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The Giants and the Patriots may be battling it out to decide who is the best in the NFL this season, but New York City and Boston have been going head to head in the battle over Best City ever since a certain Declaration was signed. When restaurants in nearly every city in North America brag about a€?Authentic New York Style Pizzaa€? and a€?Real Coney Island Hot Dogsa€? you gotta give the edge to the Big Apple. Both are considered one of only five World Marathon Majors, but Boston lays claim to the worlda€™s oldest annual marathon. Quick: Say the word a€?subwaya€? to anyone, anywhere in the world, and which one will most people picture? One is an enduring classic cocktail enjoying a retro resurgence, and the other is most often ordered as a a€?vodka cranberrya€? by giggly sorority girls who dona€™t even know they are drinking a Cape Cod. Both are outstanding films, but while The Departed won Scorsese his first Academy Award for best director, and was one of his highest-grossing films at the box office, Goodfellas is #92 on the American Film Institutea€™s 100 Yearsa€¦ 100 Movies list and is #2 on their Top 10 Gangster Films. One is earnestly perfected by pastry chefs around the world, and the other is used by clowns to smash in each othera€™s faces.
The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, the Boston Massacre, the battles of Lexington andA  Concord and Bunker Hilla€¦ the list goes on and on and on. For years, Boston has had a freeze on building off-street parking in three neighborhoods, similar to Manhattan's Clean Air Act-driven zone below 60th Street. In contrast, PlaNYC contains almost nothing about parking policy: just a promise to increase the use of muni-meters and reduce the impact of surface lots on water quality. It’s amazing that you can park for free on nearly any side street (often pock-marked and pot-holed) in Manhattan with no limitations. PlaNYC was written by city staff and presented by the Mayor as an initiative of city gov’t.
The shared cars, like Zipcars, are allowed to park in resident parking (at least where I am), but the fact that there is NO parking on the street makes that a far less attractive option.
Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety.
Who: Delta Airlines, US Airways and JetBlue offer shuttle service between the three cities. Please note that fares vary dramatically based on availability and on the date and time of your flight. Travel Time: Depending on your route, a nonstop flight can last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, not including travel time to and from the airport or check-in.
If you're traveling on one of the shuttle services, dedicated ticket counters at the airports make check-in a breeze. US Airways and Delta shuttles operate from New York's LaGuardia Airport, the least convenient of the city's three airports if you are planning to go to Manhattan via public transportation.
Finding the best fare can be time-consuming with so many possible airport combinations, particularly if you're flying between New York and D.C.
Who: Amtrak offers both Acela Express and regional service between the three cities plus Philadelphia.
Cost: The lowest fare found on Acela Express was $198 roundtrip from New York to Boston, and $98 roundtrip on the slower regional service.
On Acela Express, "Quiet Cars" make for a comfortable and peaceful ride, and conference tables and power outlets allow passengers who wish to work to do so easily.

For travelers concerned with the environmental impact of their travel, trains are the most eco-friendly option. Regional trains are much less luxurious than the Acela Express, and they stop more frequently. With the abundance of flight options, taking the train may prove both more expensive and more time-consuming than flying.
New York has been the home to 10 of the worlds tallest buildings over the years of which half of them have now been demolished. Having completed a deep dive into average finish times by age for the Boston, New York City and Chicago marathons for a single year, it's time to step back and see how overall average finish times for these races compare between 2000 and 2013. Raymond Britt has been a pioneering senior executive in the Digital, Web Analytics and eCommerce Strategy industry since the late 1990s.
We've compiled a list of the ten best rooftop bars in the city, where there are nothing but great drinks, and gorgeous views of the city that never sleeps. Trend-seekers will love this rooftop bar at the Gansevoort, a lush lounge atop the tony hotel in the Meatpacking District. A 22,000-square-foot space atop the former Victoria Hotel, the Rooftop Garden at 230 Fifth feels like a summery escape from the city. You'll be drinking cocktails called the Great Gatsby and the Hemingway, but chances are, you won't be reading.
Hidden away in Midtown West's bustling Koreatown, Me Bar lacks the bouncers and pretentious clientele that deter some from Manhattan's rooftop bars. One of the most renowned museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has over two million works of art dating back five thousand years.
Though it's only been open December, Top of the Strand has attracted buzz due to its smart design, innovative drinks, and quietly cool clientele. With retractable glass ceilings and walls, you can enjoy the views from the top of the Kimberly no matter how the weather fares.
Berry has all the parks of a Brooklyn beer garden: fun crowds, live entertainment, tons of beers on tap, and dart boards galore. This bar atop the Rare Bar and Grill in Murray Hill seems to have everything the 'average' New York rooftop bar doesn't: large drinks, nice staff, and a laid-back clientele. Now of Gossip Girl fame, the Empire Hotel has actually been a Lincoln Square staple for over 100 years.
So we decided to pit these Northeast powerhouses against each other in everything else, and decide once and for all, which one is the best city. Thumbs-up guy Roger Ebert also called it a€?the best mob movie ever.a€? And I still cringe every time I watch Joe Pescia€™s a€?How am I funny?a€? speech. We're officially sick, and our sickness has created in us the habit of journaling during our trips so we can remember the details years later when we've gotten old and our synapses don't work as well. While DOT's pilot ParkSmart program has experimented with pricing on-street parking more efficiently in a handful of neighborhoods, the planning department and NYCEDC promote driving through zoning rules and RFPs that demand large amounts of off-street parking. State Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblywoman Joan Millman have both been moving this exact legislation forward.
US Airways does offer a shuttle from Reagan, which came in at $219.40 roundtrip with taxes on the dates we selected.

However, it is the closest airport, and the least expensive to travel to and from if you plan to take a taxi or car service.
Its distinctive facade of bronze toned I-Beams accentuates the design of the building and is very impressive!
The First worlds tallest building in New York was the New York World Building built in 1890 with the last worlds tallest building being the World Trade Center which was finished in 1987. But growing from kitchen-brewed craft beer to the second largest US beermaker, Jim Kocha€™s Boston Beer Company has to win the battle of these brews.
Many of the ideas -- green buildings, new bike infrastructure -- will look familiar to New Yorkers. In residential neighborhoods, Boston intends to start charging for residential parking permits for the first time.
The Earth Day report calls for cracking down on those permits and looking into the possibility of expanding the parking freeze in new neighborhoods. Rather than try to expand the zones where parking restrictions are strongest, New York has fought in court to evade its existing regulations. Streetsglog, I’d say check in with their officers for a full update and broader picture on this topic.
Travelers who opt to drive between the cities in an effort to save money may now be rethinking that option considering fluctuating gas prices and the maddening traffic jams that are common along the way.
JetBlue proved to be a much cheaper option; on the dates we checked, JetBlue offered flights out of New York's John F. Since the city is surrounded by water, New York has one of the largest concentrations of skyscrapers in one place, as well as having the most varied styles of skyscraper!
And of course, Hurricane Sandy led to the cancellation of NYC Marathon in 2013, and the Boston Bombing suspended the legendary marathon in 2013.
Herea€™s the only way to settle this: When youa€™re looking for something hearty on a chilly night, which would you choose? In addition, heated competition among JetBlue, Delta and US Airways has made flying a much more affordable option.
They ensured that the building would not require any (or very little) heating and cooling all year round.
The Boston plan also calls for charging much higher rates for every additional permit given to each household. Here we outline five ways to travel to the cities, including the cost, travel time, and pros and cons of each.
Word is just beginning to spread that this is the new it bar in town, so get to the Top before it loses its fresh-faced appeal.

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