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New York City officials are celebrating the 20th birthday of the MetroCard this week by calling for its demise. The idea is to replace the iconic yellow-and-blue cards by 2019 with various ways for customers to pay by tapping or waving their own credit cards, smartphones, or other RFID- or NFC-enabled devices.
The benefits of ditching magnetic-stripe subway cards are clear enough: The move would save the MTA money by allowing it to ditch all those card-vending machines.
On the other hand, opportunistic thieves might salivate at the prospect of hordes of commuters having to wave their credit cards and smartphones around every time they want to ride a train or hop a bus. More broadly, it will be interesting to see whether moves like this by public agencies will give NFC and RFID technology the push it needs to go mainstream in other realms, like paying for things at coffee shops and retail stores. Puzzle Warehouse recycles everything it can to save the environment and to keep costs and prices low. To use the card, swipe it at a turnstile in a subway station or A“dipA” the card into the farebox on a bus.

Pay-per-ride card: You can add the amount of money you want and then continue to add more money to "refill" the card at a vending machine as needed.
Unlimited pass: This allows you to take the subway or city bus as many times as you want in a given period of time. To get your money out of an unlimited card, you will have to use it every day and at least a couple of times each day.
Also take into account the additional effort of having to keep track of how many rides are left on the card and continually stopping to put more money on the card. Up to 3 children can ride for free as long as they are no taller than 44 inches (112 centimeters) in height and accompanied by a paying adult. Your MetroCard balance is protected against loss or theft ONLY IF you have a 7-day or 30-day Unlimited Pass and you purchased the card from a vending machine using a credit, debit, or ATM card. If these conditions apply to you and your card is lost or stolen, immediately call 511 to reach the Balance Protection Program.

It would get people onto buses and trains faster, because they wouldn’t have to waste time dipping their cards into a machine or repeatedly swiping them at a turnstile. Private-sector pay-by-smartphone schemes, like Google Wallet, have struggled to get off the ground, perhaps partly because people aren’t yet comfortable with the concept.
Few New Yorkers would miss the experience of standing behind a beleaguered flock of tourists as they struggle to master the precise swiping motion necessary to get a finicky card reader to let them through. But if cities like New York force millions of people to do it every day in order to get on the subway, that could change in a hurry.

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