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By PlaneJFK Airport (in Queens) and Newark Liberty International Airport (in neighboring New Jersey) receive both U.S. By TrainPenn Station in Midtown Manhattan is the hub for Amtrak trains in the Northeastern Corridor of the United States. By BusGreyhound is a major operator of intercity buses with an extensive network of routes across the United States. Amtrak trains arrive at Penn Station from as far as Florida in the south, Chicago in the west, and as far north as Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Greyhound use Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), both in Midtown Manhattan, as the bus terminals in New York City.

The New Jersey Transit and Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) commuter trains also arrive at Penn Station from neighboring stations in New Jersey.
Regional buses using PABT as their terminals include Peter Pan Bus Lines and the New Jersey Transit. From PABT, travelers can take the nearby subway train or cab to Brooklyn.Low-cost bus companies MegaBus and BoltBus serve several regional routes in the United States and end their journey in New York City at stops nearby Penn Station. None of their injuries appeared life threatening, officials said."It took a while, but they finally got her freed and transported her to Hershey medical," Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo said. Ground transport from the airports to Brooklyn include shuttle buses, cabs, and private cars.

Other regional low-cost buses are the Chinatown buses, which end their journey in New York City at several bus stops in Manhattan's Chinatown. Among the three airports, Newark Airport is less convenient because of the longer distance and you would have to pass through Manhattan before reaching Brooklyn. Being located in neighboring Queens, JFK Airport and LaGuardia are shorter distances to Brooklyn.

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