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The closing of 2010 was a crazy time spent gallivanting around Europe and Mexico before finally moving to New York City. Unfortunately I had learned nothing of reigning in the purse strings at my mature age, so I arrived in one of the most expensive cities in the world FLAT BROKE. The most exciting part of being a real-life nanny was moving into their brand new, duplex Park Avenue apartment. The apartment’s new owner (my boss) was a designer, and it was only fitting that the best of the best in terms of architects were employed on this remarkable remodel. My boss was an authority on all things events, design and party planning so there were television appearances (the kids, not me), fashion fittings and the odd party to organize for a host of the New York elite.
My more everyday tasks involved taking the girls to school (as well as numerous extra curricular classes), helping with homework, attending play dates and the like.
Naturally I became restless, and longed for New York nights out on the town, a place to call my own and an office job – with adults to speak to, a water cooler full of juicy gossip and after work drinks to embarrass myself at. Right now I am back in the saddle, searching for a day job in the most cut-throat city in the world… (And in answer to the earlier question – no I am not scared!) While the competition is tough I am in a much better position than when I arrived, having ample experience under my belt and a great new place to live in one of the globe’s coolest locales…Brooklyn.
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This phenomenal abode had been constructed from scratch after the previous owner decided to join 2 whole floors together by way of a massive internal staircase, and then after the construction was complete, decided they no longer wanted to live there.
The end result was a palatial suite of silver and golden hues, silk shag carpets, marble stairwells and glitter-sprayed feature walls. We partook in all Jewish holidays and celebrations which were very new to me, and I soon developed a taste for matzo, matzo ball soup, brisket and challah bread. Each event consisted of signature cocktails, hand-designed napkins and decorations, delicious catering and mouthwatering desserts and candy – my boss was good at what she did and by gosh she did it well.
Kids are kids and can sometimes be a pain (especially if they are not your own), and it was at times a huge struggle to get on with the second, older Nanny (yes, there really was TWO nannies) – but I suppose all that paled in comparison to the perks that were involved.
And so I gave it all up to scour the streets and websites of New York looking for my ‘dream job’.
Most people you meet come from elsewhere, and good friends come and go in the blink of an eye. Whilst taking trips to discover what this country has to offer is an endless joy, I doubt I could find a more exciting place to live than New York, and I couldn’t be more proud to call it my home away from home. Be sure to sign up to our free newsletter for giveaways, exclusive offers and weekly updates!

Her blog With Love From Kat, introduces stylish outfit, as well as information about life, such as home-style, travel and so on. The family were very close-knit, so photos, the children’s artworks, holiday memoirs and family scrapboxes adorned the walls in almost every room, giving it a beautiful homely feel despite it’s grand size. Not everyone can last here and it takes a thick skin and a go-with-the-flow disposition to do so. I love to cook, and I reveled in creating meals for the family in the double-banked stainless steel kitchen with matching silver hardwood floors.
I had left all my friends behind and it soon became apparent I was moving to a country that was a) really snowy and absolutely FREEZING in parts, b) responsible for some of the worst and best political decisions and television shows ever made, and c) full of Americans.
There are a million and one things to do here on any given day or night, ranging from free to the ludicrously expensive. There is cutting edge music, art, dining, fashion – you name it, New York has got it.
And was starting in one of the world’s most harsh and expensive cities the way to do it?

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