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Staten Island Ferry - New York City Department of TransporationIf you saw the movie Working Girl or watched the music video for Carly Simon's Let The River Run, you saw very nice footage of the Staten Island Ferry.
The Staten Island Ferry is one of the most recognized ferry systems in the world, operates a major fleet of vessels, including its latest line of Molinari class ferries, handles a very high volume of passenger traffic on a year-round basis rather than on merely a seasonal basis, and offers well-paying jobs that come with city benefits. The ferry system is under the direction of an organization (the New York City Department of Transportation) which is large enough to offer opportunities for advancement. Vandal Squad: Inside the New York City Transit Police Department, 1984-2004 has caused consternation throughout the global graffiti community with charges that author Joseph Rivera is profiting off the very criminals he spent his career incarcerating. Graffiti writers have left a vivid trail and told their spellbinding tales the world over in countless books and magazines, films and videos, websites and events.
Founded in 1980, the Vandal Squad’s mission was to protect the subway system from hardcore criminal acts of destruction like kicking out windows and throwing seats out of train cars. A judge ruled against a motorist who filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Right of Way Law. MD Hossain, a yellow cab driver, was the first person charged after the law took effect in August 2014, when he drove a taxi into 58-year-old Silvia Gallo, killing her, while turning into a crosswalk at Madison Avenue and E.
Scherzer ruled that strict liability laws are authorized by the New York State code, and rejected Hossain’s assertion that the Right of Way Law presumes driver guilt. In fact, to sustain a conviction for this charge the People would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (1) defendant operated a motor vehicle, (2) that defendant’s motor vehicle caused contact with a pedestrian or cyclist, (3) that the pedestrian or cyclist had the right of way at the time of the impact … and (4) suffered physical injury as a result of the collision. In addition to the elements listed above, the statute provides that physical injury that was not caused by a driver’s failure to exercise due care does not violate the statute. In a separate case, the Transport Workers Union challenged the constitutionality of the Right of Way Law in federal court last year before reaching a settlement with City Hall and dropping its suit. Hossain was charged with careless driving in addition to the Right of Way Law violation, according to court records.
Strict liability criminal laws are bad for society in general, regardless of their results.
Perhaps this challenge could have been avoided altogether if the law didn’t prescribe any criminal penalties. One caveat: in order to make this work, we have to have criminal penalties for driving with a revoked license.
Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety. The Fortune SocietyFortune Society teacher Rene Sing, left, instructs a student at one of the organization's job training classes for people who've been released from prison.In the four years since he was released from prison, Richard Cobbs has applied to more than 75 jobs and gone on, by his estimate, at least 10 or 15 interviews.
Cobbs, 52, has had experience doing sanitation, laundry, and catering work, and completed training in culinary arts during his most recent stint in prison.
But despite his experience and stability, hiring managers just can't seem to get past the 11-year sentence he served for attempted murder. It's hard to overstate how important finding a job is for people first coming out of prison. To that end, there are a number of organizations dedicated to helping people with their post-prison job searches. AtA The Fortune Society, which has offices in Harlem and Long Island City, New York, Cobbs has been able to take an employment workshop that prepares former inmates for interviews and coaches them on how to respond when people ask about their criminal record.
Greyston FoundationGreyston Bakery hires workers regardless of whether they have prior work experience.In addition, there are for-profit employers dedicated to giving people jobs after they have been released from prison. Add that discrimination to the fact that people coming out of prisonA are more likely to be undereducated and struggling with substance abuse issues than the general public, and it's easy to see why a 2008 study from The Urban Institute found that just 45% of Americans who had been to prison had a job eight months after being released. Sensing a need to help bridge the gap for people coming out of prison, New York governor Andrew Cuomo created the Work for Success program in February of 2012 to link qualified applicants with companies looking to hire. Presently, the program works with about 1,300 companies throughout New York State, including the restaurant chain IHOP.
Work for SuccessA promotional image for Work for Success.Alphonso David, New York's deputy secretary for civil rights, says Work for Success has placed more than 3,700 formerly incarcerated workers in jobs in the food service, green technology, construction, and health services industries. The program arranges for organizations like The Fortune Society to conduct an assessment of an inmate's work experience and skills when they first enter prison and follows up by giving them vocational training and information about how best to present themselves to prospective employers. After the new employees are placed, Work for Success follows up with the companies that hired them to make sure things are going smoothly. Take Byron Coles, a former inmate affiliated with the Fortune Society who was released in July after being imprisoned for two years for attempted burglary.
While he reports discrimination based on his criminal record similar to what Cobbs described, Coles was ultimately able to find a job as a case manager after three months of searching. APNew York governor Andrew Cuomo was thwarted in his bid to get public funding for in-prison college education programs.The impact of an advanced education is something the Cuomo administration is also acutely aware of. Cuomo was ultimately forced to drop the plan, but David says the state is looking at other ways to put more college education programs in prison. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, above, speaking Sunday at a Queens church, told a radio host on Hot 97 Monday he is the victim of a "double standard" in an investigation of his fundraising practices. Mayor Bill de Blasio defended himself against a criminal probe into his campaign fundraising practices Monday morning with help from Hot 97 radio hosts who agreed he is being unfairly singled out. He separately made light of being the butt of a joke by President Barack Obama at last weekenda€™s White House Correspondentsa€™ Association dinner. Obama had poked fun at a controversial joke involving a€?CP Timea€? that was made by de Blasio with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Inner Circle satire event last month.

De Blasio also was asked on the hip-hop radio station Monday about an investigation into fundraising that he and his associates had done in 2014 for Democratic candidates for the GOP-controlled State Senate. Darden and others on a€?Ebro in the Morninga€? underscored the work de Blasio has done for public housing and after-school programs and accused tabloids that have covered the probe for just wanting to sell papers.
Lyft officially launched in New York City on Friday, but the ride-sharing service is off to a bumpy start. After negotiations with city regulators, Lyft was allowed to launch this weekend, provided that its vehicles were licensed with the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). The TLC requirements include providing fingerprints for a governmental criminal background check and completing a state-certified defensive driving course. A number of Lyft users received texts and emails Friday advertising 50 free rides (part of a group Lyft is calling its pioneers) and "unlimited free rides for two weeks," but many tweeted they were unable to use the deal due to lack of available cars.
Users also tweeted complaints over the weekend about inflated tipping requirements — ranging from 75% to 150% of the ride's price. When drivers are in high demand, which Lyft calls "Prime Time," the app increases the amount users are required to tip, and adds the fee to the total cost of the ride. Lyft makes a distinction between regular tips and Prime Time tips for the Pioneer deal, saying regular tips are covered only up to 25%. The company also responded to many of the complaints on Twitter, assuring users that they are working to get more cars on the road. Lyft initially planned to launch in New York City on July 11, but was forced to reschedule its debut after the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the TLC jointly filed a restraining order against the ride-sharing service.
The company previously said it planned to roll out full service "in the coming weeks"; Dally said the specific timeline is not yet known. No matter what your security goals are, Armed or Unarmed Security Guard License, or many others certifications, we got you covered. Our Instructor Staff and Affiliates have a diverse background, including Competition Shooting, Defensive Training, Military Experience, and Law Enforcement, NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructors as well as Certified Civilian Instructors and years of experience in the field of security.
Everywhere in New York  from the South to the North, from the East to the West, our students are raving about our professional training approach.. Our intention is to provide you with Quality Training that will increase your knowledge, skills and attitude about what makes a Professional Security Officer. Seats fill up quickly!  Call us today and talk to one of our staff and discuss the options available and register for one of our upcoming classes. There are no other options available, Security Guard Licensing Group is the only facility that will give you all the advantages and knowledge that will land you the security job you have always wanted. In the state of New York like many other states there is a required amount of training hours in a certified training facility. Licensing is overseen by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. The state of New York requires that there will be an eight-hour in-service annual training course taken yearly in order to hold the New York armed security guard license. Applicants in the state, which completed their training at a certified facility including training in firearms and deadly physical force prior to being hired as an armed security guard are required to take the eight-hour training course a second time. Training at a certified facility will include materials and training to prepare the applicant to perform the duties of an armed security guard in many industries.
There are other employment opportunities in the state of New York for the licensed armed security guard that will also provide the required sixteen hours of on the job training needed.
In the state of New York to obtain an unarmed security guard license there set regulations by the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety. The New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services, issues the unarmed security guard license and the license is issued after the requirements are met, as well as fingerprinting and the background check. Their eight hours of certified training and sixteen hours of on the job training must be completed. The training that is to be completed at a New York certified training facility will include items that will help to prepare the unarmed security guard to perform their duties properly once employed in the security sector. Legal issues are covered that can occur on the job.How to properly deal with the public and crowd control.
The training for the unarmed security guard will help the person taking the course to be prepared in emergency situations and in dealing with the public. The trained and licensed unarmed security guard is qualified for employment in several different types of employment in the state of New York. In cases where the unarmed security guard has not been employed for an extended amount of time and when hired receives the sixteen hours of on the job training. They have shared stories of war and glory, of battles and triumphs, and have the pictures to prove it. It was only with the Clean Car Program of 1984 that graffiti became the primary focus of this specialized Unit. The only book on graffiti told from the perspective of law enforcement, Vandal Squad takes us inside the New York Police Department.
He joined the New York City Transit Police Department in 1984, and was assigned to the elite Transit Vandal Squad in 1987.
Hopefully the SCOTUS someday outlaw all of them as being in violation of the due process clause. Employers tell him the interview was great, but they just need to do a background check a€” and that's where it seems, at least to him, the goodwill he's earned during the application process goes down the drain.

And though he has spent much of his adult life incarcerated overA several convictions, he's been out for four years now, living at The Fortune Society, a nonprofit organization that provides residents with food, shelter, and services ranging from substance abuse counseling to improv comedy classes. It's a boost of self-confidence, a stabilizing force, and a means of supporting themselves as they work to reenter mainstream society. These include Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New York, which hires anyone who wants a job on a rolling basis, and Cascade Engineering, a Michigan-based manufacturer that works to hire formerly incarcerated people. Though New York prohibits employers from using a criminal record to deny someone a job unless the offense is directly related to the position in question, this discrimination is hard to prove, and, if Cobbs' experience is any indicator, many employers still make judgments based on applicants' past convictions. David tells Business Insider he does not know how many people the program has attempted to place.
Prior to his most recent period of incarceration, he had earned a mastersA degree in public administration and public affairs from Metropolitan College of New York, and had worked for over a decade in the nonprofit sector.
In February, the governor unveiledA a plan to use public funds to pay for college courses inside New York prisons, about 20 years after such programs were defunded by federal and New York state laws. Some of de Blasioa€™s top aides have been subpoenaed and prosecutors are probing whether the team skirted laws by funneling contributions through county committees. He noted, however, that he believes private money should generally be taken out of the campaign finance system. Lyft had 500 peer-to-peer drivers prepared to hit the road for its initial launch, but it is unclear how many of these meet the new conditions.
However, required Prime Time tips can be covered no matter the percentage, as long as the total is within the Pioneer deal's $25 limit.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. We have the Training Programs and Instructors to give you the confidence and knowledge you will need to become a successful security officer.
This training that is required in New York is 8 hours general training, 16 hours of job related training and 47 hours to carry a firearm. All these employment opportunities will still require the annual eight hours of training to keep the armed security guard license current, along with renewal every two years. These regulations in statute 33-9032 state that the unarmed security guard will need eight hours of training at a certified training center and then will need sixteen hours of on the job training.
These include retail stores, libraries, apartment buildings, hotels, and other public places. The eight-hour training course is required by the state to taken again prior to being issued a New York state unarmed security license.
Rivera’s fast-paced tales of cat and mouse are presented alongside professional disregard within the Department.
Since driving is a privilege granted by the state, it can be revoked by the state for any reason, or even for no reason. Lyft representative Katie Dally said she did not know how many Lyft cars were actually on the streets of New York City this weekend.
Security Guard Licensing Group Affiliates have a wide variety of classes at prices you can manage and there are facilities all across New York  so you are never far from the best training available. The New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety, sets these requirements for armed security training. The only applicants that are exempt from training are police officers, which are active duty and certain other officials.
This also includes the required background check and fingerprinting in order to be issued a permanent state security license.
The New York State Department of Licensing Services will also require proof each year that the applicant has taken an eight-hour training course at a certified facility. This training makes it possible for the unarmed security guard to stop criminal activity without alarming the general public, handling medical emergencies until paramedics arrive and reporting to official agencies in a professional manner. This eight-hour course will also need to be taken annually in order to keep the unarmed security license up to date; this includes years the license does not need to be renewed in the state of New York. Featuring never-before-seen photographs and stories of graffiti’s infamous Top 40, Vandal Squad offers an unprecedented look at the graffiti world from the other side of the game.
The recipient of many commendations for outstanding merit throughout a 20-year law enforcement career, Rivera retired in 2004. The armed security guard license is valid for two years after receiving the permanent license, as long as the required eight hour per year training course is completed. The training will include written reports that will need to be used in daily work assignments and when making reports for interaction with fire and police departments.
The sixteen hours of on the job training are to train the applicant in the environment they will be working in and the methods of security will be used. Georges terminal in October of 2003 that took eleven lives, the system has re-examined operational and safety protocols.
These positions have conditions for city residency.Go to the New York City Department of Transportation employment page for current job opportunities to learn more about working for the City of New York aboard the Staten Island Ferry system.

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