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New York City Council passed legislation making some violations like public urination, littering, making excessive noise, and turnstile jumping minor offenses. Public urination in New York City is not necessarily legal, but you won’t go to jail.
Approximately 38 percent of offenders never show up to face minor criminal charges, forcing the court to issue an arrest warrant. Currently, there are roughly 1.5 million outstanding criminal warrants that go back over thirty years. New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is in favor of lesser punishments for minor violations.
With the new rules in place, the NYPD will issue procedures outlining when law enforcement officers should use a civil or criminal penalty, depending on several factors including if a person is a repeat offender.
While Public Advocate Letitia James supports most of the bill package, she does not agree with the lesser penalty for public urination. In New York City, public urination and drinking, littering, and excessive noise are no longer punished as misdemeanors, but are still illegal.
New York City Public TransportationPublic Transportation is a good way to go in New York CityTraveling around New York can be quite confusing for the NYC tourist.
NYC Airport TravelNYC Airport Transportation is easy to use.Whether you are flying into the John F.
UnlimitedRide Tickets: these cards can be purchased for subways and buses, and also a JFK AirTrain card is available.
Sea Streak: this fast passenger service offers indoor and outdoor decks with a cash bar and restroom facilities. NY rail service is another option of public transportation primarily used to surrounding suburbs of NYC. General ServiceAmerican Mobility Rentals NYCXOOM Park NYC NYCManhattan City Music NYCLoews Regency NYCTripper Bus Service NYCWash.
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Elizabeth Glazer, director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, says the new rules will allow the city to maintain a high level of public safety, while keeping law enforcement and the courts focused on more serious crime. Of the thousands of summonses for petty crimes handed out each year, open container is by far the largest with 116,000 issued violations in 2014.
Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who initiated the new legislation, says the warrants cover about 1.1 million people.
The possibility of jail time will be eliminated for certain violations like public urination or drinking, and instead a $25 fine will be issued.
The idea behind the legalization was to actually reduce the number of people relieving themselves in public after a long night of partying. Charged with handling the civil tickets, New York City’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings will be jammed up with hundreds of thousands of new cases with offenders not likely to show up. Robert Gangi of the Police Reform Organizing Project says certain activities like littering, making loud noises, and holding an open container of alcohol are not necessarily crimes and police should not even respond. The recently passed Criminal Justice Reform Act gives police the authority to decide whether to send an offender through the civil or criminal justice system. Luckily, the NYC public transportation system is extremely efficient and can transport you to wherever you need to go. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport,  or the Newark Liberty International Airport, there are plenty of ways to get you to and from without breaking the bank. You can’t just sit in your apartment being creative, because your apartment will be the size of an elevator and will only have one never-cleaned window that looks on to a dark air shaft. You’ll spend a lot of time wandering the streets thinking of ways to make money by selling your art…or by selling anything. You obviously can’t cook in the apartment; your ‘kitchen’ is in the living room and comprises a dirty microwave with a frayed flex, an A4-sized sink, and absolutely no preparation surfaces. Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac drank here when they were truly ‘beat’, as did Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison in later years. Classical music plays in the background and there’s also a cafe you can’t afford to patronize, because their coffee is the same price as the Famous Ray’s slice that will keep you alive.
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The NYPD successfully argued that officers should have the discretion to make arrests if necessary.
The subway NYC provides is clearly the most popular, along with NY water transportation and NY City buses.Before you attempt to navigate New York City, spend a few minutes reading this, NYCtourist's New York City Transportation Guide. When it’s not busy, they don’t seem to mind artistic types mooching about getting limitless coffee top-ups either. Hang at the bar and you’ll most likely meet other artists, who will empathize with your poverty.
Here you'll find excellent resources on New York City public transportation, including a New York City bus map and tips on riding New York public transit. If you're looking for a more personalized experience, you might consider NYC car rentals or NYC limousine services.

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