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Crews are currently working to get trains running again, and there is no timetable for when service would be restored.
Wednesday morning New York City subways are experiencing major delays and disruptions due to weather and a fire at Grand Central Station. Due to signal problems at Court Square, 42 St.-Times Square bound 7 trains are running with delays in both directions. The cause of the delays was identified as an "unauthorized animal" by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's official NYCT Subway Twitter account.
The rescuers were unable to catch the frightened cat, which fled deeper into the subterranean tunnel. Chief Joseph Fox of the New York Police Department's Transit Bureau tweeted early Tuesday the cat was doing well after being rescued from the subway station.
The feline, which had apparently been trapped in the station for up to two weeks and subsisted on food thrown down the grate by witnesses, was turned over to the Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming group.
PHILADELPHIA, May 8 (UPI) -- University of Pennsylvania professor Guido Menzio was questioned on an American Airlines flight after a passenger mistook a math equation for terrorist code. ENISCRONE, Ireland, May 7 (UPI) -- A decommissioned Boeing 767 began a strange journey to its new home as it floats atop a cargo barge on the Irish sea.
MILTON, Mass., May 6 (UPI) -- A Massachusetts elementary school played host to a group of newly hatched ducklings as they paraded through the school's halls.
CALGARY, Alberta, May 6 (UPI) -- A joint investigation between Canadian law enforcement and a local prison found that methamphetamine-laced Christmas cards were being sent to inmates. BEIJING, May 6 (UPI) -- Chinese live-streaming video websites announced female broadcasters are being banned from "seductively eating bananas" as part of a crackdown on pornography. CHICAGO, May 6 (UPI) -- Federal agents in Chicago announced they seized 60 tons of a potentially dangerous substance -- illegally imported Chinese honey.
WEST MONROE, La., May 6 (UPI) -- A Louisiana middle school is being applauded for honoring a student's service dog with her own photo in the yearbook. NEW YORK, May 6 (UPI) -- An artist is planning to release about 2,000 pigeons fitted with LED lights over New York's East River.
With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updatedA A - a one-stop site for U.S. MTA New York City Transit personnel work at the scene of a G train derailment near the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station, as they attempt to restore service late in the evening of Sept. Transit officials say the front two wheels on the first car of a southbound G train derailed about 600 feet south of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station.
G train service has been suspended between Bergen Street and Bedford-Nostrand avenues in both directions. This gave me a huge headache 2X today, as I was commuting from Flatbush to Long Island Square and back.
Well if all it takes is a 2 hour delay on the B train like I had this morning to be a kaparah for ones aveiras then we are all in good shape!
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Emergency personnel remove a body from the scene of a Metro-North passenger train derailment in the Bronx borough of New York, Sunday, Dec. Viewed from Manhattan, first responders and others work near a victim next to a derailed Metro North passenger train in the Bronx borough of New York, Sunday, Dec. About 150 people were on board when the train derailed Sunday morning on the Hudson line in the Bronx. The National Transportation Safety Board said its investigators could spend up to 10 days probing all aspects of the accident that toppled seven cars and the locomotive, leaving the lead car only inches from the water at a bend in the Bronx where the Hudson and Harlem rivers meet. The NTSB said it would consider whether excessive speed, mechanical problems or human error played a role in the crash. It was the latest mishap in a troubled year for Metro-North, which had never before experienced a passenger death during an accident in its 31-year history.
As deadly as the derailment was, the toll could have been far greater had it happened on a weekday, or had the lead car plunged into the water instead of nearing it. Joel Zaritsky, who was dozing as he traveled to a dental convention aboard the train, woke up to feel his car overturning several times.
The MTA was providing shuttle buses Monday morning to ferry passengers between stops and to another rail line, but it urged riders who could work from home to do so.
NTSB board member Earl Weener said at a news conference Sunday the agency had just begun its investigation and hadn't yet spoken to the train's engineer, who was among the injured. Authorities did not yet know how fast the train was traveling but had found a data recorder, he said.
One passenger, Frank Tatulli, told WABC-TV that the train appeared to be going "a lot faster" than usual as it approached the sharp curve near the Spuyten Duyvil station. Within minutes, dozens of emergency crews arrived and carried passengers away on stretchers, some wearing neck braces. Lovell, an audio technician, was traveling from his Cold Spring home to midtown Manhattan to work on the famed Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, said longtime friend Janet Barton. Eleven of the injured were believed to be critically wounded and six more seriously hurt, according to the Fire Department. For decades, the NTSB has been urging railroads to install technology that can stop derailing caused by excessive speed, along with other problems. A rail-safety law passed by Congress in 2008 gave commuter and freight railroads until the end of 2015 to install the systems, known as positive train control.
Such systems can slow trains in some circumstances but not bring them to a halt, said Grady Cothen, a former Federal Railroad Administration safety official.
Sunday's accident came six months after an eastbound train derailed in Bridgeport, Conn., and was struck by a westbound train.
7 New York City subway train arrives in the 5th Avenue-Bryant Park Station, in Manhattan, New York, on Dec. Earlier Wednesday, the MTA issued warnings of train service disruptions along the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, N, Q, G and 7 lines .The hardest hit lines are on the 1, 2, and 3 trains. 23 (UPI) -- An "unauthorized" cat that sparked delays at a New York City subway station during an unsuccessful rescue attempt was caught in a trap the next day, police said.

Oh well, the inconvenience should be a kappara for my sins before the new year, be'ezras Hashem. Officials warned the 26,000 weekday riders on the affected line of the nation's second-biggest commuter railroad to brace for crowded trains during the morning commute. Andrew Cuomo said the track did not appear to be faulty, leaving speed as a possible culprit for the crash. Angel GonzA?lez was in bed in his high-rise apartment overlooking the rail curve when he heard the roar. After visiting an area hospital Sunday evening, Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters that the 11 who originally were critical no longer appeared to have life-threatening injuries. PTC is aimed at preventing human error a€” the cause of about 40 percent of train accidents. It now has what's called an "automatic train control" signal system, which automatically applies the brakes if an engineer fails to respond to an alert that indicates excessive speed.
Joel Zaritsky was on his way to Manhattan when his train suddenly went crashing off the rails, killing four and injuring dozens more. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security. It became known as UPI after a merger with the International News Service in 1958, which was founded in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst.
The train derailed on a curved section of track in the Bronx on Sunday morning, coming to rest just inches from the water, killing at least four people and injuring more than 60, authorities said. The train derailed on a curved section of track coming to rest just inches from the water and causing multiple fatalities and dozens of injuries, authorities said. The speed limit on the curve is 30 mph, compared with 70 mph in the area approaching it, Weener said. In their efforts to find passengers, rescuers shattered windows, searched nearby woods and waters and used pneumatic jacks and air bags to peer under wreckage.
In July, a freight train full of garbage derailed on the same Metro-North line near the site of Sunday's wreckage.
Metropolitan Transportation Authority police say the train derailed near the Spuyten Duyvil station. One car was toppled near the water.Monday morning commuters said they had come up with workarounds to avoid the closed line. Three of the dead were found outside the train, and one was found inside, authorities said.
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