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New York City’s history stretches back only a few hundred years, but we’re already seeing the weight of the burden.
The Grid, a figment of Manhattan’s history from two centuries ago, still haunts Manhattan today. You know The City, of course, the one I’ve been telling you about, the one that this semester has dwarfed my understanding of big-ness.
Sunk ten feet down into the earth, Largo Argentina is the opposite of the New York City skyscraper: it is a series of unfinished foundations. A daring move in the late nineteenth century widened a few of its principle avenues so that motor traffic could travel at a decent speed through the city center.
In ancient Rome, institutions wishing to occupy larger blocks of space than the streets allowed could petition to close a few of these streets and create ‘superblocks.’ Since the layout of streets was so redundant, closing a few streets didn’t much matter.

When we fall in love with a city we are falling in love with all its history, too – its violence, its pleasures, its diverse voices. Gelato, Italy’s famous version of ice cream, has made its way across the Atlantic to multicultural New York. Alas, nothing holds a candle to the stuff they make in Italy – like the limone and fragola flavors they made at my favorite corner shop near studio, Gelato Artigianale. This is a necessary concession when looking at say, Trump Palace (pictured here) and the other metaphors of wealth and technology that have grafted themselves onto the grid of the City.
In New York City, we take for granted that a new subway line can run unencumbered down 2nd Ave.
The same logic doesn’t hold for Manhattan: very few superblocks have ever been created there because the blocks are so large to begin with.

So far I’ve been to two delightful places in the City: Il Laboratorio del Gelato and L’Arte del Gelato.
The other one you’ve likely heard of as well, the one that some people call the Eternal City. Rome is a classic case of how old cities (and thus old ways of life) are at constant odds with new modes of being. Unfortunately, the old lady’s not the only one living in the house anymore and a few million people are now demanding more convenience.

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