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On October 14, Apple released the iPhone 4S, the latest iteration of the handheld device that reached a whole new synthesis of design, technology, and communication with Siri, which responds to voice commands with a voice of its own. Divided into six sections — “Objects,” “I’m Talking to You,” “Life,” “City,” “Worlds,” and “Double Entendre” — “Talk to Me” features sociological projects that help the blind, the homeless, and the maimed, geographic grids that impact business and transportation, and three-dimensional charts and graphs that detail private and public information.
La MetroCard e una carta prepagata da usare per il pagamento comodo di Subway, metropolitana e autobus in tutta New York – e serve anche per l’accesso alla banchina.
Se acquisti la MetroCard presso uno dei distributori automatici, ti verra chiesto di inserire un codice ZIP di 5 cifre (codice postale di New York). Le linee dei treni sono segnalati in un modo ben riconoscibili e non ci si puo confondere su quale treno si tratta. Inoltre si puo vedere che sotto ogni fermata c’e scritto un numero o una lettera – questo vi dice quale linea si ferma li.
Ad ogni stazione della metropolitana troverete le segnaletiche “Uptown” e “Downtown” all’ingresso. A seconda della durata del vostro soggiorno, vi conviene prendere una delle seguenti carte.
Quando scadono i 7 giorni, devi semplicemente ricaricare la carta con del credito e puoi usarla per ogni singola tratta!
Posso usare la carta Pay-Per-Ride anche in 4 persone o ognuno avra bisogno della proprio carta?
Presso MTA c’e scritto la tariffa Base Fare e di 2,75$, e poi la tariffa Single-Ride-Ticket di 3,00$. Se hai la Metrocard, la tratta singola costa 2.75$, se acquisti ogni biglietto singolarmente paghi 3$. La mappa delle linee con tutte le stazioni della New York Subway e scaricabile gratuitamente qui – si tratta di un PDF di tutte le linee e fermate.
C’e una stazione della metropolitana che non e piu raggiungibile tramite l’accesso diretto: City Hall o anche City Hall Loop. If you're planning on staying in the city longer, you can instead purchase the 30-day Unlimited Ride MetroCard for $104. Do you have any common sense when you drive, or are you still alive on the road simply by the grace of God? Sie konnen auch einen Einzelfahrschein fur den JFK AirTrain zu Ihrer Bestellung hinzufugen.
Uberprufen Sie den Inhalt Ihres online Einkaufswagens und wahlen Sie die Anzahl Karten, die Sie bestellen mochten.
Sie bezahlen pro Bestellung, unabhangig von der Anzahl Karten, immer 13 Euro Versandkosten (per Einschreiben). Achtung: Wenn Sie Ihre New York MetroCard uber meine Webseite kaufen, bezahlen Sie fur die Karten etwas mehr, als wenn Sie sie in New York am Automaten kaufen.
What better way to protect your metro card than with an official City of New York Seal MetroCard holder?! Long adorned by bold blue letters on an orangey-yellow background, the iconic MTA MetroCard may soon play host to advertising. Brooklyn-based creative and branding consultancy Mayday Mayday Mayday proposes a way out: make MetroCards into an urban puzzle.
The founders of Mayday Mayday Mayday, Wayne Congar and Brendan Bilko, have envisioned an example scenario in which the New Museum pixelates a work of art onto the MetroCards. The spotlight is usually a functional affair: a tool to draw attention to a specific object. With Easter having passed quite recently, the idea of resurrection is perhaps on many people’s minds.

An initiative cofounded by the Canadian firms RAW Design, Ferris + Associates and Curio, the annual Winter Stations Design Competition is an open-air art installation that strives to bring Toronto residents outside in the coldest months of the year. Although not part of MoMA’s interactive “Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects,” the iPhone is a prime example of how the relationship between man and machine has changed over the decades. Se non conosci il codice postale del tuo albergo, inserisci semplicemente 00000 (5 volte 0)! Gli Express-Trains non si fermano ad ogni fermata della linea, al contrario dei ”treni lumaca” Local Trains che si fermano invece ad ogni singola station. Se il numero o la lettera del treno e dentro un piccolo cerchio, si tratta del piu lento Local-Train.
Se avete intenzione di spostarvi piu verso nord, ovvero dove i numeri delle strade aumentano, dovete scegliere “Uptown”.
Noi di solito prendiamo la 7-Day-Unlimited, dato che facciamo senza problemi piu di 12 tratte singole a settimana. Allora dovete prendere la linea , andare fino all’ultima fermata ufficiale a Downtown Manhattan e rimanere seduti sul treno. If you will be staying for about a week, you should buy the 7-day Unlimited Pass, which gives you unlimited trips on all subways and local bus rides until midnight for $29.
Whichever option you choose, you'll save a lot of money on subway and bus fare, because aside from taxis, the subway and bus systems are the most popular and convenient transportation around. Wenn Sie sich gut auf Ihren Urlaub in New York vorbereiten wollen, sollten Sie schon im Voraus Ihre Karten fur die Metro kaufen. Die Gultigkeit der MetroCard beginnt mit der ersten Entwertung, sprich, dem ersten Mal, dass Sie die Karte beim Drehkreuz scannen. Sollten Sie auf dem JFK Flughafen landen, dann benotigen Sie erst ein Ticket fur den JFK AirTrain. For prices ranging between 18? and 51? per card, the move could net the struggling MTA millions (or billions?) in revenue per year, though the consequence may very well be bland and boring corporate messages littering the floors of subway stations.
According to this plan, advertisers would use the back of the MetroCard to share their full message, while the front would host an extremely zoomed-in piece of a larger image (as opposed to shrinking down a poster-sized ad to fit the MetroCard). People use the cards to gain free admission to the museum, and eventually the cards are pieced together to form the large image as various tumblrs and blogs keep track of the progress. The twisting, turning attraction takes thrill seekers through 584 feet (178 meters) of inner tube, wrapping around the structure 12 times and providing extraordinary views of London's city skyline. The commissioned architects for the exhibition design were Rotterdam-based OMA, and to marry the decor with the theme of haute couture — historically defined by the meticulous handwork of embroidery, pleating, flower and featherwork — the designers set up an articulate scrim structure, where scaffolding is well visible behind the translucent fabric.
He won a Pritzker Prize, has a career-spanning seven decades, and has designed some of the world's most iconic buildings. However, nothing says this form of illumination must be subordinate to the object it illuminates: With its elegant, conical shape, the spotlight can easily be considered an aesthetic object in its own right.
Nowhere is this more true than Puglia, Italy, where one can now visit a “resurrected” early Christian basilica made of wire mesh that serves as an ethereal reminder of the area’s rich architectural history.
The competition called for architects, artists or designers to intervene on the existing lifeguard stands stationed along the shores of Lake Ontario and left unused through the winter months. In “The Wilderness Downtown,” people plug in the name of their street or hometown, which soon becomes a visual part of Arcade Fire’s music video for the song “We Used to Wait.” Straphangers can buy a real MetroCard from a vending machine that has been slightly reconfigured for the show. La carta vi offre diversi vantaggi: non avete bisogno di girare con contanti per la citta, trova spazio in ogni tasca e secondo la durata di validita vengono offerti diversi piani tariffari convenienti! La causa della chiusura: Dovuto all’incremento di passeggeri, erano diventati necessari treni piu lunghi, e di conseguenza delle banchine piu lunghe. Die Karten werden nach dem Ankauf per Einschreiben (13 Euro) verschickt und sind innerhalb von funf Arbeitstagen bei Ihnen zuhause.

Dieser Service ist fur diejenigen gedacht, die Ihre MetroCards gerne schon im Voraus haben mochten, und daher bereit sind dafur auch etwas mehr zu bezahlen.
MTA customers would move around the city, trying to fit their piece of the image together with all the thousands (or millions) of others. This idea has inspired architect Sou Fujimoto, who recently created a “forest” of vertical spotlights for Milan Design Week. Each resulting interpretation of the stand is an interactive experience for the visitor animating the shoreline with social interaction throughout the winter season. Indeed, there is surprising warmth to the exhibit, which invites visitors to explore not only the many items’ visual splendor but their interactivity as well. Dishes and silverware morph with a heated argument excerpted from the Oscar-winning film American Beauty in Geoffey Mann’s “Cross-fire.” Chris Woebken and Natalie Jeremijenko use voice-recognition software for “Bat Billboard,” which broadcasts messages from bats who live behind it. Dato che la banchina della City Hall e curvata e non dritta, la ristrutturazione non sarebbe stata redditizio. Fully lined, this rose-print piece is made from ruffled layers of fluid silk for a breezy feel.
The result: advertisers get people to continuously interact with their branding while potential customers pay more attention to the urban delights around them.
In this installation, which was developed in partnership with the clothing company COS, lighting is not the backdrop of the environment but the focus. People are greeted at the entrance by Yann Le Coroller’s “Talking Carl,” a cute and silly Etch-a-Sketch-like animated being that responds to sound and touch, a fun opening to a wide-ranging wonderland of high- and low-tech displays that examine both form and function. A close look at Maarten Bass’s “Analog Digital Clock” reveals that it is not quite what it seems, combining people and time in a unique way. Behind the gate, the centerpiece of the collection — Karl Lagerfeld’s Wedding Ensemble for the House of Chanel’s Autumn 2014 collection — becomes perceivable, marking the heart of OMA’s white, ghostly cathedral.
Three student-led designs — from programs at Ryerson, OCAD University and Laurentian University — complemented the exhibition, as did a brand-new beach community fireplace donated by Diamante Developments and designed by Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal.
Marcos Weskamp’s “Newsmap” arranges news stories by how much coverage they receive in the media.
Noted for their rich materiality and understated elegance, Pei's buildings range from office towers to art museums to civic structures, and his distinct style has evolved over time.
Aaron Hendershott of RAW Design, one of the organizers of Winter Stations, talked to Architizer about Toronto’s urban landscape and the impact of this unexpected initiative. Sissel Tolaas’s “Berlin, City Smell Research” uses the olfactory sense to create a different kind of map of Germany’s capital.
Carefully placed mirrors obscure the boundaries of the space, creating what COS described as an “immersive, infinite landscape.” Apart from a few minimalist tables, the space is empty save the cones of light, which interact with visitors’ movements. Andy and Carolyn London give life to manhole covers, pay phones, and other objects to relay interviews with tourists in “The Lost Tribes of New York City.” And “N Building facade” turns the outside of a Tokyo building into an immense QR code that offers all types of information about the structure. Like the trees they are meant to represent, Fujimoto’s lights are conceived as dynamic, living things.
In fact, every item in “Talk to Me” has its own QR code, so adventurous museumgoers can delve deeper into the works and interact with them further.

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