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We had breakfast in bed and enjoyed every minute we could just enjoying the view, the light, and the movement of the city below.
We were told to grab drink at Little Branch by the guys at White Whale, but since it was closed our friend, Anna had us meet her at Pegu instead and I have to say we were not disappointed at all by what we had mixed up for us. Since we were in the area and are total juice freaks we also checked out Butcher’s Daughter as well. During our time there for the meetup we had tons of great events such as spending early Saturday hanging at the headquarters of Shoptiques on Broadway, but between sessions Kate Arends and I snuck off for some much needed retail therapy on Prince and Spring Street.
The night before we left we ending our evening at The Mercer Kitchen for an amazing experience. Before leaving NYC we ended our time with an awesome brunch with Anna and Brandon at their apartment (it is seriously so amazing and cute!!).
NYC is the perfect opportunity for the study in contrast that these black and whites offer. My husband and I actually went to New York for our honeymoon last fall and loved every minute!
All of the three times I’ve been to New York City have been quick, whirlwind trips not lasting longer than a weekend, and this trip was no different. In high school I was an AFS exchange student in Denmark for a year, and while on exchange made some very fast and close friendships with other exchange students in the program from all over the world.
Our friend Busi from South Africa was in the states and kicked off the reunion in New York City idea, and when three other friends joined in, I decided I had to go. I arrived at 8:00 AM on a very uncomfortable Delta red eye night flight from Seattle, with the tiniest seats, most constricted leg room, and a screaming baby and toddler two rows behind me.
Slightly delirious and ecstatic to exit the plane, I found my way to the air train to Jamaica Station.
Once refreshed, it was time to meet up with my friends, who were all arriving in early afternoon. It took about an hour to get to the Times Square Marriott where most of my friends were staying (there are two Times Square Marriott hotels, by the way, I found that out the hard way).
Design interpretations aside, it was a sobering spectacle seeing the footprints of the towers and remembering the news footage from that day.
We walked around the corner to the Fish Bar at 237 E 5th St, which had a nice perfect-sized table for all six of us in the corner.
After several rounds of beers and lots of catching up and reminiscing, it was getting later and time to find some food. The small-plate tapas were perfect, so those of us still semi-full from lunch could get a small bite, and those who were hungry could order a bit more.
We called it a night at 11:00, so that we would have energy for some sightseeing the next day.
Keith had to go hunting for a new apartment that day, so we made breakfast together and then parted ways.
We had decided we wanted to be tourists and see the Statue of Liberty, and Keith suggested taking the Staten Island ferry instead of the Statue of Liberty boat. If you aren’t hell bent on going up in the crown or seeing the Statue of Liberty up close and personal, you can get a great view including the Manhattan skyline from the Staten Island ferry, which departs every half hour on the half hour. When we got on the Staten Island ferry, it was clear that everyone else seemed to have the same idea we did. On the ferry back to Manhattan, I was able to get a couple good shots of the passing ferry going the opposite direction from the main level front of the boat.
My friends staying in Times Square wanted to go back to their room to change before we went out to dinner, so we headed back to their hotel to charge phones, chill, and let them change clothes. Just a half block down from Sing Sing we came upon the Pyramid Club, which Keith was trying to steer us towards.
I flew back on a 2:00 PM direct flight to Seattle on Jet Blue, which is now my favorite airline. Though the actual America's Cup, the most prestigious trophy in sailing,A will not be contested until next year, the lead-in "Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series" marks the first time the CupA has returned to the New York harbor since 1920. Artemis RacingThe individual races are about 20 minutes in length and held on a tight course close to landA a€” a big change from the hours-long offshore races more typical of the America's Cup.

Since the 2013 Cup, races are competed onA twin-hulled catamarans that use foils to lift themselves out of the water and travel at more than two and a half times the speed of the actual wind.
They are immense vehicles, largely constructed of carbon fiber and brimming with enough technology to make a NASA engineer blush. First-time viewers should erase their preconceptions about the sport of sailing, Outteridge said. Emirates New Zealand, who as the 2013 America's Cup challenger very nearly beatA Oracle Team USA, currently leads the series, ahead of Oracle by just six points. Outteridge said the team has been getting as much practice in the light winds as they can at their home base in Bermuda, but he hopes aA windy course in New York will suit their strengths.
The results of the World Series races will determine seeding in the 2017 Cup, and give the teams plenty of opportunity to practice before the main event. Artemis RacingArtemis Racing, SoftBank Team Japan, and Cup Defender Oracle Team USA scrimmaging in Bermuda.
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It was such a treat to stay right in the heart of Soho and be inspired by all the great fashion, shops, and restaurants. We rushed through it with our limited time slots, but we did manage long enough to stop for a quick bite at Oficiana Latina for a beer and some guac. The whole environment was a little like a more relaxed version of being a chef show almost. We sat on the terrace and drank coffee in the sun and ended our trip with good friends before leaving for the airport. As much as I am attracted to colourful popping imagery I do still have a soft spot for the good old black and white photography. Do you make hand lettered brush type or you purchased is elsewhere, please let me know if you’re selling typefaces.
A reunion with long lost friends, riding the Staten Island Ferry, seeing the sights, good food, drinks, and dancing.
This trip was a bit spontaneous, as some long lost friends of mine planned a quick reunion in New York City where our mutual friend Keith lives. With the exception of my good friend Keith, most of us have not seen each other since we parted ways 18 years ago. I was able to stay with Keith in Brooklyn, which helped with expenses (and was a lot more fun than a hotel). The square fountains are in the footprints of the original towers, with water running down the sides and into a smaller square hole in the middle. While the trees around it could symbolize renewal and growth, the main focus is two giant black holes with water disappearing to small drain-like holes in the middle. There wasn’t much light or anywhere to sit, so we decided to move on in search of a good place to have drinks and catch up. There are lots of funky little bars and restaurants, all oozing with character and ambiance. We made our way down 2nd Ave and stumbled upon a little tapas restaurant called Bar Virage. I took the J train from Brooklyn down to the end of the line at Broad Street to meet up with everyone else at the Staten Island ferry terminal. The Staten Island ferry is free, and the Statue of Liberty cruise costs around $18-$21 depending on if you want to climb up to the crown or just stand on the island and look up at Lady Liberty. Getting a spot on the outdoor viewing deck on the right side of the boat to see the Statue of Liberty is at a premium.
There weren’t as many people on the main level, everyone seemed to want to be on the upper decks.
Finding a table for a group of 6 on a Saturday night at  7:00 without a long wait was most likely going to be a tall order, but we got lucky down the street at Sauce, an Italian restaurant where another group of 6 was just finishing up. I had the arugula salad with a simple dressing of salt, olive oil, and lemon with some thin sheets of parmesan cheese laid flat on top, and the porcini mushroom raviolis with truffle oil and brown butter sauce (a special that night). We wandered uptown and into the karaoke bar Sing Sing on Avenue A, deciding to see what the people at the bar were singing.

Keith and I slept in a bit and then had breakfast at Little Skips, a hipster coffee shop near his apartment in Brooklyn.
I left this trip feeling like a pro at the New York City subway system, which I’m pretty happy about. Last time I was in NYC it was Summer and very warm, but I had always heard Spring was the best in NYC and I have to say I think I agree. The fresh juice, the setting, and the vegan cashew cheese were all I needed to be won over. Each store has to be so unique, creative, and a beautiful experience, thus they raise the bar. I love how every person that goes to NYC comes back with completely different stories and experiences.
It is designed by our brand building studio Wild Measure based in Raleigh, North Carolina & Traverse City, Michigan.
Our primary focus was hanging out with each other, but we were able to get out and experience a little of what the Big Apple has to offer. I wasn’t the only one, so we walked a ways and ended up at the Martinique Cafe in Greeley Square. They didn’t have enough seating inside, but it was a weirdly warm night for March so we decided to eat al fresco on the sidewalk tables. When I exited the subway, I found myself right in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.
As I was walking through Battery Park towards the Staten Island ferry terminal, I saw a gigantic line winding through the park to get tickets and another gigantic line to get on the boat.
There wasn’t much singing going on at the bar, mostly in the private karaoke rooms for rent.
The next day I walked by and the front doors were opened up wide making it an open air restaurant. One place I always love stopping in is Aesop mostly because of the design, but also for the smell and experience. Upon arrival at Jamaica Station, you buy a metro card at the machines when you exit the train. Just put in the destination, choose the public transportation option, and calculate your route from your current location. The food was average, and the homemade chips were greasy, but it was a nice little place to hang out with a friendly bartender.
Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals as well, although my friend Ginger said the chicken parmesan was a little mediocre. After my friend Kevin stood at the bar for close to 8 minutes waiting for service and kept getting ignored (it wasn’t even that busy), we decided to move on. There was a very random mix of people dancing to some very eclectic 80’s new wave on the main floor, with another dance floor downstairs playing techno. We had never been to Soho and Nolita so it was so much fun to be within walking distance of so many amazing things. The lunch menu was pretty average, with burgers, salads, pizzas, and pasta and everyone was able to find something they liked. We felt pretty pampered because it was a trip for a Pinterest Influencer meetup and we were treated to the most amazing room at Trump Soho (seriously so amazing!!) We walked in to this 180 degree view of New York on the south end with the Empire State on one side and the Hudson River on the other. The decor was so disheveled but perfect at the same time while the selection of beers and cocktails were top-notch. We ended that evening drinking cocktails and chatting around the bar with Michael from Inspired by Charm and Will from Bright Bazaar. As it got later and more packed, the music get less eclectic and the DJ started busting out all the hits. Once you have your card with enough funds to exit the station to the subway trains ($8.75 for a new card), you can swipe it to go through the turnstile and head to the trains.

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