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Der Newark Liberty Internationale Flughafen (EWR) liegt uber dem Hudson Fluss in Newark, New Jersey ungefahr 25 km von Manhattan entfernt. Die Fahrt in die Stadt hinein dauert gewohnlich 45 Minuten, kann aber wesentlich langer sein wahrend der Hauptverkehrszeit.
Der gratis AirTrain verbindet alle drei Flughafengebaude mit den Mietwagen Buros, den Langzeitparkplatzen, den Shuttle Bussen zu Hotels und dem Bahnhof. Eine der billigsten Art um nach Manhattan zu kommen ist es, den AirTrain zum Liberty Flughafen Bahnhof zu nehmen und dann einen New Jersey Transit Zug zum Pennsylvania Bahnhof in Midtown zu nehmen ($15). Der Olympia Express Bus-Newark Liberty Flughafen Express nimmt Passagiere zum Grand Central Bahnhof oder dem Port Authority in Midtown Manhattan ($14). Warnung:  Der Preis in einem Kleinbus ist der Gleiche, egal ob nur ein Passagier drin ist oder ob der Bus voll ist.
Tip:  Sie sollten nie eine Fahrt annehmen von einem Menschen, der nicht in Uniform ist entweder in oder ausserhalb der Flughafengebaude. Der Newark Flughafen hat funf Autovermietungsagenturen auf dem Gelande und ausserhalb des Flughafengelandes.
New York has three main airports: John F Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark – which is best for getting to Manhattan?
Travellers to New York have three main airports to choose from: John F Kennedy (JFK) and La Guardia (LGA) in the Queens borough of NYC itself, and Newark (EWR) across the river from Manhattan in New Jersey. Qantas flies QF107 and QF108 between Los Angeles' LAX and New York's JFK Terminal 7, home to British Airways and other non-American oneworld carriers. Other travellers will have to change at a US west coast gateway (LAX or San Francisco's SFO, most likely) for a flight to New York on a US airline. Unfortunately, JFK is also the most irritating to get to, and spans seven currently-operational terminals. Shared-ride shuttle services: these are likely to be about $10 cheaper than the cab but can involve a lot of waiting and being driven around NYC to drop other people off first. Newark (nobody calls it "Newark Liberty") is slightly less likely than JFK to be seen by Australians, as its main tenant is Continental (part of United these days).

There are no west coast flights to La Guardia, the smallest of the big three New York airports, which is about 10 km from Manhattan.
So, Australians are least likely to encounter La Guardia unless they're connecting elsewhere in the US.
There's no one answer to this question, because it really depends where you're going and how much luggage you have. If you have enough luggage that using the NYC Subway will be a pain, aim for La Guardia or JFK because LGA has the cheapest cabs and JFK has a flat rate airport taxi tariff. If you're travelling light, head for Newark or JFK because there's a relatively hassle-free connection to the NYC Subway and save you $40 or so. If you're in a rush, avoid Newark and La Guardia: they have some of the worst delays in the country. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Yeah, I've been stuck on the Van Wyck or trying to get through the Holland Tunnel in a cab myself many a time, having spent a good part of my life in NY. I agree with you about the LIRR -- it's pretty convenient if you're familiar with how the Penn-Jamaica-JFK thing works, don't have too much luggage and can get to Penn relatively easily.
This image's full description is New York Newark Airport Terminal Building Interior, 3283312. Register today with Travel Pictures and we will extend you a 25% discount for the first six months. You will then be able to price it, order it, pay by credit card or paypal and download a 10mb jpeg straightaway. Lassen Sie sich nicht vom Fahrer ubers Ohr hauen wenn der mehr Geld haben will, weil Sie der einzige Passagier sind. Eine Taxifahrt von Newark bis Manhattan kostet einheitlich $40-55 zusatzlich Zoll und Trinkgelder. Sie fliegen uber die beruhmtesten Merkmale in New York City und bekommen einen Blick aus der Vogelschau von der Freiheitsstatue, Ellis Insel, Central Park, dem Empire Staatsgebaude und viel mehr.

Qantas flies there, and it's the largest and best-served airport in the NY metro area.Among the US airlines, American, Delta, JetBlue, United and Virgin America fly to JFK direct from both LAX and SFO. The AirTrain is a peoplemover that takes you to either Howard Beach (for the NYC Subway A train for Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn) or Jamaica (J and Z trains for Lower Manhattan and E train for Midtown Manhattan). The AirTrain peoplemover takes you to Newark Liberty International Airport train station for $5.50 in 7-15 minutes. Only flights shorter than 2400 km away from La Guardia are allowed at the airport, with the exception of Denver, which is 2600 km away. But with anything more than a small suitcase plus carry-on, or if you're leaving from Downtown, or if you don't know how the double-transfer system works, a cab is the way to go for me. American and United even have upgraded service with international-standard seating on some routes.
From the train station, take the NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station, and stay on it if you want to reach the confusingly named New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan. Valet parking (das ist wenn ein Angestellter Ihren Wagen parkt) ist auch erhaltlich, doch ist das sehr teuer. If you're heading for New York's Penn Station, you can also take the Long Island Rail Road commuter train there from Jamaica, although the fare is $8 on top of the AirTrain $5. It's more convenient if you're heading for the financial area around the World Trade Center or Wall Street, for the lower West Side below 33rd Street, or for the area around New York Penn Station. If you're heading for downtown Manhattan, the PATH commuter train will take you to the World Trade Center. Economy ist das billigste, doch nimmt es die meiste Zeit in Anspruch, weil man auf die Shuttle angewiesen ist.

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