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Who doesn't love that hot and freshly made cheesy oven baked pizza whether it be from a local pizzeria or take out from papa johns or even a slice downtown at Canyon Pizza?
One Friday afternoon, while fighting traffic on I-85S, I found myself craving a good slice of New York style pizza. No list of the best pizza slices in Queens would be complete without a nod to New Park Pizzeria; its colorful history certainly places it in the history books, and its pizza has received its fair share of accolades. Deciding on what to do in a place as busy as the city of New York can be tough, because there is just so much going on. Look over a Google Maps-like picture of the city, and put pins on every potential pizza place that serves up steaming hot extra cheese pies for twelve bucks!
This App works offline; so do not worry about losing service and guiltily stranding friends that you were supposed to meet at the MOMA, because the user-friendly map will still be there to guide you.
We are here help you in the planning of events ranging from the full-service meals to business meetings. TweetOur TestimonialsMy husband and I had the pleasure of having supper with you yesterday evening for the first time.
While that closed in ’93, I remembered how good their shop was and knew I was in good hands. The crisp crust is uniformly thin without venturing into cracker territory, a layer of slightly sweet sauce, gooey cheese, only the slightest bit of oil… all of this adds up to what can only be described as near pizza nirvana. Sitting at the bar, you find the same guy who’s been slinging pies for at least the past 12 years, his hands working over the dough easily, muscle memory kicking in so he can chat pleasantly with customers as he preps the next pie.

Italy’s Finest Pizzeria is here to meet all of your catering needs for the holidays or a special event. I asked for my slice to-go New York style (paper plate, brown paper bag) and they were prepared.
There’s only the slightest slick of sauce under the cheese, with a nice tang to balance, making this a great local slice joint. As a market leading news resource since 1967, WCBS reaches millions of listeners each week and boasts one of the […]1010 WINS1010 WINS invented all news radio and is the longest-running all news station in the country.
The overall slice is a little floppy, chewy even, and the oil will pour off as you eat, but the extra crunchy heel will leave you munching away as you debate ordering an entire pie just for yourself. The Italians modified the Greek creation, by taking a sheet of flat dough and covering it cheese, honey, and bay leaves. I also find it funny that most italian places don't sell pizza by the slice, but then again, I don't really think most places take advantages of fast food like us americans do. When they handed me my slice to-go, I looked over to the left and saw the best thing ever, something I never see at other pizza places outside New York…the tray of toppings! For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. So yes, the modern pizza we all know was invented in Naples, Italy using tomato and cheese, but the origins of the idea is Greek!The Greeks and Italians are the only ones who are fascinated with pizza.
Famous […]WFANAs the world’s first 24-hour all-sports radio station, WFAN remains the premier sports talk radio station in the business.

But, what if I were to tell you that you could get a good slice of New York style pizza right here in the A? As I pulled in to the Home Depot strip mall, nose in the air, little did I know I was infor a rude awakening. I loaded up my slice, grabbed my large fountain coke (all for just $4) and headed out for the taste test. Slice folded in hand, I took my first bite and felt like I was transported back to Queens Blvd. First of all, one doesn't just go down the block to the pizza place and order a slice to go. Customers can come in and buy a slice or several to take home. CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA - Deep dish pizza up to 3 inches in height!
The Brazilian love to add lots of fun and exotic toppings!JAPANESE PIZZA (Okonomiyaki) - A savoury pancake topped with lots of ingredients such as, shrimp, sauces, seaweed, and tuna!

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