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The private meeting Wednesday morning occurred hours after de Blasio became the first Democrat elected mayor of New York City in a generation. The public advocate comes to office hoping his landslide victory will grant him a mandate to push forward an ambitious liberal legislative agenda and tackle a looming fiscal crisis. Shoita di bist!No one said that there was 0 crime, but think back to the pre-giulani days when one was afraid to walk the streets of NYC where crime was so prevalent. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, left, joins Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the “Bull Pen,” the mayor’s main City Hall office, the day after his election win. Control over public schooling in Boston and New York City promises to look different in both cities after voters last week anointed new mayors who have pledged to move quickly to make their imprint on K-12 education. New York voters elected Democrat Bill de Blasio, the city's public advocate, in a lopsided victory over Republican Joseph J. Nina Rees, the president and chief executive officer of the Washington-based National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, put out a statement congratulating the new mayor, but urged him to make sure that charters remain available to New York families. In Boston, Mayor-elect Martin Walsh, right, his girlfriend Lorrie Higgins, center, and Higgins’ daughter Lauren, left, celebrate Mr.
Paul Reville, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who was the secretary of education in Massachusetts from 2008 to 2012, said Boston voters benefited from having two mayoral candidates who put forth strong education platforms. Teachers' union officials in both cities said they are hopeful that the new mayors will also usher in amore collegial era of labor-management relations.

The union did not officially endorse either candidate, but in robocalls and email blasts in the hours leading up to the election it encouraged its 7,000 members to vote for Mr. In New York, the United Federation of Teachers, which has about 200,000 members, had endorsed Mr.
A new study has found that the most ambitious element in former mayor Michael Bloomberg's 257-point, post-Hurricane Sandy resiliency plan—a proposal to build a Battery Park City-like embankment on lower Manhattan's East Side—is "feasible."Bloomberg called the project "Seaport City," envisioning it as a neighborhood built on landfill that could, perhaps, pay for itself.
Battery Park City, which is relatively elevated and built on landfill on Manhattan's west side, was largely unscathed."We can achieve the same thing on the East Side of lower Manhattan," said Bloomberg last June. I'm glad the heimeshe will enjoy their snap and section 8 while their children get mugged and attacked in the streets. You are so blinded by your expectation of govt handouts and the fact that those happened to have been chassidim. Klein, the 1.1 million-student New York City system became a hotbed of change that included a rapid expansion of charter schools, closures of large, comprehensive high schools, performance pay for teachers and principals, and a citywide curriculum. Smarick suggested that the new mayor may take a less adversarial position on charters once he's in office and the practical realities of governing set in. Walsh will be charged with overseeing the most sweeping change to the district's student-assignment process since the city ended widespread busing for school desegregation more than 20 years ago.
Walsh, who has been a state lawmaker for 16 years, has a strong record of supporting charter schools. Connolly, who was the only member of the city council to reject themost recent collective bargaining agreement between the city and the teachers' union, largely because the union did not agree to extending the length of the school day.

I'll never forget the Dinkin days when I was mugged as a child and watched robbers walk out of a neighbors home without fear.Enjoy! Under dinkins there were well over a thousand murders a yr in NYC, I don't even know how many shootings all together. Bloomberg's A-F grading system for schools during his first year in office, halt school closures, and consider charging rent to some charter schools that share building space with the city's regular public schools. Walsh, a longtime labor leader, may bring more subtle changes to the 57,000-student school system, which has generally experienced less upheaval in its school improvement efforts than other major urban districts. He was a founding board member of one of Boston's most successful charters, the Neighborhood House Charter School in Dorchester, and he favors lifting the state's cap on the number of charters that can open in Boston. If you think handing out more govt benefits and tying the hands of the police will make the situation better than you deserve to love in the hell-hole deblasio will create! He's also pledged to elevate the role that community education panels, comprised of parents, play in major decisions, including how school buildings are utilized.

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