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This morning we got up early and headed to the upper east side to the metropolitan museum of art.
For further reading, we recommend checking out At the Edge of a Dream: The Story of Jewish Immigrants on New York's Lower East Side, 1880-1920 byLawrenceEpstein. Central Park is an example of the Picturesque tradition in landscape design and an outgrowth of American nineteenth-century Romanticism, which put special value on nature. Following the Picturesque aesthetic of that era, the park’s landscape architects, Frederick law Olmsted (1822 – 1903) and Calvert Vaux (1824 – 1895), designed the park to resemble a series of landscape paintings depicting pastoral meadows and rustic woodlands.
The guidelines for the 1857 design competition for Central Park called for a glass house for the exhibition of tropical plants, and the Greensward Plan, the winning entry prepared by Frederick Law Olmsted (1822 – 1903) and Calvert Vaux (1824 – 1895), proposed a conservatory and ornamental flower beds at this location. Central Park’s landscapers modeled it after romantic images of nature, but they also wanted it to have a primary social space where people could congregate: a broad promenade for strolling, enjoying musical concerts, and greeting friends.
The Mall leading to the Bethesda Terrace is the single straight axis within Central Park’s Picturesque plan of gently winding paths. Although it was Olmsted’s firm opinion that the Park should be kept “as free as possible from … the incessant emphasis of artificial objects,” there was pressure to place statues of military and political heroes as well as important figures in literature and science within its green landscape. On the west side of the Mall near its terminus at the 72nd Street Cross Drive, the park’s designers placed a cast-iron bandstand. The Bethesda Terrace, as envisioned by architects Calvert Vaux (1824 – 1895) and Jacob Wrey Moul (1825 – 1886), was intended as a magnificent marriage between art and nature.
Throughout his career, the New York Realist Reginald Marsh was drawn to the seedier sides of urban life, including slum districts, strip clubs, and popular beaches.
88th Street, New York City, is near Central Park, Upper West Side, Alice in Wonderland Statue, and The Bard Graduate Center. Not because of the landing itself but because I knew I was in for a tough few days of touring before I headed off to camp in Maine. Since I was a younger kid, I could spew words onto paper and make a story about whatever I wanted.

We hope that you enjoy our many free educational materials for kindergarten through high school. The conservatory was never built, and the area configured as a floral parterre was turned into an ornamental pond instead.
William Shakespeare, a standing bronze by John Quincy Adams Ward (1830 – 1910) was erected at the southern end of the Mall in 1870. Wednesday and Saturday band concerts soon became a popular feature of park life, and people sat on benches in the shade of the elm trees or beneath the wisteria pergola on the eastern slope overlooking the Mall. Likely set at Coney Island, this sketchily painted work captures the rowdy, sexually charged atmosphere fostered by the looser social mores and more revealing bathing-suit styles that developed over the course of the 20th century. Once I had my luggage all sorted and had quickly brushed my teeth, I set off on the Airtrain towards Manhattan. Model boat racing soon became a popular activity on the Conservatory Water, so much so that the pond is more familiarly known as the Model Boat Pond.
The Central Park Conservancy’s horticultural program to combat elm disease in the park has resulted in this being one of the finest remaining stands of elm trees in the United States.
Other writers soon joined Shakespeare, and the southern end of the mall became known as Literary Walk. In 1923, this relationship between the pergola and the Mall was compromised by the addition of the Neoclassical Naumburg Bandshell in cast-concrete and Indiana limestone, but the Goldman Band concerts that occurred until the 1960s in that structure drew large crowds and the Concert Ground remained a popular venue for musical entertainment.
I woke up pretty early as I was excited, think Ben probably could of stayed in bed, but I'm not one to sit still. Author E B White (1899 – 1985) made it the setting for the memorable boat race in Stuart little (1945). Here in 1872, an organization of Scottish American installed a larger-than-life seated bronze figure of Walter Scott, the much-loved 19th century novelist, sculpted by John Steell (1804 – 1891).
The woman with arms raised alludes to a Baroque statue depicting the mythological story of Daphne fleeing the sexual advances of Apollo, and the reclining figure at right resembles classical and Renaissance images of river goddesses.

This carried me through middle school and high school, as I wasn’t the best at math or science.
We then caught the subway back to Times Square for lunch before we were due at the letterman show. Jewish immigrants often found work in the garment industry, which became centered in the Lower East Side. George Lober’s (1892 – 1961) statue of Hans Christian Anderson, which was installed on the west side of the Conservatory Water in 1956, and Jose de Creeft’s (1900 – 1982) statue of Alice in Wonderland, which was placed near its northern edge in 1959, reinforce the association of this part of the par with children’s literature. In 1880, opposite the sculpture of Scott, the Scottish Americans placed another large-scale bronze by Steell, this one of Robert Burns. Being in New York, well America, you need to make the most of the food out here, because its incredible. In 2000, the model boat pond’s concrete coping was replaced with granite and the surrounding pathways were restored. Burns wrote poems in the Scottish dialect, revived the tradition of Scottish folk songs, and is the author of Auld Lang Syne, the sentimental song of friendship, now sung to a different tune as a traditional way of ringing in the New Year.
Literary Walk also contains a bronze sculpture of New York poet Fitz-Greene Halleck (1780 – 1872), modeled by James Alexander MacDonald (1824 – 1908) in the same seated posture as Steell’s images of Scott and Burns: the position of a writer caught at the moment of inspiration. The statue of Halleck was unveiled by President Rutherford B Hayes on 1877 May 15 before a crowd of 10,000 people.

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