the next five years and will expedite information sharing, editing and program updating. Meanwhile, Facebook applications have transmitted names and personal information to advertisers.

Citizens have a right to know which data and government functions are going into the cloud, she said, and how well the information is going to be protected. Even Microsoft got into trouble in February, when Hotmail users attempted to log into their emails but were shown other users’ inboxes by mistake.
A server’s job, on the other hand, is to accept remote connections in order to provide data and services. To get the correct forecast out of it, you have to specify the zip code.And this is not the end of it. This provides opportunities for unauthorized visitors to gain access to sensitive information. Siri is also misreporting the weather forecasts in other areas such as Richmond and Carrollton. Apparently, the service is unable to distinguish between two places with the same names and is mixing up their weather forecasts.

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