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The mayor of New York City has announced evacuation of parts of the city while the National Hurricane Center has released storm surge probability data that reveals a 80% likelihood of storm surge above 5 feet surrounding the NYC metropolitan area. Never before have so many people evacuated from NYC, and never before have so many people there had to suddenly face their own survival preparedness plans. Due to the approach of Hurricane Irene, the City has issued a mandatory evacuation order for New Yorkers who live in the low-lying Zone “A” coastal areas in all five boroughs. Residents who live in Zone A are strongly encouraged to stay with friends or family outside an evacuation zone. MTA service including subways, buses, and railroads will begin to shut down at noon tomorrow, so please prepare to evacuate immediately.
From talking to friends and neighbors, my sense is that for many residents, the memories of September 11 are too fresh to have to be told twice to leave.
Just as people who try heroin for the first time never intend to become drug addicts, neither the Fed nor Jos. Tesla is trying to grow too fast, and GM is a bloated Government style bureaucracy that requires major pruning to say the least. Below is a map showing that virtually the entire downtown financial sector, including Goldman HQ, falls into Zone A.
Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Sure, perhaps this storm will cause some problems but doesn't it seem a bit crazy how the authorities are predicting potential disaster. The Hurricane Center map seems to say it's headed right for the intersection of Boardwalk and Park Place.
Since you paid $250 for each of them and the rent is $450 and $250 respectively, they hopefully have already paid for themselves. If Rahm Emanuel was running Wall Street he'd shut down the markets on Monday 'on precautionary measures' and open it Tuesday or Wed.
A lost cause, but then there never was a cause, it is just a big jobs program for the miltiary industrail complex. America has become a nation of war happy chicken hawks, while kids looking for work fill the ranks of troops who fight and kill for the benefit of the elite 1% and their military industry stock holders.
Until earthquakes, cyclones, etc can be more accurately predicted, we have to go with over or under reaction.
What if you stay in your Zone A housing AND drink a 16+ oz sugary beverage?  Holy shit.

Wow, it's almost as if you believe that people have a right to live their own lives as they see fit. Right, because having reasonable checks and balances and rules that benefit everyone is simply impossible. If you believe that government should use force against individuals in order to regulate them then it seems odd that you act so shocked and annoyed over a simple temporary evacuation notice. It is good to have police to protect property, bad to have corrupt police who kick you in the face if you look guilty. If I could hire and fire police in a free market then I could support the good ones and avoid the bad ones. It is good require everyone to pitch in to build bridges and roads and airports, bad to steal your money to pay bankers a bonus. Fair and free elections beat the shit out of having unelected oligarchs who rise to power from sociopathic cut-throat behavior making these decisions for us (what would happen in your preferred society). So being forced to chose the lesser of two evils is better than being free to take a chance on avoiding evil entirely? Gray areas are merely attempts to create exceptions to universally preferred behavior and justify moral relativism. If all pitching in to build bridges, roads, and airports is so universally good, then why does their creation require such coercive measures on the part of government? Mayor Bloomberg just ordered a mandatory evacuation of all low-lying areas of New York City in "Zone A" (see map below). New York City police will be driving down the streets with loudspeakers enforcing the evacuation mandate. Evacuees are encouraged to seek shelter with friends or family or outside evacuation zones when possible. To find out the location of your nearest evacuation center, use New York City's Office of Emergency Management Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder or look at the chart below.
Residents in Zone B may experience storm surge flooding from a MODERATE (Category 2 or higher) hurricane. Residents in Zone C may experience storm surge flooding from a MAJOR hurricane (Category 3 & 4) making landfall just south of New York City. No doubt that the store shelves are emptying fast, the streets and freeways are clogged, while hundreds of thousands are fleeing the area. Evacuation Centers will be open Friday at 4 PM for residents who have no alternative shelter.

If the evacuation escalates to include Zone C, none other than the New York Fed (where over 20% of the world's gold is held) will also be empty. How has it been working out at the cost of a trillion dollars put on the deficit and NO victory in sight. They make record profits while the badly wounded fill up the VA hospitals as tax payers pay to rehab kids missing multiple limbs and suffer brain damage.
Are you now in favor of letting folks opt out of Social Security as well as weather related evacuations?
Either the government knows better than the peons and has a right to force them into involuntary action or they do not. But everybody must pay for these "improvements" even if they are left high and dry because of them. For those who have no alternative shelter, the City has identifiedA hurricane sheltersA throughout the five boroughs. This information is also available by dialing 311 in New York City or (212) 639-9675 outside the city. Zone A includes all low-lying coastal areas and other areas that could experience storm surge in ANY hurricane that makes landfall close to New York City.
Depending on the storm surge, if any, it is likely that Zones B and C will also be evacuated. To find if you live in a zone to be evacuated, go to this website, alternatively the full hurricane evacuation preparedness map is presented below.
But you foist your opinions on me under the guise of them being "basic truths" and you force me to participate in your system.
A lot of American casualties this years were Afghan soldiers and police trained by US and UK soldiers, who turned their guns on the trainers. This war is bankrupting America, killing tens of thousands of Afghans and a few hundred American troops every year.
Just as there is one "choice" of riding rail across the country, sending a letter, or educating your children.

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