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The R32s are numbered 3350a€“3949, but some cars have been re-numbered outside of this range or to different numbers in this range. The designation R32 is derived from the contract number under which the cars were purchased. A ceremonial introduction trip for the new R32 "Brightliners" cars was held on September 9, 1964, operating from the New York Central Railroad's Mott Haven Yards in the Bronx to Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. The last four cars (3946a€“3949) were delivered with Pioneer trucks and disc brakes in 1966. In 1974, cars 3700-3709 were sent to Garrett AiResearch's facilities in Los Angeles, California to have test out Flywheel energy storage system equipment. Car 3659 (since scrapped) was rebuilt as an even-numbered car and renumbered to 3348 following the loss of its even-numbered mate in an accident. From 1988 to 1990, as part of the NYCTA General Overhaul (GOH) program, the R32 cars were rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen at its shops in Hornell, New York. After refurbishment, the R32 and R32A cars were renamed R32 Phase I, R32 Phase II, and R32 GE, with the former of the three types being the only one in service today. The remaining 222 active cars are maintained at the 207th Street Yard and East New York Yards, running on the C, J, and Z, with one set assigned to the A on an as-needed or standby basis. All of the Straphangers Campaign surveys since 2010 have found that the R32s have the lowest Mean Distance Between Failures figures, as the overhauls they received during the 1988a€“89 period were all worn out after 26a€“27 years.[22] Others have criticized the R32s for their appearance and lack of comfort. A train of R32s was featured in the 2015 film Bridge of Spies, despite the fact that the film is set a decade prior to their manufacture.
In dreams, the real and the surreal interweave in a dizzying dance; elements of one exist within the context of the other. Above, is the borough of Manhattan, the other 4 are Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.
Our last trip was about 20 years ago and we wanted to see NYC one more time because of our age.
This is next level up - the ticketing and waiting lounge area; and the top level is the Street area.
Our boat is now at the Southern tip - "Battery Park" area and soon to be going up the East River. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge linking Brooklyn with Staten Island with the Atlantic Ocean a short ways beyond.
Still possible to visit by applying in advance for the pass (the office is at a different location). To allow certain boat passage, this Bridge rotates 90 degrees horizontally by a large circular gear at center. Macy's 34th Street entrance, there is another entrance on 6th Avenue at Herald Square and perhaps others. This Landmark is the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Va., across the Potomac from Washington. CSX Train Q-390 (Conrail Train NPSE) passes by Depew Station with Union Pacific SD70M #4041 shortly before our train (Amtrak Train #48) arrived.
Yours truly writing my travelogue and taking a quick phone call, yes I guess I can be officially called a train traveler in the 21st Century! Looking at part of the Albany skyline, this photo was taken just before crossing the Hudson River Bridge into Rensselaer. The Hudson River, a body of water we would all become very familiar with as we traveled towards New York City as it would now parallel the train the rest of the way. Amtrak MP15 #536 sitting in the Rensselaer Yard & Shops along with a pile of wheels and some other junk as we passed by the shops prior to arriving in Rensselaer. Looking out the window of my coach is now Train #448 that will be serviced and sent West as part of Train #49 since the Boston Section wasn't running today and was replaced by busses due to CSX Trackwork. These cars were the first mass-produced stainless steel cars built for the New York City Subway. They were the first cars to introduce all mylar route and destination rollsigns instead of the former cotton cloth or linen type rollsigns found on all older cars.
The R32s were originally assigned to the BMT Southern Division service only, initially on the Brighton Line (Q train) and the Sea Beach Line (N train), and eventually on the West End Line (T and TT trains). The R32As were funded through the proceeds of a revenue bond while the R32s were paid for out of the 1963a€“64 New York City capital budget.
Budd had bid on previous contracts with the NYCTA, but had never won a City contract for a production run of cars until the R32s, as Budd built only stainless-steel equipment and the TA refused to allow a differential in competitive bids for this higher-quality construction. Budd low-balled the price to win the contract and introduce stainless steel equipment to the modern New York City subway system, a plan that was met with limited success. The new cars were then placed into service on the Q on September 14, 1964, after their New York Central's spring-loaded under-running third rail shoes were replaced with gravity-type overrunning subway third rail shoes.
The even-numbered cars received energy conservation machinery with batteries and amber-type digital readout indicating the amount of energy used by the equipment, while the odd-numbered cars remained untouched. Car 3669 was retired following a derailment, so its even-numbered mate 3668 was rebuilt into an odd-numbered car and renumbered to 3669.
Ten R32 cars, which have since been retired, were rebuilt by General Electric in its Buffalo, New York facility.
The R32 Phase I cars (re-built by Morrison Knudsen) have WABCO Air Brake packages, GE Master Controllers, and Thermo King HVAC units.
They were intended to replace the entire fleet, but this was halted due to structural issues found on the R44s that led to those cars' retirement.
They were the oldest available rolling stock to form a realistic 10-car train for exterior filming. Evolution of New York City subways: An illustrated history of New York City's transit cars, 1867a€“1997. The song not only warms up their voices for the harmony infused set they are about to perform, it also represents the belief they have in the music they create together. An iTunes review that reads "if Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon made an album" can be attributed to ERLAND's modern meets classic sound.

Indeed, the foiling of these forces is and has always been truly fascinating, and because of the parallels they share, so too is Hunt & Chase, the debut long-player from Ontario’s Megan Bonnell.
Patrick's Cathedral, across 5th Ave., from RFC is being cleaned and reburbished - inside and outside.
I would come to find out that since the last schedule change back in April, the Dining Car no longer serves lunch.
Amsterdam is not normally a regular stop on the Lake Shore Limited but in this situation, an exception had to be made. One thing I had a slight problem with is the fact that nobody headed to New York could get off the train in Albany to take a breather.
If you’re a passenger carrying a First Class ticket, you may enter Club Acela anytime that day.
This train should otherwise be the second Eastbound train out of Depew but because our train was so late, this one was first. Amtrak Train #48 with P42DC #197 on the lead, arriving into Buffalo-Depew Station at 7:30am. These units have become commonplace here in the Northeast as regular power North and West of Albany on trains such as the Maple Leaf as well as the Adirondack.
You can photograph a lot through that small window on the door in the coach if you have a good lens! I had no idea the Hudson River was this big, of course I've never visited this area before so this was all new territory for me!
The two previous Budd orders, the BMT Zephyr and the R11 contract, were limited production orders. The two subcontracts differed only in interior lighting (R32 Interior Lighting:,[2] R32A Interior Lighting featuring backlit ad-signs[3]).
NYCTA allowed a premium for subsequent stainless steel contracts, and all subsequent equipment was at least partly constructed of stainless steel.
After rebuilding, they received Luminator flipdot signs that displayed the service letter only, since the air conditioning evaporators mounted on the interior car ends made it rather difficult to change the front route and destination signs. The R32 Phase II cars (also re-built by Morrison Knudsen) have NY Air Brake equipment, Westinghouse Master Controllers, and Stone Safety HVAC units. Cars 3352a€“3353 are preserved by the New York Transit Museum.[15] These cars were the lead set on the R32s' premiere trip on September 9, 1964.
The self proclaimed mantra embodies a collective feeling the four members of this group share, born from the unlikely assembly of a young band that has quickly accomplished so much.
Dropping Fall 2013 through Nevado Records, Hunt & Chase showcases sonic textures and lyrical themes that greatly belie her young age. The Lake Shore Limited was supposed to have arrived at 5:15am but of course, this train almost never runs on time and was delayed for various reasons as it had initially left Chicago 27 minutes late the night before. As we passed through CP-169 in nearby Hoffmans, New York, we entered the area of High-Speed Rail where 100mph speeds are allowed for a short distance. All of us still onboard were given the impression by our car host that we would get a chance to head into the station in Albany to get some food since we had no food service South of Albany. Also people who fly with Continental Airlines (an Amtrak partner), they can also use the lounge as well.
Their horizontally ribbed, shiny, and unpainted stainless exteriors earned the cars the nickname Brightliners.
However, the Budd Company never benefited from the change, as Budd failed to win further contracts from the NYCTA, and the company has since halted production of railroad cars.
During the rebuilding process, the route and destination mylar rollsigns located above the storm doors were removed and replaced with flipdot electronic route signs. Since the cars were sent out to be overhauled based on how poorly they were performing (worst first), there are R32s and R32As rebuilt in both Phase I and Phase II configurations.
Cars 3350a€“3351 have also been set aside for preservation by the Railway Preservation Corp.
From recording a fan funded full length album, to self-funding a nationwide tour, ERLAND can’t help but feel their future is bright and they are in complete control. The album is rooted in the real and organic – a very transparent take on subtly strummed guitar chords accompanied by a smoky, sophisticated voice; however, that core is often enveloped in a surreal, dream-like space that boldly and beautifully blurs the lines between asleep and awake – sometimes from song to song and sometimes within the same one.
I’ll elaborate a bit on connections, first, Amtrak normally will guarantee a connection if the two trains are more than an hour apart. This line is primarily used by Amtrak since CSX Freights switch onto the CSX Selkirk Subdivision (Conrail Selkirk Branch) at CP-169. I decided that I had to have something to drink, so after we left Albany with our new engine, I walked back to the Dining Car to find the crew finishing their paperwork for the day and asked if they had any leftover pop from last night in Chicago. Meanwhile, GE-rebuilt cars 3594a€“3595 were moved to Floyd Bennett Field for anti-terrorism training, and cars 3786-3787 are being used as training cars at the Coney Island Yard.
They must be 90 minutes apart if you’re coming from a Long-Distance Train and connecting to a local train on the Northeast Corridor. They always used to serve lunch and there almost always was a line of people who wanted it, therefore, the demand is there, the crew is on the train anyway, so why can’t they deliver the product?
We arrived into Schenectady at 1:45 pm and only had to let off 2 passengers so our stop was rather brief.
They did, so I bought a Diet Pepsi for $1.50 and drank it in the Dining Car while I had a quick chat with our new conductor who told us this would be the fastest part of the trip since we no longer had freight traffic tying us up.
There are a couple computers with High-Speed Internet access available, plus a meeting room that can be reserved for small business meetings. I found out that Train #48 was due into Depew at 7:20am, 2 hours and 5 minutes late, so I picked up a bottle of Snapple at the station and headed outside to the platform where I had a nice chat with 2 passengers visiting the United States from England. However, I would come to find out later on that the car’s exterior is now in Phase IVb Paint, so only its interior was not refurbished. If you miss a guaranteed connection, Amtrak will then make every effort to get you where you’re going. After leaving Schenectady, we got slowed down again for another speed restriction before crossing the Hudson River and turning South towards Rensselaer, home of the new Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station.

We must have shot up to almost 100mph between Albany and Hudson, and I began to take some notice of the beautiful scenery along the Hudson River. Rich called me again as we were paralleling the West Side Highway which had bumper-to-bumper traffic for as far as the eye can see since it was now around 5:20pm, typical afternoon drive time.
We talked for a few minutes before I headed down the platform to get into position to photograph our train when it would eventually arrive.
Sometimes, one must have a backup plan in place in case a connection is missed as this will generally change someone’s itinerary. Passing by the Rensselaer Yard and shops, a few switchers as well as a couple P40’s were parked outside along with one Turboliner Set.
I pulled out my Camera and took some slides of the many beautiful bridges that span the Hudson, truly amazing. It still continued to rain as we were now riding through upper Manhattan going in and out of tunnels and several street overpasses. CSX Train Q-390 switched to Track #1 before passing the station so that Train #48 would be able to pull into the station.
Basically, my backup plan just simply involves riding a later train to Boston, as I said before, no big deal.
On the way to Utica, we had numerous speed restrictions and freight traffic to contend with (par for the course for CSX!). As I had predicted, our car really did empty out after Albany as there wasn’t more than a dozen people still left in my coach.
Finally, we entered the tunnel into Penn Station and switched to the 3rd rail electric power the rest of the way into the station, with the electric power in the coaches going out periodically.
We just simply kept losing more and more time, though I really didn’t notice too many people complaining all that much, just making lots of cell phone calls. They decided to break the train there, and the Boston Section, which was on the front end, would split from the New York Section, then switch track and eventually be parked on the Main Track (Track closest to the station building) where its passengers would get off.
Only one passenger was getting off in Croton-Harmon with the rest of us headed to New York.
I was seated with 2 passengers from Chicago on their way to New York who were also riding in Coach. My friend Rich Heise called me while we were sitting in Utica and I told him what had happened thus far that we were late but it really didn’t bother me. That section of the train would then be serviced and turned around as it would join Train #49 on its way up from New York and run back to Chicago tonight. At CP-75, our tracks began control under Metro-North Commuter Railroad for the next 63 miles.
I exited my coach and took the elevator up to the main concourse of Penn Station, only to find that it was a complete zoo inside! Breakfast was delicious as always and the server had remembered me from a previous trip and shook my hand when I told him this was my 5th Amtrak Trip so far this year! After a 9 minute stop in Utica, we left at 12:12pm, now running 3 hours and 22 minutes late.
In the short term, this would save Amtrak half a train set since they weren’t running the Boston Section of the train due to CSX Trackwork.
The first commuter train I saw was in Poughkeepsie as we now would be riding past all the Metro-North stations from here to CP-12 where we would switch tracks and go over the Spuyten Duyvil bridge over the Hudson and take Amtrak Trackage to Penn Station (Metro-North's trackage goes to Grand Central Station).
Shortly after leaving Utica, I heard the call that the crew was coming close to its 12 hours of service and had to soon outlaw.
I immediately sought shelter in the lovely Club Acela as I was now a First Class Passenger who would be boarding an Acela Express train. We all chatted for about 20 minutes before we arrived in Rochester where I headed back to my coach to get out my laptop and head back into the Café Car to start writing my travelogue.
The decision was then made for the crew to outlaw at Amsterdam and a relief crew board there and take us to Albany where we would get our regular crew to New York. The ticket agent in Club Acela quickly exchanged my ticket for the next train, #2170 that would depart at 6:00pm. There were a couple passengers sitting across from me, one working on her laptop using 2 different cell phones to make calls and get online, and the other trying to sell people some kind of internet service, that of which he gave me a brochure on.
It was unclear at that point if the Café Car would still be on the train once we left Albany. I then stored my luggage and had a couple glasses of Diet Pepsi while I chatted briefly with a few other passengers.
We all had a quick chat, and the passenger using her laptop was able to connect to the internet and conduct business on the train, something unheard of as little as 10 years ago! I was told by the bartender that it wouldn’t be but then an announcement was made that it would, I later found out it was in fact part of the Boston Section of the train and would not be with us when we left Albany as I had originally thought. A few people including the train crew got to see parts of my web site when I showed it to them, as I had it stored on my laptop.
Near Milepost 203, we had to sit again for about 10 minutes to wait for another freight to pass us, like we haven’t seen this already before!
As I wrote my travelogue I noticed that CSX is doing a serious amount of trackwork East of Rochester as we got hit with several speed restrictions, as well as stoppages due to freight traffic.
I decided after we left Utica to get my now Window Seat as the passenger sitting next to me had gotten off, and plug in my computer to further write the travelogue.
I could see that there would be a large number of people getting off in Albany so this car would empty out since no local passengers board at Albany on this train.

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