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Sometimes called the "center of the universe", New York City is renowned for its landmarks, international influence, wealth, and diversity.
New York's Central Park has gone from one of America's greatest parks to a metaphor for urban blight and now back to a haven in the midst of chaotic Manhattan.
Several members of the Devious Demons decided to go to team member nycdmc70's birthday party in New York, and while they were there they did some sightseeing. New York City, long known for its desolate mountains, icy fjords and "midnight sun", is of course a major Scandinavian outpost, but Nordic influence has not extended to all parts of the Apple. This quiz is devoted to the many wonderful and diverse neighborhoods of the great borough of Brooklyn.
Most know that Manhattan is an island, but there are many smaller islands that are also part of New York City.
Manhattan, the home of the Empire State Building, and my birthplace, is surrounded by the East, Harlem and Hudson Rivers.

I will describe certain landmarks, locations, and distinct characteristics of specific locations on the island of Manhattan and the boroughs of New York City. A tribute to the Big Apple and all the wonderful fun places that make New York City the city that never sleeps. Event Details: The launch of a new weekly after work Thursday happy hour at Horus on Avenue B. Specials: Happy hour specials include $15 hookah, $3 beer, wine, sangria and $5 champagne cocktail specials.
Cover: Free but RSVP your team name (limit 6 members) by messaging You Ain’t Got The Answers on Facebook.
Along the way, you're sure to learn some interesting information about the greatest city in the world! Previous themes include 90’s, spelling bee, back to high school, famous sitcoms, movies, and sports.

The event caters to young professionals and the like interested in great music, food, drink specials, and hookah. Think you know everything there is to know about ‘The Wire?’ Can you name the exact breed of the two White House dogs? YAGTA is a night of fellowship for anyone who has ever bragged about their Jeopardy skills.

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