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Monday's protest brought together a broad and diverse coalition of people and organizations united against this awful legislation. CWA President Larry Cohen and leaders of ver.di, the union representing workers at T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, talked with German media about the unprecedented legal decision that found T-Mobile US guilty of nationwide labor law violations.
This week, ver.di Chairman Frank Bsirske is submitting a petition to the German Bundestag, or parliament, for organizing neutrality and the respect of workers' rights at Deutsche Telekom sites abroad.
National Labor Relations Board judge Christine Dibble ruled in March that T-Mobile US engaged in nationwide labor law violations that were directed from the very top of the company in Bellevue, Wash. Below: The Populism 2015 Conference brought together a dynamic group of activists, across ages, races and genders, committed to combating climate change, addressing racial and gender inequality, raising wages and getting big money out of politics. In addition to CWAers, activists from the Amalgamated Transit Union and the Postal Workers Union joined the weekend meetings and actions. As CWA workers at AT&T Midwest and Legacy T continue to work without contracts, mobilization is in full swing to support the bargaining committees. The contracts covering about 13,000 District 4 AT&T Midwest workers and about 4,500 Legacy T workers, members of Telecommunications and Technologies. New York Times reporter Eric Lipton, with Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Washington Bureau Chief Carolyn Ryan looking on, is a 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner.
In addition to the top awards, individual Guild members and Guild-represented staffs accounted for more than half of the finalists, two in each of the 14 Pulitzer categories. Activists from CWA and Public Citizen protested outside the Dirksen Senate Office Building Wednesday as the U.S.
CWA Colorado Political Director Dave Felice collaborated with Sam Schabacker, the Western Region Director for Food & Water Watch, on an editorial in which they urged Rep.
Young workers from IUE-CWA 1140 hit the streets in Minneapolis with the "TPP Grim Reaper" to raise awareness that the TPP is an American job killer! Before going out to talk to the public in downtown Dayton, OH, about the importance of manufacturing jobs and fighting the TPP, IUE-CWA Local 755 young members played host to U.S. Young workers and elected leaders from IUE-CWA Local 761 in Louisville, KY hit the streets to spread the word about the TPP! The local Fox50 News Station was on hand last week, to report on a news conference by activists in Raleigh, NC, calling on U.S. CWA and coalition partners such as Bold Nebraska and environmental groups braved a torrential downpour on Saturday to hold a rally marking Earth Day in Omaha outside the office of U.S. More than 100 activists from CWA, Sierra Club, New York State AFL-CIO and Working Families Party picket outside of Rep. AFR, the leading voice for Wall Street accountability in Washington, argued that the TPP's expansion of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) poses a significant threat to financial regulations in the United States and around the world. Congress also felt pressure from 30 organizations representing a wide range of AAPI organizations.
Signers included the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, Boat People SOS, National Asian Pacific American Student Coalition of the United States Student Association, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center. Tonight, in Cleveland, OH, labor, environment, and community groups will again gather in a town hall to urge U.S.
Remember that time two Democratic presidential candidates had a nationally-televised debate in New York City and barely said anything about transit?
This week Bernie Sanders was endorsed by the Transport Workers Union and the Amalgamated Transit Union. Nationally, the Democratic base is heavily concentrated in urban areas, and right now the candidates are vying for votes in the state with far and away the most transit riders. And yet there was no acknowledgment on stage of how transit can strengthen cities or reduce economic inequality, the dominant theme of the campaign.

Even though this is the most relevance NY has had in presidential politics in ages, they probably still see themselves, right or wrongly, as performing for a national audience for whom transit is a niche issue.
It’d be nice to know they at least generally want to expand transit, but I have trouble believing either would know details. The fact is that the skew towards cars only transportation is one of the major causes of poverty in the US.
Presidential candidates discussing the New York subway is about as useful as New York mayoral candidates discussing the death penalty, a question which is outside the mayor’s bailiwick. Lack of federal funding for the subway will continue to exist so long as we have a Congress which gives sparsely populated flyover states disproportionate representation. Short of a change in the constitution which increases representation for heavily populated coastal states I’m not seeing any fix. Um, the federal government, which the executive branch has a wee part in, exercises a tremendous influence over mass transit funding. Would it have been useful for Bernie or Hillary to address the hyper-local dynamics of the MTA’s funding or its capital projects? Or, if we are looking at major constitutional change, how about the USA becoming a parliamentary democracy like virtually every advanced country in the world.
Dporpentine and Simon – You make a good point in saying that the candidates should have addressed transport priorities, due to this being key to the kinds of development that we have in the future all around the country. Or put another way… the lack of Federal Obamacare did not stop MA from implementing universal health care on the state level. The neocons of course will continue to spend lavishly on both the military and roads even if they cut out every other federal program entirely. Sometimes I think NYC becoming a city-state along the lines of Singapore would be the best answer.
Sanders didn’t pivot from economic justice but (as noted) included it in the discussion of climate change. I think we as a nation are still in denial of the fact we’re becoming increasingly urban. Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety. The National People's Action (NPA), a network of grassroots organizations across the country that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda, organized the rally and march with Campaign for America's Future, Alliance for a Just Society and USAction. Deutsche Telekom no longer can wash its hands of T-Mobile US's conduct, they said, noting that Deutsche Telekom had long insisted that the company did abide by American laws. It will ask the German government to exercise its shareholder powers and investigate Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile. Charles Rangel (D-NY 13th District), Terri Sewell (D-AL 7th District), Al Green (D-TX 9th District), G.
It was a dynamic meeting of activists, across ages, races and genders, who are committed to combating climate change, addressing racial and gender inequality, raising wages and getting big money out of politics.
Louis Post-Dispatch, the gifted Buffalo News editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis and New York Times reporter Eric Lipton are among the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners.
Louis Post-Dispatch newsroom erupts as the photo staff was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography on Monday, April 20, 2015. Richard Shorter, IUE-CWA Division Lead Activist for Next Gen, led the day of action for young IUE-CWA members. Under ISDS, foreign banks and investors would be able to skip traditional court systems and directly sue national governments in international tribunals made up of for-profit arbitrators, rather than full-time judges.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the groups wrote, "We are very concerned about the unprecedented level of secrecy that negotiations have been conducted in. Yes, they both lack an urban agenda, but I think the blame lies with the moderators for not bringing them to task on it. Pivoting from a question about economic justice to a discussion of urban transit issues would just never occur to them. This wasn’t a huge problem until the Republican party was taken over by the cut taxes and government crowd in the 1980s. In the part that I saw, Clinton was challenged directly by Wolf Blitzer and a moment later by Sanders himself to state whether she does or doesn’t support taxing carbon emissions. We may need to increase local taxes but we’ll be free from sending money to the state and federal governments. That’s especially true of our leadership who largely lives in suburbia and drives everywhere.
Trade Representative office building in a full-throated protest against the trade agenda that the nation's corporations are trying to ram through Congress. NPA had just concluded its Populism 2015 Conference, attended by more than 700 of its activists and 75 CWAers.
Chamber of Commerce, heard from union leaders outside the AFL-CIO, then marched to the office of the U.S. Eliot Engel (D-NY) and county-elected officials and groups like Food & Water Watch, Mount Vernon United Tenants and the Working Families Party. When states like NY no longer have to fund massive highway expansion in flyover states they’ll have a lot more money for transit. Her answer was classic Clintonian evasion along with wrapping herself in small-bore policies and pretending they’re solutions. Wodehouse’s delightful Jeeves novels, Bertie Wooster recalls Jeeves having recited that very section. Every administration pushing those deals told critics about all the jobs that would be created. In California, the city councils of Berkeley and Richmond have both passed resolutions declaring themselves TPP-free zones.
Of course, the end result of my proposal is middle America will likely end up a religious theocracy full of poverty and ignorance. Bertie often double-checks with Jeeves to make sure that he (Jeeves) is remembering it correctly. About 20 activists representing CWA, National Organization for Women, Witness for Peace Southeast, Workers' Right Project at NC Justice Center, and Food & Water Watch turned out for the press conference, then marched to Rep. Frankly, not my problem since they’re the ones picking leaders who will bring them to that. I personally find this incredible given that urban transportation policy affects far more people than a lot of other issues which were forced to the forefront like gay marriage, the $15 minimum wage, reproductive rights, etc.

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