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Once in Manhattan, the New York subway will whisk me where I need to be (well, I make it sound easier than it is. Sometimes it takes a little time just to find out which exit to the street level to take!). And it’s good to know ahead of time there’s a Newark Penn Station and a New York Penn Station, and they are NOT the same!

I've scoured Flickr, Google, RailPictures etc and I've found it's a particularly under-photographed area, which is why I turn to those in the know.Basically any information will be of help, I've got some signalling maps and the sort which place certain parts, and I can identify other parts through deduction, but detailing wise I'm somewhat lacking, so anything will be appreciated.
The PATH platform is known as Platform C) Track 2 - Amtrak Eastbound arrivals Track 3 - Amtrak (mostly) Westbound departures Island Platform Track 4 - NJT & Amtrak Westbound departures Track 5 - NJT (Raritan Valley Line) Westbound departures Side PlatformThe island platform between Track 1 and Track B is divided up the middle by waiting rooms, wrought iron railing, and PATH turnstiles.

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