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In 1931 Harry Beck, an electrical draughtsman at the London Underground, was the first to produce a diagrammatic map. In 1972 Massimo Vignelli reduced the boroughs of New York to white geometric shapes and eliminated most of the topographic details and the level of visual noise by using gray (not green) to denote Central Park and beige (not blue) to shade New York’s waterways. The new subway map for New York, introduced in 2010, was said to be a huge improvement but is still struggling to serve two purposes: the aim was to comprehensively represent the streets and to help navigation through the New York underground. The day's most popular stories from Gothamist every evening in your inbox from our newsletter. Roberts, who has also created circular maps for other cities like Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, and Chicago, tells us, "I don't think that these maps are particularly easy to use, and they do distort geography, but they force a city into an unprecedented level of organization, and people find them fresh and exciting (or horrific, but I feel that if I delight half the people and horrify the other half then I must be doing something right). Further, he says, "I've always liked the 1958 diagram by George Salomon [pictured at right], it is tricky to work out what all the lines are doing, but very elegant.
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The only time at which is this question is not annoying is if you are currently working on something truly brilliant, that you are 100 percent confident in, that you are thrilled, riveted, overjoyed to be in the process of writing.
The really good stuff comes from pain, anguish and a sickening, dull ache deep inside your gut, constantly telling you that you are creating rubbish but cruelly suggesting that it might be okay, pushing you to persevere in the face of probable failure.Writing this column over the past two years has slowly become easier as I have become accustomed to revealing various details of my life.
Hope you have a great time at this amazing city and that our subway map is of value for you.
There was, however, a great digital improvement: ‘the Weekender’, a little online guide to service interruptions.

I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. He designs maps and conducts studies to see how usable they are (he's consulted for Transport for London, the transit agency that runs the Underground). Salomon suggested to use more then three colors, but the MTA wasn't ready for that innovation. Which is almost never.The constant feelings of self-doubt and crippling insecurity tend to take over any potential for positive vibes when in the process of writing.
They say that you should write what you know, and what do I know better than my own self?Plus Ia€™m a self-obsessed millennial, so this should be a breeze, right?But when it comes to writing, to creating fiction, poetry, theater, that is where the difficulties lie.I used to write plays. This is how I do it: At the morning while having breakfast I pull up the New York Subway Map, locate my current position and the places I will visit over the day.
Not an easy thing to visualize.* In 2010 a major design relaunch tried to improve the maps’ readability. In 1979 Vignellis map was replaced by a more traditional topographical version, including the New York City street grid and blue color for the waterways. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?
Journalism and Organisational Communications at the Universitiy of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, Graz.
He created a London tube map based on concentric circles for fun earlier this year and has now created one for NYC.

Any writer who comes forth bubbling over with enthusiasm for their own work -- in my experience -- has probably written something terrible and doesna€™t know any better.
Is not that bad–just beware of your surroundings and try not to ride alone late into the night. Then I look at the lines that will get me there and take note of them together with the name of my destination station and any combination I need to do. I used to collect dozens of notebooks, gulping down the scent of their fresh blank paper and eagerly awaiting inspiration to flow forth from my pen. For example, for $30 you can get an unlimited 7-day card that let you ride all subway lines and local buses. New York city is crowded so you will probably have a hard time finding a place to be alone anyway. Either standing waiting for what feels like a hundred years for the C train, or stuck between stops late on a Sunday night.When Ia€™m deliriously fresh out of bed or exhausted en route home, my scrambled brain is somehow soothed by the underground tunnels and rumble of trains.

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