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The MTA takes up to three months to replace half-fare MetroCards for senior citizens and disabled transit riders, placing additional burdens on thousands of straphangers, the Daily News has learned.
Metropolitan Transportation Authoritya€™s backlog of applications for lost or stolen reduced-fare passes. Stringer and some affected riders Sunday will make a public appeal to the MTA to fast-track the request. Ellen Reiss, 77, of Manhattan, said she waited at least six weeks for a new MetroCard after losing hers this year.
But finding a clerk isn't always easy because the MTA laid off hundreds and closed many booths, she said.

The Daily News in March reported how one senior citizen, frustrated by waiting months for a replacement card, slipped through an exit-only gate, risking arrest, because he was so frustrated.
The MTA recently hired additional staff to tackle the backlog, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said. They are issued after the MTA verifies information on applications and cannot be bought at token booths or MetroCard vending machines. During that time, she had to show identification to a token booth clerk, who would issue a paper ticket to be shown to a different clerk on her return trip. NYC Transita€™s customer relations department receives an average of 35,000 MetroCard claims a month, with about 8,000 of them for reduced-fare cards, he said.

And I think we really need to have a discussion about, do we need a discount that deep, and how does that interplay with the fare price.
So the thought was, if you buy $10, you gotta get something additional for it."But as Russianoff pointed out, on some level, it's just a question of semantics.

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