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The median rent in New York City is $3,185 a month, according to residential real estate website Trulia. In popular neighborhoods, like Battery Park City and Gramercy Park, you can expect to see rent prices tipping over $4,000 a month, according to real estate website Zumper. In NYC, $3,200 a month gets you a studio apartment with about 432 square feet like this one in Kips Bay. Inequality in the US is a huge issue, and this inequality can be seen by looking at New York City's neighborhoods. At the city-wide level, we can see that the southern half of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island have the highest incomes in New York, while eastern Brooklyn and the Bronx are struggling.
We can also take a look at each borough in turn to see how income is spread out within each part of the city. In Manhattan, we can see that incomes are pretty high stretching from the financial district at the far south of the island up through the Upper East and Upper West Sides surrounding Central Park. Northwest Brooklyn features two affluent regions: a stretch from Downtown to Park Slope, and the frequently discussed gentrifying neighborhoods around Williamsburg. The Bronx has been the poorest of the five boroughs for decades, and this shows in the swath of white and light blue on the map. Staten Island is less densely populated than the other four boroughs, leading to its block groups being somewhat larger in area than elsewhere in the city. BRT + bike: East Side avenues have enough space for physically separated busways and protected bike lanes. Sometime next month, reports Pete Donohue in today's Daily News, DOT intends to release detailed plans for First and Second Avenues. Unlike separated lanes, off-set lanes require camera enforcement -- and state legislation -- to function properly. A center-median BRT configuration, with a protected bike lane similar to the new path on Allen Street. Keep in mind that these are conceptual plans, and there's a great deal of flexibility in the details.

Also, don't forget that BRT enhances service mainly by reducing the amount of time buses stand still or get bogged down in traffic.
Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety.
The survey provides an amazingly comprehensive look at the demographic, social, and economic makeup of the country. Eastern Queens has slightly higher incomes than the central parts of the borough, and the western half of the Rockaways also has more affluent communities. The biggest sustainable transportation story in New York right now is how DOT and the MTA plan to design Bus Rapid Transit corridors for the East Side of Manhattan. Albany rejected bus cams last year, and even if legislators suddenly change their minds, a camera-enforced off-set configuration invites conflict. The image up top is one of two options that Transportation Alternatives is backing to deliver the maximum benefits for transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians. In both configurations, local buses would operate in the separated busway, with smaller local stations placed in the median. We have a mayor who's gone to the mat for congestion pricing, a DOT commissioner committed to safer, greener streets, and an MTA chair who's made better bus service priority number one. He has been covering the movement for safer streets, effective transit, and livable cities since 2008. Stories you can use to make your building better, keep it out of trouble, save money, enhance market value, and make your board life a whole lot easier! In this data set, for the first time, the Census Bureau has released ACS estimates at the block group level. Will we get world-class avenues that attract more riders to the bus, relieve the jam-packed Lexington subway line, make cycling safer, and enhance the pedestrian environment? It's pretty clear that off-set bus lanes, placed between curbside parking and traffic, won't qualify as world-class.
Implementing the same improvements applied to the Bx12 route on Fordham Road would only bring travel time down to 60 minutes.

Correction: In the first configuration, local bus service continues unchanged along the curbside. If New York can't pull off a visionary design for sustainable transportation now, maybe we never will. A block group for an urban area is essentially a block, a small group of blocks, or a small neighborhood. As a caveat, it should be noted that, as comprehensive as the American Community Survey is, block groups are still areas with very small populations, and so these are just estimates, subject to a fair amount of uncertainty. If so, the city will improve life for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and set a tremendous precedent in sustainable street design. Separated lanes eliminate that conflict and, paired with protected space for cyclists, invite more biking and walking. In the second, local buses would operate in the separated busway, with smaller local stations placed in the median. Previously, data at this fine geographic scale was only available from the results of the full Census, performed every ten years. If not, the standard for BRT corridors will be set low as the city starts rolling out up to a dozen more routes.
The second design can accommodate either two bus lanes in between stations, so BRT buses can pass the locals, or bays spaced at intervals for local buses to pull over and allow BRT buses to pass.
Elements like bikeway design, curbside parking, and turning restrictions on vehicles could likewise vary within the framework of these plans.

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