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New York Daily News New York City Half Marathon 2014 New York City Half Marathon 2014 From running leprechauns to taking selfies on the run, check out this yeara€™s New York City Half Marathon on March 16, 2014.
If your interested in running the New York City Marathon you should checkout our marathon recovery guide and improve your pacing with our marathon pacing tips. What do Katie Holmes, Al Roker, Caroline Wozniacki, Tiki Barber, Edward Norton, Pam Anderson, Alanis Morissette, Bobby Flay and Ryan Reynolds all have in common?
Granted, their times were far from the fastest time ever recorded for this event, an honor reserved for Geoffrey Mutai from Kenya with a record run time of 2 hours, 3 minutes and 2 seconds, the presence of these celebrities and athletes is one of the reasons why people flock to join or watch the marathon. In 2014, there were 50,530 participants, a stunning number compared to the 127 participants on the first New York Marathon, which was held in 1970.
During the 1994 New York event, he was neck-and-neck with another Mexican high profile runner, Benjamin Paredes who won first place in the 1990 Caribbean marathon.
Last year, the men’s winner was Wilson Kiprotich from Kenya who was the bronze winner in the 2012 Summer Olympics for marathon.
Being the largest marathon run in the United States and one of the events under the World Marathon Majors, the New York Marathon has grown into a community-driven event where participants and supporters engage in uplifting a spirit of hope.
People from around the world prepare for the event and work all year round to get in the best shape possible because being part of the marathon has become an honour. Now known as the TCS New York Marathon in recognition of its major sponsor, IT company, Tata Consultancy Services, the 2015 event will take place on November 1 which is the first Sunday of November and will start from the toll plaza on Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island and finish at Central Park, Tavern on the Green. Participation in the New York Marathon is by lottery although members of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) club can qualify for guaranteed entry if they meet the qualifications or are nominated by the club.

Marathon Training TipsSign up to our newsletter and get training tips, guides and our most popular content delivered straight to your inbox! The prizes on that first year were simple wristwatches, recycled basketballs, and trophies that looked very much like bowling trophies. In 1992, the founder of the New York Marathon, 60 year old Fred Lebow ran his last marathon while in remission from brain cancer.
He was German Silva, a Mexican runner who competed in international marathon events like the 1992 Summer Olympics and the 1990 Central American and Caribbean Games. Unfortunately, Silva made the dramatic mistake of following a police car and going off course with only a half mile to the finish line.
She also has quite a number of long distance achievements like silver medal in the 2007 IAAF World Road Running Championships, third fastest female runner in the 2012 London Marathon, and champion in the 2009 World Half Marathon.
Not only does it promote fitness among the youth of New York City, it has become a beacon for those who seek some kind of affirmation or who dare to dream. It is also possible to qualify for the nyc marathon by signing up with an accredited International Travel Partner (ITP) and joining their tour or by running for an accredited charity organisation. It is a runner’s dream not just because it is the largest marathon in the world but also because the organisers, volunteers, and the city stop for one day to celebrate with the participants and to cheer them on as they pursue their individual goals for the event.
We have a team of experienced writers who are enthusiastic about long distance running training and we are always on the lookout for experienced guest posts and advice. He died 2 years after and in 2001 was inducted into the National Distance Running Hall of Fame.

And yet Silva, also known as Wrong Way Silva, managed to backtrack, catch up with Paredes and win the race with a 2 second victory over Paredes! Keitany is also the current holder of the world record for women’s 10 mile, 20 km, and 25 km races. It's a wonder how some runners didn't trip up and fall while taking part in the New York City Half Marathon on March 16, 2014. Today, the fees range from $200 to over $300 with $700,00 in prize money and more than one-third of the participants coming in from around the world.
The 60 non-complimentary entries have been assigned as the deadline ended last December 18, 2014. If you are selected, you have up to October 28 to cancel which will guarantee you a place in the 2016 race. Here, Joshua George, the men's wheelchair division winner was all smiles as he made his way across the finish line at the New York City Half Marathon on March 16, 2014.
This runner certainly knows how to multitask, taking a photo of herself while participating in the New York City Half Marathon on March 16, 2014.

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