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MTA New York City Transit is the largest public transportation agency in North America and one of the largest in the world. English: The New York City Transit Authority (MTA New York City Transit, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of NY) provides local bus, express bus, subway, bus rapid transit, and paratransit service in the City of New York.
The responsibilities include assisting in the preparation, planning, analysis and milestone review of NYC Transit’s multi-billion dollar, five-year capital program and evaluation of capital project proposals. Interested candidates must apply by December 23, 2013 by going here and selecting Job ID # 77783. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Recent PostsAudio: Interview with the whizkid who led MIT team to first place in the Hyperloop pod competition Disruptions ahead for automotive industry? Members of MTA New York City Transit’s Eagle Team joined with members of New York’s Finest to erase a graffiti vandal who had trespassed into a Bronx subway yard shortly after midnight on Monday and spray painted a pair of subway cars as they sat waiting for the morning rush period. Further investigation and comparison of tags indicated a possible match to an earlier incident of vandalism at another location in the yard. On a scale of one to ten, a bride-to-be's loss of an engagement ring has to be right up there at the top.
The ring's owner used the Transit Lost and Found webpage to notify the unit of her loss and soon a match was made.
Bonner oversees a staff of seven as they continually log in items and deal with sometimes, very distraught customers. Nowadays, electronics top the list of lost items – kindles, nooks, ipads, and smartphones are turned in daily. For some unknown reason, empty animal carriers are turning up more and more on buses and subways.

At the beginning of the school year, tons of backpacks with tons of textbooks were left on buses and subways by forgetful school children. Likewise, Bonner has a liaison with the Department of Education for forgotten musical instruments.
The Transit's Lost Property Unit is located on the ACE line at 34th Street-Penn Station (8th Avenue) on the lower mezzanine.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is celebrating the 110th anniversary of the New York City subway system with two days of opportunities for the public to take the train as generations of customers have done in the past. To give customers a trip to the past, NYCT will run two vintage trains express along the Broadway 123 Line between 96 St and Times Sq-42 St.
Bombardier Transportation announced that it has signed a contract for 300 subway cars with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to be delivered to New York City Transit (NYCT). The new cars (known as the R179 series) will be built at Bombardier’s fully-integrated manufacturing plant in Plattsburgh, New York. If you wish to learn more about the inner working of the largest agency, and have fun while doing it, then you should apply for an opening for a full time Associate Staff Analyst position with the Capital Planning and Budget group at MTA New York City Transit. The Analyst will support the economic cost-benefit analyses of selected capital projects and will participate in the preparation of the Twenty Year Needs Assessment as well as funding considerations within the five year capital program. Luckily, it was turned in to the station booth and sent to New York City Transit's Lost Property Unit. The date, time, place and description (she even had a photo) all matched and she was happily reunited with her special ring. But there have been a lot more happy customers, as Bonner and his team are finding more ways to get things back to their owners. Bonner says, “Seems like people are taking the animals out and then walking off leaving the carrier under the seat.” Happily, so far, no animals have been left behind.

If Bonner and his team can't find the child's name, they look for the school's name on the text books and contact the school. One train will consist of four Low-Voltage subway cars that were in service until the late 1960s. The Plattsburgh facility is located in New York State’s North Country region and is Bombardier’s Centre of Excellence for rolling stock production in the United States.
Check out the job description for more information on Qualifications and Selection Methodology. Many of the flutes, violins and trumpets that are turned in are held for a time and then auctioned off along with many of the other unclaimed items. That four-track line ran under Park Avenue South to Grand Central, across 42nd Street to Times Square, and up Broadway to 145th Street.
But take heart, there are good people out there and NYC Transit has a top-notch team whose top priority is reuniting forgetful bus and subway customers with their lost belongings. Depending on their value, items are kept anywhere from three months to three years and then auctioned off in lots by Transit's Asset Recovery Unit. The other train, known as the “Train of Many Colors,” is made up of R33 and R36-type subway cars that were in service between the 1960s and 2001.
An example of such cars, which were known as SMEE for their braking system, is the so-called “redbird” cars that many New Yorkers are familiar with.

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