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In 2006, the number of commuters taking the subway in New York City reached its highest point since 1952- however, in the same year the subway network actually decreased by 8 miles of service. By the year 2030, New York City is expected to be populated by nearly one million more residents, get 750,000 new jobs and receive millions more visitors. The average percentage of New Yorkers using public transportation in all 5 boroughs, is about 55%.  However, as the data shows, currently, Richmond, Queens and Bronx counties are lagging behind in the percentage of total people who use public transportation.
The current New York City Subway map clearly shows the lack tracks in a large part of Queens and Brooklyn, and even some parts of Bronx. A major problem that particularly affects Queen’s residents is not necessary the absence of access to lines, but the uneven ticket fares and prices.
PlaNYC plans to improve service to areas of Queens and the Bronx- including an additional station at Sunnyside Yards (Long Island City) as a central base to make it easier for additional trains to serve stations in eastern Queens. The plan also hopes to extend service in Manhattan due to high demands and continue the 7 train to reach the Javits Center and pass through fast-growing areas. The 4 and the 5 lines are 110% and 108% capacity, the 2 and the 3 lines are at 106% and 101% capacity, the 6 is at 98% capacity, and the 1, A and C lines are operating between 84% and 87% capacity. Congestion Pricing is the idea of charging drivers a daily fee for entering the Central Business District during business hours (6am to 6pm on weekdays) to discourage driving, while promoting these drivers to take mass transit. Although the PlaNYC lays out an optimistic detailed plan of new subway lines and extended service, the costs of these initiatives are steep and the budget to ensure these changes is not guaranteed. The Bronx was the first borough to install a Bus Rapid Transit route in June 2008 and Brooklyn’s BRT service will be introduced between late 2008 and 2011. The BRT was previously funded through the Urban Partnership Agreement (UPA) between the City and the U.S. The DOT and the MTA are working together to implement Transit Signal Priority (TSP) in at least 223 locations, allowing buses to move faster by having to stop at fewer red signals.
The DOT completed the redesign of three bus stops located under an elevated subway line.  One location is at 20th Avenue and 86th Street in Brooklyn.
The DOT implemented an improved interface between the subway station and the surrounding sidewalks at Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. Congestion Pricing coupled with MTA changes and extensions to essential areas seems like the solution to increasing public transportation and decreasing depence of private transportation in the city. MONTCLAIR -- What was expected to be a red-letter day for Montclair area residents -- the running of the first weekend trains to New York City on Sunday -- instead ended up leaving NJ Transit officials red-faced, at least to start.

Early trains were sent to the wrong track, forcing crowds of passengers to race to the other platform. At another point, as a train carrying passengers was held up at the signal, the connecting train that was supposed to take them to Manhattan whizzed past, leaving some passengers stuck for an hour until the next train arrived.
NJ Transit Executive Director Richard Sarles said the dispatching problem was corrected during the afternoon.
A bus took some of the stranded passengers from the Newark Broad Street station to Newark Penn Station, where they got a quick connection to New York. The long-awaited weekend train service takes riders from Montclair, Glen Ridge and Bloomfield to New York City. Riders are able to connect at Newark Broad Street to Midtown Direct service to New York or to points west on the Morris & Essex Lines. The trip from Bay Street to Newark takes 13 minutes, with the trip to Hoboken another 20 minutes. Phil Craig, a rail proponent from Montclair, made six round-trips between Bay Street and Hoboken on Sunday as he observed the first day of the weekend rail service.
Craig said he hoped in the not-too-distant future, trains would run every hour on the weekends and that the service would extend to Montclair State University.
From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need! There were two trains: the four-car Low Voltage train, which ran until the late 1960s, and the “Train of Many Colors," which operated from the late 1960s until 2001. Google also celebrated the anniversary, offering a virtual tour inside the New York Transit Museum, where you can see what the subways looked like throughout the century.
A general view of the New York Transit Museum's 11th Annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Station on November 19, 2012 in New York City. Today, the transit system is plagued with two serious problems- it fails to provide access to too many New Yorkers, and lines in service face increasing congestion resulting in delays and unpleasant commuting experiences. Taking a closer look at the transportation systems and patterns of the three boroughs- the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn will bring us closer to answer (Manhattan can be excluded firstly because of its lack of area compared to the other three counties, and the fact that it is the business center, while the other three are mainly residential; in addition, Staten Island can also be excluded because it is much more suburban than the other three counties and realistically, it is more kin to suburban areas of Long Island than the urban culture seen in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx). Many areas of Queens are not covered by the subway lines, but instead included as part of the LIRR.
The plan also looks to extend Metro North service to new stations providing residents of Co-op City and Hunts Point with fast, direct rides to West Harlem.

Also, a new 10th Avenue Subway Station will meet a strong, emerging need at West 41st Street. The problem with promoting mass transit occurs when the mass transit system is at, or nearing, its limit.
This aims to reduce congestion, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and raise money for expanding the MTA lines to accommodate for all the new “converted” pubic commuters. Congestion pricing in particular aims to reduce congestion, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and raise money for expanding the MTA lines to accommodate for all the new pubic commuters.
Trains operate about every two hours on a portion of the Montclair-Boonton Line to and from Hoboken, with stops at Bay Street in Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Watsessing Avenue, Newark Broad Street and Hoboken. An off-peak, round-trip fare from Montclair to Newark is $2.75, before connecting to Midtown Direct. The Yankees fan noted that 22,000 people took NJ Transit trains to and from the New York Yankees victory parade in Manhattan on Friday.
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The solution is clearly expansion, and the revenue for that expansion is expected to come from tolls collected from congestion pricing. Similar plans, though controversial, have already seen success in London and Stockholm, so it is a viable option for our city! The running of the first weekend trains from Montclair to New York City did not run as smoothly as NJ Transit officials hoped. NJ Transit added six midday train departures to help the crowds get home, and the agency’s website had 90,000 hits. Although the $7.60 ride takes almost half the time, most commuters do not choose to take the LIRR lines due to the price tag. This suggests that economic factors do influence commuter choices, but also suggests that despite median income values, commuters tend to select the cheapest alternative- over saving commuting time.

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