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New York City officials are celebrating the 20th birthday of the MetroCard this week by calling for its demise. The idea is to replace the iconic yellow-and-blue cards by 2019 with various ways for customers to pay by tapping or waving their own credit cards, smartphones, or other RFID- or NFC-enabled devices. The benefits of ditching magnetic-stripe subway cards are clear enough: The move would save the MTA money by allowing it to ditch all those card-vending machines. On the other hand, opportunistic thieves might salivate at the prospect of hordes of commuters having to wave their credit cards and smartphones around every time they want to ride a train or hop a bus. More broadly, it will be interesting to see whether moves like this by public agencies will give NFC and RFID technology the push it needs to go mainstream in other realms, like paying for things at coffee shops and retail stores. On Thursday, Donald Trump's tweet about tacos was only the second-most-alarming message he sent to potential voters.
There have been as many explanations given for this phenomenon as there are pundits on the Internet.
To Kristin Neff, a psychology professor at the University of Texas, that’s not surprising. The most heartbreaking scene in the documentary After Porn Ends, about the post-porn lives of 12 adult stars, may be when Asia Carrera talks about her membership in the high-IQ society Mensa. Faith may have inflamed the conflict, but one lasting legacy of the war may be the toll it took upon American faith.
If there is one sober lesson Americans seem to be taking out of the bathos of the Civil War sesquicentennial, it’s the folly of a nation allowing itself to be dragged into the war in the first place. Back in early March, The New York Times reported that the FBI would be interviewing Hillary Clinton and her top aides about her private email server within the coming weeks. The email-server story seems to move in waves: silence for a while, then an onslaught of news. In popular culture, businessmen and managers have ousted teams and players as dramatic heroes. Though some recent films including Creed, Race, and Eddie the Eagle hew to this model, the last few years have seen the emergence of a new kind of sports narrative. The public transportation of New York is suitable if you stay for a week or more in the city.
The subway and local buses will help you to get to different points of interest in New York and its boroughs. Most of the subway lines run North to South and most of the bus lines in Manhattan go East to West. The same subway lines with same colors have the same route in a large part of Manhattan, but are divided into sections for the boroughs of NYC (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Harlem). You must take those trains if you want to go faster from the North to the South of Manhattan for example.

This MetroCard allows an unlimited number of subway and bus rides for a fixed price during 7 days. If you decide to purchase a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard, you can buy as many rides as you want, from $5 to $100 (if you purchase it at a Vending Machine). At a Subway Station Booth, you may also purchase your MetroCard, but they only accept cash. In some subway stations you won’t find any Vending Machine or booth, look at the signs when going in the subway station! If you want to use your debit card, not from a US Bank, the machine asks for a ZIP Code (a local zip code). They are two different means of transportation and they don’t offer the same possibilities. I feel like a little kid who can’t think ahead so he keeps running into the same problems. And more to the point, perhaps you might consider getting a normal wallet, like the rest of us schlubs have?
But no matter the type of wallet, do you really want to be whipping it out on the subway platform just to secure your card? It would get people onto buses and trains faster, because they wouldn’t have to waste time dipping their cards into a machine or repeatedly swiping them at a turnstile. Private-sector pay-by-smartphone schemes, like Google Wallet, have struggled to get off the ground, perhaps partly because people aren’t yet comfortable with the concept. In the event of a recession, Trump would treat the full faith and credit of the United States to a capricious hair cut. But way off in the ivory tower of the University of Chicago, the philosopher Martha Nussbaum has developed a different framework for thinking about the rise of Trump: by examining anger as both a motivation and source of moral conflict. This after all, is Asia Carrera, a woman who ran away from home at 17 and pulled herself together to become a successful businesswoman and a world-famous name and face. After all, from 1861 to 1865 the nation pledged itself to what amounted to a moral regime change, especially concerning race and slavery—only to realize that it had no practical plan for implementing it.
A source told the paper the investigation would probably conclude by early May, at which point the Justice Department would be left to decide whether to file charges against Clinton or anyone else, and what charges to file. Late Thursday, it emerged that while Clinton hasn’t spoken to the FBI yet, several of her top aides have.
Think Seabiscuit, Hoosiers, Major League, The Mighty Ducks, A League of Their Own, 42, Remember the Titans, Rocky, Slap Shot, and countless more.
Thanks to the precipitous rise of fantasy sports and wildly lucrative video games such as the Madden NFL series, audiences are also seeing a slew of works that focus on the business side of the action.
If you’re going to the wrong direction, you will have to wait 18 minutes before re-using your Metrocard. The doors do not open from outside so someone has to go through the turnstile with your MetroCard and then open the emergency exit door.

Usually, you can save about 5-10 minutes with the taxi, but during peak hours the metro is much faster. They are everywhere, you can take a ride wherever you want and mostly if you don’t want to walk.
An adult should have created a system to keep this from happening long ago, yet here I am looking for the damn card again. Either it stays in my pocket, which would make for a relatively easy search, or I absentmindedly place it on the first open surface I encounter.
I don't know if you read about the time the magnet got attached the underside of a cookie sheet and ended up lost in the oven for 5 days. I used to keep my metrocard in the wallet, but just tucked in there, not in any compartment.
Few New Yorkers would miss the experience of standing behind a beleaguered flock of tourists as they struggle to master the precise swiping motion necessary to get a finicky card reader to let them through. But if cities like New York force millions of people to do it every day in order to get on the subway, that could change in a hurry.
Yet, despite all of that, what she wants is validation from some random group of self-declared smart people. Movies such as Moneyball, Draft Day, and Million Dollar Arm, along with TV shows like Ballers, The Agent, and The League, have recast the principal characters of sports-themed stories. Eventually, though, the society did feature her in an issue of its magazine devoted to Mensa celebrities—a big moment for her, she says.
For someone like her to need the approval of someone like them is an apocalyptic admission of neediness that's depressing to think about.
The answer: 47 percent of respondents said that either they would cover the expense by borrowing or selling something, or they would not be able to come up with the $400 at all. Have to be careful not to let the card slip out when you actually use your wallet, but I didn't do that much either.
Nope squared. The spot on the shelf, that graveyard of insufficient fares? I hope not, that would have been an insane place to leave it.
In the summer, that means my metrocard is in my pants pocket and my wallet is zipped up inside my bag. My dad taught me that, always have some cash you can throw to a mugger, never pull out your wallet.
To up the nostalgic ante, how about you style it with a cropped top, bomber and your favorite slide sandals?

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