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East New York-based companies Smash Industries and Legion Lighting are inviting New Yorkers to take a ride on the bright side this weekend with their graffiti-tagged, LED-lit miniature subway cars. Founded by Liz Bellovin, Beth Costello and Jill Bellovin, Smash Industries is a sustainable artistic incubator in East New York, Brooklyn.
The powder-coated steel train bodies are fabricated by Legion Lighting and fitted with energy-efficient, color-changing LEDs.
Smashed says that its next endeavor entails renovating their warehouse into a collaborative events space for artists centered around a subway car stage that will showcase train-themed skits. Other pictures of the exotic discovery have also gone viral, including one of the shark with a cigarette in its mouth next to a fare card and a can of energy drink. Yeah, a while back my buddies were into shark fishing and I thought wow how dangerous, must be rad. The only reason people think this is strange is because people forget NYC is a series of islands with tons of beaches and coastline. On display through Sunday at BKLYN Designs as part of NYCxDESIGN week, the collection of colorful artworks aren’t just Big Apple-themed eye candy. The organization teamed up with Legion Lighting, which the Bellovin family has been operating for three generations, to fabricate their signature Artisan Series Subway Lighting fixtures as a way to not only introduce a fun new kind of art and home decor to the world, but also to give local artists a way to showcase and profit from their work.

Every piece comes with a remote control that allows the owner to switch between an array of colors, patterns and strobing options. The new chairman of New York City's MTA, formerly of the London Underground, wants to introduce smart cards, arrival-time clocks at subway stations and GPS devices that would allow passengers to keep track of buses. Each one-of-a-kind train car is painted by hand, and can even be customized with personal tags or images. Customers can also choose to have their cars ceiling or wall-mounted and select the color of the window panes and body colors.
But his real breakthrough would be a lower off-peak fare that could nudge more New Yorkers onto the subway on nights and weekends, and lessen the crush at rush hour."We have an infrastructure that is set for the capacity of the peak," Walder tells The Times. You can even request miniature cutouts of yourself or your friends to be placed inside of your car. The costs of running a built-out, 24-hour subway system like New York's are largely based on peak usage: as long as the subway has to be prepared to handle a million people during the day, the costs of operating the system at night are roughly the same, no matter how many people are riding. Cell phone users (will they soon be able to make calls on New York's subway platforms, like riders in DC?) know that calling is cheaper on nights and weekends. William Vickrey, a Columbia University economist and 1996 Nobel laureate, suggested it back in 1952.

But the technology to do it -- namely, a computerized fare card system -- hasn't really been ready until now.Walder says he's focused on timing, and isn't thinking of a distance-based fare like the kind used on the London and Washington, DC subways. Those systems have also implemented time-of-day pricing.One concern, voiced by a member of the New York City Transit Riders Council, is that the subway can already get crowded in off-peak times (which anyway have yet to be specified).
Stations like Times Square can be especially packed at weekends, thanks in part to tourists. Sagas wonders if the MTA could charge less not just based on time but on what stations riders use.Economic Downturn Makes This More Attractive NowSome might argue an off-peak plan could "penalize" riders who have no choice but to ride at peak hours, like those with a nine-to-five work schedule. And a scheme like this would seem to favor out-of-towners, who are less likely to be using the city's monthly unlimited-ride Metrocards.But if done right, an off-peak pricing scheme could pay dividends for peak riders by alleviating crowdedness.
That could in turn encourage more business people to opt for subways over taxis during rush hour.And the economic downturn makes another case for off peak fares.

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