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Let’s assume that you are visiting NYC and need a place cheap to stay because you have an agenda set up for nonstop action. Hotel Club – This is an awesome source for looking for things to do in NYC while also checking in on hotels.
Back in 2006, some of New York City’s transit hubs used Baroque music to keep unwanted loitering down to a minimum. Pop music was the soundtrack in Pennsylvania Station until 1995, but the mix of instrumentalized Beatles songs and top 40 hits proved irritating to customers and did little to improve the station’s atmosphere, according to [Amtrak spokesman Richard] Rubel. What if urban planners started un-paving parking lots and putting up more affordable housing instead? One day, when we all get to work by bikes or zero-emissions public transit at light speed, there will be no need for parking spaces. A team of architect-fellows at the Institute for Public Architecture wants to take unused parking spots and convert them into new housing, co-working spaces, bike-share hubs, farmers markets, and more.
In theory, the idea could be applied to both private and public developments, but the architects have only focused on parking spaces owned by the city, specifically the ones attached to New York City housing projects. Still, in a city that has skyrocketing rents and a shortage of affordable housing, a project that leases public land to private interests could be viewed as a detriment, rather than a benefit, to NYCHA residents.
Part of the reason 9 x 18 generated the idea, he adds, is because of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing agenda. Considering how expensive life is in the city that never sleeps, you would be wise to try and save a buck when you get the chance.

Times Square is the quintessential New York City spot and this hotel is right in the middle of it. You might end up exhausted after a long day of meetings or sightseeing, lets get you to a hotel for FREE to cheer you up. With the technology to find the cheapest rates in garages around just about every hotel in NYC, you won’t have to search for two things at once. The switch to baroque music from pop was intended to add some much-needed gravitas to the station, he said, and to act as a deterrent against loitering. Until then, New York City zoning laws require that they exist for various residential buildings. Last week, the 9 x 18 group (named after the size of a typical parking spot) released preliminary designs illustrating what those new spaces might look like. But taking those 250 square feet and adapting them to other uses might bring back higher returns on investment, 9 x 18 argues. The reason for this, they say, is that public housing parking lots tend to be underutilized—and it can be a lot easier to get things done when the city owns the plots. Earlier this month, the team presented the idea-in-progress to a panel of urban planners, including Jeffrey Shumaker, New York City’s chief urban designer at the department of city planning. NYC Parking Authority has come to the rescue and has found all of the NYC hotels that offer free parking.
Check this site out if your looking to compare prices of different hotels in the same area or perhaps you are looking to be adventurous and wander around NYC, this site has information about every square inch of the Big Apple.

When classical music was piped into convenience store parking lots, loitering decreased, a study has shown.
But what if all that asphalt square footage could be used for playgrounds—or even new apartment units? If the average apartment is around 450 square feet, a 250-foot parking spot could serve a variety of purposes. But Golan says that the project has NYCHA residents’ interests at heart, even if the parking spaces are intended for mixed public and private use. He expressed enthusiasm for the idea, but the team plans on continuing to refine the project at the Institute for Public Architecture’s workshops going forward. By booking your room on this site, you can get 2 VIP passes for the American Museum of Natural History! Hotel guests can go skating at Rockefeller Center, stroll in Central Park or Bryant Park and shop in the Fashion District.
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