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The city center is always at the center of the map, and it zooms into those congested lines. All lines must run vertical, horizontal, or at 45-degree angles (again, for visual simplicity). Now if this work seems superficial, I’d urge you to read more about the science of subway mapmaking.
In the 1970s, New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority did a huge transportation overhaul. But one eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted an old map from the 1970s that shows what NY's subway system could have looked like, had the MTA gone with a different plan. There's also a K line, a U line that runs through Brooklyn all the way up to the Bronx, as well as a bizarre O line that seems to do a loop de loop at 14th street. While the map looks great, it really also shows how unsuited the bold, simplistic approach taken by the DC diagram is to a complex transit system like New York’s. Vignelli himself has said that his format disregards geography because you can’t get off between stops or, in most cases, see anything.
For now, the local maps for each station are a decent supplement, especially when embedded in an app like Exit Strategy.
I can see its limitations but I also have to say that I find the standard New York transit map puzzling when say compared to the transit maps for London, Paris or Berlin. Having studied this I confess I found this much easier to understand the complex range of services offered on the subway and less intimidating than than the Vignelli map although visually that design is a feast for the eyes.

The only change I would suggest to our current map is to have a separate line for locals and one for expresses. Of course, the MTA does have detailed bus maps available for each borough which show all major streets and include geographically accurate routings of where each subway line passes through the borough.
It would be easy enough on this example to use different bullets for express vs local stops. The colors are standardized." class="">The train lines only run specific, simplified angles.
Buses, subways, and stations were updated and modernized, bringing the city's subway system closer to what we have today. The M train starts and stops in Brooklyn and isn't affiliated with the B, D, or F, and there are more midtown cross trains, including the Q, X, and E. His site includes an explanation behind the project and a larger, zoomable version of the map as well.
Vital information that New Yorkers depend upon for daily travel is simply nowhere to be found: the distinction between local and express stations, for example, or any indication of those hugely important free transfers between certain stations.
There actually might be something to be said for that, but I suspect there is even less support for that than there is for changing from the present map. Interestingly enough there is a another map on the same website of the London Network done in the Vignelli style.
For now it will be okay, but should a time ever arise that rapid transit construction occurs in an outer borough, it won’t fit well into the map.

Distinct lines with clear, horizontal typography, are vital in conceptualizing a transit network in a glance. Striped of much of its geographical context, the map contains strong angles and bullseye station indicators. For instance, it had a lot of streets, which were in gray and it had the train lines and stations in great detail. There are a few errors in the initial draft, but it’s certainly a different take on the form and functionality of a subway map.
I do think the NYC map as is not only silly and cultured but that it takes a lot of getting used to.
This was definitely an improvement from the 1970’s when each line carried it separate color. And one of things that most confusing to them is the geographical information that IS there. NYers love making things inscrutable to the casual visitor but it’s kind of an obnoxious habit.

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