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Tagged: NY, NYC, NYCT, MTA, New, Brooklyn, York, City, Transit, Metro, R127, Garbage, Train, Subway, G, Not In Service, IND, Crosstown, Bedford-Stuyvesant, . Tagged: NY, NYC, NYCT, Subway, City, New, Brooklyn, Coney Island, West 8th St, NY Aquarium, Aquarium, R160, Q, Train, Transit, York, . Tagged: 61 St, 7, City, Flushing, IRT, MTA, Metro, NY, NYC, NYCT, New, R62A, Subway, Train, Transit, Woodside, York, Queens, . Service on the G line will increase and weekend service on the M trainĀ  will be extended after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority secured state funding, helping to pay for $18 million in service improvements, the governor's office announced Monday morning.
The increased funds were also made possible by MTA operations cost-cutting and increased revenues from fares, tolls, subsidies and dedicated taxes, the governor's office added. Service investments means the G will now operate every eight minutes instead of 10 minutes from 3 p.m. Other improvements include the M train running from Middle Village in Queens to Delancey-Essex Street in Manhattan on the weekends, rather than stopping at Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.

Weekend service will be restored on the M8 in Manhattan and Q31 in Queens, as well as the Sunday Q77. Midday and evening service will be added to the S93, between Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and the College of Staten Island. The Long Island Rail Road will also see improvements, with service being added every half-hour on weekends to and from Ronkonkoma, and service will be restored to Port Washington.
The new service will cost the MTA $7.9 million annually on the bus and subway improvements, according to the governor's office. Metro-North is slated to spend $1.7 million per year to install real-time customer service displays at all its stations by 2020. Using the 6 Train as your primary train is like eating from a salad bar and filling your bowl with only croutons. If I was on the West Side and I needed to get to Yankee Stadium, I had to actually consult the map and think twice.

The labyrinth went from over-my-head to back-of-my-hand, though I can’t pinpoint the moment when the information fully settled. It may work for you, but only if you have specific, limited requirements and a tiny imagination. But it’s there now and it feels good to master something that seemed so complex at first. The four-car train will also now stop in the same place at each platform, which will be clearly marked for riders, to cut down on the infamous dash.

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