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In April 2013, the Fit to Inspire Core, supporters and friends came together to run, walk and cheer the all-women’s half marathon in New York City! Join thousands of (busy) women getting inspired to greater fitness and well being and receive our FREE 12-Week ‘No Time’ Fitness Program!
When I moved to France almost 20 years ago, my eating habits were erratic, I was totally addicted to sugar, and I had extra pounds that wouldn’t come off despite an intense fitness schedule. Over the years, I’ve adopted a structured eating pattern full of delicious, whole foods (and regular treats too!) and moderate exercise that helped me lose the extra pounds.
I run in thanks to Mark who has supported me every joyous and gnarly step of the way throughout 2013, a true champion and a rare gem of a human being. I'm running the New York City Marathon because I wanted to set a goal bigger than I was, that planted fear in my belly, and achieve it.
I'm running the New York City Marathon to raise much needed ka-ching for the Heart Foundation. The Heart Foundation website has easy-to-follow information including activity suggestions, recipes, tips for parents and survivors' stories. The Heart Foundation is Australia’s leading heart health charity and is funded almost entirely by the generous donations of everyday Australians.
Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya crosses the finish line in Central Park to win the 2013 ING New York City Marathon on November 3, 2013 in New York City.
Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya celebrates after he won the 2013 ING New York City Marathon on November 3, 2013 in New York City.

A dozen Fit to Inspire supporters and early adopters joined 7,000 other women – confirmed athletes, novices and everything in between! If you want to give up unhealthy habits too and learn to feel amazing, click on the button below to find out more. Not hanging onto a barrier on the side of the road with my legs all giving in behind me, like a first-time ice skater. I run in thanks to my awesome family for supporting me always and for the funny stories they can't help but tell!
Last year I thought about signing up for a running event while I was there, maybe even training up to a half marathon, way outside my scope and experience. Hop onto the Heart Foundation website and commit to learning a handful of simple facts that will see you heading towards a healthier future. We aim to improve the heart health of all Australians and to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular disease (Australia’s number one killer) through comprehensive research, education, awareness and support programs. I'm running for Anna Mardon who came to NYC last year but got temporarily blown off course by Hurricane Sandy.
Then there was a moment when I thought, if I can train for a half marathon, I'm going to give the full Monty a go. But people with heart problems have to survive another minute, another day, their lives in the hands of others. I run in thanks to Anna who inspired me to want to take on the NYC Marathon in the first place, and to run half marathons in training.

Massive snaps go to Kellie Winter, who gave freely of her time and expertise organising the trivia nights, and who brought her family and friends to every event. I had nothing to go on, no idea how I would do it, just that I wanted to give running a marathon a rip.
Which is why I'm busting my book-reading butt around the city that never sleeps to raise money and awareness for this cause. I run in thanks to Carolyn Enting who also ran a half marathon and got me thinking about doing one.
I run in thanks to a grand and beautifully varied cast of friends who have given such wonderful support, both financial and emotional, and laughs. Eat mostly proper food that looks like where it came from, be active and take a break from situations and people that cause you stress. I run in thanks to the friends of friends who donated to this fundraising page because they wanted to help the Heart Foundation and were optimistic enough to think I would cross the finish line upright without blowing a gasket.

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