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For the purpose of examining the connection between the growth in payroll jobs and changes in the unemployment rate, it is useful to separate periods of modest job growth from periods of strong job growth with a distinguishing value or threshold. Over the past 22 years, New York City experienced periods of strong over-the-year job growth associated with substantial reductions in its unemployment rate. Longitudinal surveys help us understand long-term changes, such as how events that happened when a person was in high school affect labor market success as an adult. The Spotlight examines how earnings and wages have changed over time and how they differ within a geographic area, industry, or occupation. Other Latino groups most frequently hold managerial-professional jobs in central upstate New York.
Buffalo poverty rates are also very high and, as we have seen, average incomes are quite low there. This is the predominant pattern, although it is not always true for each Latino group in each city.

The city also experienced periods of strong over-the-year job growth coupled with persistent high unemployment, as was the case during its most recent period of economic recovery. Until October 2010, over-the-year job growth was relatively modest, remaining below 1.5 percent. The analysis begins by placing the unemployment rate and the growth of nonfarm jobs in their historical context.
The aim is to identify other periods in which strong job growth coexisted with persistent high unemployment.
Then the labor force participation rate and the employment–population ratio are examined to see if they shed light on the inertia in the unemployment rate. This period of strong job growth with persistent high unemployment was not unprecedented, as strong job growth and high unemployment were also experienced from December 1996 to May 1998. The unemployment rate and the count of nonfarm jobs are based on two different surveys, of households and business establishments, respectively.

The two surveys have different concepts of employment, making it difficult to infer that increases in nonfarm payroll jobs will translate into proportional increases in the number of employed city residents.
The persistence of high unemployment during that timespan reflects the persistence of the near-recessionary level of the employment-population ratio combined with a relatively high unemployment rate.These data come from the Current Employment Statistics (State and Metropolitan Area) and Local Area Unemployment Statistics programs.
The employment-population ratio is the proportion of the civilian noninstitutional population 16 years of age and over with a job.

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