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In the examples below we took millions of records about the population of New York City and we overlayed it in Bing Maps. The example above shows the Latino data per county both in a chart as well as overlaid onto a satellite photo.
In the image above the data is now colored per Census Block to give much more detailed information. Big City Data is exploding but new solutions are becoming available to make the data more accessible and easier to understand. No subscription is needed and it’s a great way to get a feel for the power, speed and flexibility of the technology. CensusViewer Basic and Premium require a paid subscription and provide additional features, data and capabilities.
Businesses of all types and sizes, municipal and regional government, advertising agencies and media buyers, faculty and students, utilities, real estate professionals, political professionals and many more. CensusViewer Premium includes data from L2, the nation's premier provider of voter registration data to political campaigns and government agencies. For years, conservatives have argued against attempts to raise taxes on the most affluent Americans by warning that it will cause the wealthy to flee to other states with lower rates. The narrative picked up steam when progressive Democrat Bill de Blasio was elected mayor of New York City, campaigning on a plan to raise taxes on those making more than $500,000. But according to a new analysis from the New York City Independent Budget Office, that Randian fantasy is not borne out in reality. The second favorite destination for high-income households was neighboring New Jersey, at 22 percent.
In other words, when a wealthy New York City household moved, more than four times out of five it moved to a blue state with a higher-than-average income tax. Alabama's Top Judge Faces Ethics Charges Over Gay-Marriage Order By Brendan O'BrienObama Says U.S.
What right wingers don’t seem to understand, or know but dismiss because it discredits their claims, is that not every wealthy American is a Romney. Most wealthy American remember their roots, have a sense of patriotism and, most importantly, they have a sense of humanity that is conspicuous by its absence when it comes to the GOP. Last, but not least, is the pleasure of living in a city or state where people enjoy the pleasures that come from shopping in sophisticated stores, going to wonderful restaurants, and socializing with people who share their interests and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with Texas or Florida, at least not on the surface, but with the exception of seniors looking for mild weather and inexpensive housing, the well to do prefer to live in places that meet their expectations, even when doing that means they have to pay a little more in taxes. Trying to turn a guy who made much of his fortune speculating, taking advantage of foreign tax shelters, and buying companies in trouble to liquidate them, make a profit, and hut them down, is nothing short of amusing. Unions fought for livable wages, paid vacations, paid sick leave, maternity leave, a safe environment, and other benefits to raise the standard of living of the American middle class from what prevailed in the days of the company store, to what exists in most industrialized nations. I admire those who use their intelligence, those who have initiative, and those who work hard and accumulate a fortune. Judging by what you said about the standard of living of people overseas, I have the feeling I forgot more about what I learned during my 30 years abroad, than what you will ever know about that subject. Communism is, indeed, a failed ideology, and so is socialism as defined by Marx and Engels. Unfortunately, the political polarization that exists in the USA does not lend itself to pragmatic or constructive dialogue.
We put our money into the yachts and mansions of our greediest pigs of society while they invest in national education, healthcare and transportation. And you think the USA will compete with that going forward while the US is mired in Republican “pig” corporate capitalism? Surely the dupes are nodding their empty moronic heads in agreement with this uneducated buffoon who has become a millionaire because of his talent for deceiving so many redneck yahoos into cheering for the plutocrats and voting those rightwing poltical stooges into office. Inhabitants of the City That Never Sleeps may find themselves spending quite a few more evenings tossing and turning after reading a new report detailing the grim realities of soaring rents in a city plagued by income inequality.
Released on Monday by New York University's Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, the "State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods 2012" report concludes that between 2007 and 2011 the citywide median income decreased while rent prices rose. To be specific, median monthly gross rent increased by 8.6 percent during the time period, rising from $1,096 to $1,191, according to the report. With these numbers, it should not be surprising that close to a third of New York renters spend half -- or more -- of their annual income on housing, according to the Furman Center.

Perhaps more surprising, despite the tough financial climate, people continue to flock to a metropolitan area that in 2011 was given the dubious title of having the highest rate of income inequality in the U.S.
It’s also important to mention that the state utilizes a receipts-only, single-factor apportionment formula, while the city is phasing in a receipts-only, single-factor formula, which will be fully effective on January 1, 2018 (with notable exceptions for taxpayers with less than $50 million in city allocable receipts and S corporations).
OK, having set the stage, let’s now take a quick look at the brand new customer-based sourcing rules for receipts from digital products, miscellaneous services, and other business activities. The state has just issued draft regulations which, when made final, should help us better understand and comply with these obligations. Golebiewski, finds no evidence that wealthy New Yorkers are fleeing the city in droves to live in low-tax states.
Households with a real income above $500,000 moved at the same 1.8 percent rate as households below that threshold.
For many of them, helping our most vulnerable citizens, the poor, the infirm, and those willing to work hard to overcome the challenges they face, are important enough reasons to pay a little more in taxes than become disciples of the Devil and keep a little extra change in their pockets to buy the latest cell phone. That’s why he supported policies to screw everybody but his own class, and planned to lower his own taxes still further from the far-less-than-his-share rate he already pays. However, a national sales tax, like the sales taxes in states which already have them (are there any which don’t?), is that they are REGRESSIVE, that is lower income people pay more in proportion to their income than higher income people do. But given how hard it is to get refunds from the IRS to lower income taxpayers who are likely to change addresses or bank accounts (or do not have bank accounts) after they file for refunds ONCE A YEAR, someone realized that the bureaucracy needed to get that money into the pockets of these underbanked people who have to move frequently would be a BIGGER bureaucracy than the IRS could ever be. And any rate low enough that millionaires and billionaires would not complain would be too low to finance a government. Yes, those cities may have continued to prosper for a few more years had their citizens accepted Third World salaries and benefit packages, but is that what we should aspire to have?
You waste it on the old and tired phraseology of Socialists, an ideology that has failed every time it has been implemented. Your claim that the poorest American lives better than 90% of the population of the world is hyperbole on steroids. Both sides are more inclined to exaggerate and distort reality than make an attempt to find middle ground.
You’re still blaming unions when unions are 9% of the workforce and corporations bribe conservative Congressmen at TEN TIMES any other lobby?
Noonan’s Notes Blog regularly provides analysis of and commentary on developments in the world of New York and multistate tax law. This year, 2015, followed suit and brought many of those same corporate income tax reforms to New York City. The Empire State and the Big Apple have shifted to customer-based sourcing for most types of receipts, including receipts from digital products, miscellaneous services, and other business activities. Constitution constrains any single state from imposing too much tax on a multistate business in order to mitigate the risk of multiple taxation.
If that doesn’t work, then the taxpayer should look to the apportionment that it used last year for that particular service or activity. And we understand that we have a few different bites at the apple in reaching a determination. Suffice it to conclude that apportionment has always been a hotly contested area of state and local taxation, and these new rules, and in particular the new due diligence standards, are sure to create a host of new compliance obligations and burdens. You can send them directly to the state or post your comments here, and we’ll pass them along for you. Minnesota Department of Revenue Did the Tribunal Expand the Jurisdiction of the Division of Tax Appeals?
The study finds that 42 percent of households with a real income of over $500,000 that moved in 2012 did so within New York state. The reason (says Captain Obvious) is that the lower a family’s income, the greater percentage is actually SPENT on consumer goods, as opposed to SAVED, and all of that is taxed (some states do not tax food or medicine, which helps a little, but the tax rate on taxable items has to be higher to balance out). And FL does if there are materials attached to the services – so most services would be taxed there as well.
Cities that depended on industries such as steel mills lost population and revenues when companies moved their operations overseas.
The poorest American lives better than 90% of the rest of the world (as long as they know how to take care of themselves). Yes, we live better than people in Third World countries, but the standard of living of our poor and even our middle class is lower than what people in most Western European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan enjoy.

That does not mean, however, that government run social programs are inefficient, ineffective, or not needed.
You think that six media conglomerates owning 95% of all media in America is a free market? The social-capitalist countries of northern Europe have zero poverty, zero illiteracy and healthy citizens. And most of the companies he bought out were foundering and he got them for a song using a leveraged buyout, meaning he never risked any of his own money to buy them. If I paid NO taxes I wouldn’t live in Texas which reminds me of some kind of southern-fried version of a pre-war fascist European state.
Census Bureau, The New Yorker calculated that the income gap in Manhattan is comparable to that of countries like Sierra Leone and Namibia. Lastly, if that still doesn’t work, the taxpayer should look to what it is using for similar services and activities for the current year.
Taxpayers will need to capture more information from their customers, maintain more records, and even create new records in an effort to justify whether they acted reasonably in abandoning method A for method B. We practice in every major area of law and use multidisciplinary work teams to serve the specific, often complex, needs of our clients, which include public and privately held businesses, governmental entities, nonprofit institutions, and individuals. What about a $50,000 a year taxpayer who could normally pay the flat rate on all his income, but had $30,000 in medical bills that year?
Anti-labor sentiments and greed resulted in some companies moving their operations South, where scared blue collar workers are eager to work for a fraction of the pay and below average benefit packages. No one could predict what happened to our industrial belt, except perhaps those who foresaw what the un-checked power of unions would ultimately create.
Programs such as Social Security, MEDICARE, ACA, and transportation programs, for example, accomplish things that private industry is not interested in because of low return on investment. Yet for many of them he stripped them of their assets, let all the union workers go, pocketed their pension funds and made arrangements for companies overseas to pick up their business (making money at every end of the deal) while often leaving thousands of Americans unemployed, older workers with no or reduced pensions, and what pension liabilities there were he foisted on the American taxpayer.
Why, a very Conservative policy of offering businesses tax breaks for 10 years to relocate there! If the owner of a mine OR OIL WELL can depreciate the value of that mine as the minerals available are used up, why not the owner of a body that has less physical ability to work as it ages?
Some of the other reason why I think it would work as is – is that although you may be right that some of the rich would pay someone else to do things. I would not be surprised if the same happens 30 or 40 years from now in places like Silicon Valley and Seattle, when the products developed there are built in countries like Bangladesh at a fraction of the cost, or new technologies or concepts make them obsolete. One list has Costa Rica, Norway, Denmark, Vietnam, Canada, The Netherlands, Belize, Sweden, and El Salvador.
The four largest boroughs are included in the NYCRC—Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Although apportionment is, by its very nature, somewhat arbitrary, the policy rationale underpinning it is an intention to reduce the risk of multiple taxation and to ensure that no state taxes a multistate business on income from outside the state’s borders. There is something to be said for starting those loopholes from scratch, but many Americans would suffer between the initiation of the flat tax and the time that Congress finally gives them some relief. What would help would be for Romney and the others like him to stop relying on loopholes to get out of paying their fair share of taxes and actually pay them. And the other GREAT reason is all of the talk about the illegals here not paying taxes, They would definitely be paying taxes with a national sales tax to eliminate the IRS.
You can visit them worldwide, and before long you may be able to find them right here, in the ole USA.
It was calculated at one time that this HR25 proposal would have increased the income for the government to the point where it would also be able to support social security and medicare. This is the real reason the GOP refuses to talk about flat tax or replacement of the IRS with a national sales tax to be sure EVERYONE is taxed equally.

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